October 3, 2019 

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Meeting was opened by Clark Baird President at 7 PM

Present: Clark Baird, Ron Betts, Sue Bartow, Calin Gropp, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Lou McLaughlin, Mayor Tom Pickup

Absent: none

Public Attendance – MS. Ashcroft - Ligonier Echo, Dan Short, JR, Melissa Miller, Keith Vasas - CME Engineer Group

Approval Sept regular meeting minutes. Motion to approve made by Ron, 2nd by Sue. All in favor, motion carried.

Approval of Treasurer Report. Motion to approve treasurer report made by Clark, 2nd by Calin, all in favor, motion carried.

Solicitors Report. None at this time.

Special Guest Speaker - Keith Vasas- CME Engineering.

Keith said new grants have come out and wanted to inform Council of those. His approach was and is to do funding sources, then do the design of the project. His approach is develop the concept, the cost estimate, then funding, do design, and do the project. The H2O program which came out today was archived for over 10 years. If approved for this grant you can get 50% of total funding. This can be combined with other grants. This grant can be up to $5 million Also PA small water and sewer grant, up to $500,000 . If need to work with a company called "Spire Funding", who we work with for more difficult projects. My concept is doing main runs and side street tapping into looking around $500 Thousand. We also will incorporate lines that have been replaced rather than redo them again. I will be looking at how the runoff is flowing through the pipes and possibly creating a siphon if need be. If you do want to move forward, you really need to think about now because some of the project grants are only good until December, and not really guaranteeing will be available for next year.
Sue questioned the engineer costs which we need to come up with. Some of the fees would come later. What you would have up front would be $9700 is estimating the information needed to do cost estimates, doing grant paperwork, analysis of the entire project. I will get you to the point of knowing your system, knowing where lines, culverts are and will be going also, and if we set up an application that can be used universally then you can save by applying for those grants also. If more complicated like the Penn Vest Program then we would help you do this. With Penn Vest you need to design the project first and hope you get the funding.
Our fee can be around 10% which will vary on the different parts of the project and what needs to be done.
Ron asked if CoStars plays any part with this type of project. It was explained that CoStars would be in the material costs of a project. When bidding the project, I always contact contractors who do a good job, whereas most people just do a bidding and accept projects based on the cost and not necessarily the workmen ship.
Jeffery stated Council needs to make a decision whether tonight or very shortly so the engineer company can get started. It was discussed that Council use the alternative meeting date of Thursday Oct 10th to make a decision and sign documents so the engineer firm can proceed with project.

Public Comment. Melissa asking for permission to do a bon fire on Oct 19, during our Fun Day activities. We already asked the Fire Dept if they could be there in case of something happening and they had no problem with that. Clark said he has no problem with that and asked everyone else. All were ok with the bon-fire.

BJ Bret, our EMS person went to a meeting on the LV Ambulance service closing. As of January 1, 2020 will no longer be in service. Laurel Valley is responsible for New Florence, St Clair Township, East and West Wheatfield. They covered quite a large area. They were also the back up for Citizens Ambulance for us. While this doesn't affect us directly but it does. When
citizens was not available then Laurel Valley Ambulance was our backup. We are trying to get quotes from other ambulance services to take over. Apparently the other ambulance services have already been talking among themselves and were deciding which areas to cover. it looks like Mutual Aid will be handling our area as back up, but nothing is confirmed. Currently they

do not come into our area. It takes a ninety day process. BJ asked if we want him to continue representing Bolivar at these meetings. Tom said he would be willing to attend. Next meeting is at New Florence at 7:30 PM on Oct 8th. Currently our backup services could be coming from Saltsburg, Johnstown, Indiana, or somewhere else.

De-Obligation of garage project from USDA. Received documentation stating that we are losing the grant and loan on garage within 30 days so they can funnel the funds elsewhere.
Pat asked about the bank accounts we opened for this project 5 years ago. Can she now close the two accounts and return the money back to general account where it came from. Sue motion to close and Clark 2nd, All in favor motion passed.

Update on Comcast renewal. Jeffery said still hasn't heard anything from them. Our current contract expired in July 2019.

Update on the CDBG road grant.
 Pat said she got an e-mail from County stating funds are being release within the next two weeks. McCormick Taylor was notified so they are
completing the form to get the current prevailing wage documents to put into the bid document. When word is gotten back to Pat she will let everyone know. McCormick Taylor emailed the contract documents to be signed for the 2019 Grant so they can move forward.  Clark to sign contract.

Update on Dirt and Gravel Grant. Pat said we received 1/2 the funds for the project to get started. Mr. Crounour to meet with Mr. Smitley in the morning to explain exactly what is to be done at that location.

Update on Boat Ramp project. Grand opening is planned for tomorrow, October 4 at 11 AM. Our State Representative, the Conservation Dist, the Wagner Group, and a Boro Rep to be present for this event. Pat and Ron met with a electrician to get proposals for the insulation of lighting and security system, and get it presented to the Wagner Foundation.

Update on ATM Machine. Haven't heard anything else yet.

Update on 2nd and McKinley Street issue. Ron talked to Bill Hughes to see if he would still be able to do it since his medical condition. He said he was still going to do it even if he was going to sit on the side and have his other workers do the project. He also said he would not be able to the 4th and Walnut Street project.

2020 Budget Workshop. It is scheduled for Saturday 1 PM. Ron said he would not be able to make it at 1 PM. He has a Military Funeral at the same time. He will come afterwards.

New Business:
Payroll budget for 2019 was for $29,400. Already transferred to payroll account $20,000 and Pat is asking for the other $9,400 to transfer over to meet the payroll and taxes for the remaining year. Sue motion to approve transfer and Clark 2nd, All in favor, motion passed.

Halloween parade: Pat spoke to John about road closure. John asking for 4-6 on Lincoln starting at 1 PM to form the parade line. Parade starts at 2PM. Then 6th & Lincoln to Market St and Market to Fire Dept. Trick or Treating is from 4-6PM. Sue motion's to give the Fire Dept the streets needed, Lou 2nd, All in favor motion carried.

Class Action suit on the Opioid Crisis. Jeffery said at this time Westmoreland would receive approx 1.2 Million, and our Borough would receive $124.00. therefore they will be keeping the funds because it is less than $500.

2020 Demo Fund Program - We have no buildings in town that affect us.

Highridge - street restoration on Shaffer St. Ron spoke to Mr. Skowsky, from Highridge came by this morning because of the Ordinance on asphalting curb to curb. After explanation of why the Ordinance was set up like is was he understood. He would however, like to know if we could redo the Ordinance again, but also add the replace with gravel only for drainage and to ensure to use hot patch and seal around. Jeffery said whatever the proposed changes you would like to have, send to me so I can look over.

PSAB Real estate tax changes. New policy is now we only have to do an Ordinance when the tax rate is changed, otherwise we just need to do a Resolution if stays the same.

Any other business at this time?
Pat asked about a Leaf Collection in town. Could the boro worker go around and pickup bags of leaves and haul away for the residents. Stipulation is leafs only, and no trash. It was decided to use Nov 8 and Nov 22, have bags sitting on the curbs for pickup.

Sewage report: At the last meeting it was decided not to buy the camera and everything that was done within the past 10 years came into question. Ron left early so now he needs to try to rectify.

Mayor report: House on 8th and Lincoln, the chimney is about to fall over. Pat to send a letter to home owner to let them know because chimney will fall on the roadway.

Also someone from town received a letter about burning on days other than Wed and Saturday. He assumed the people were to come to a council meeting and complain and this did not happen. Pat stated she did not send a letter from Council. Council has never brought up any issue for me to do.

Street Commissioner Report:
11.9 hours on zero turn, with 15.9 gallons of gas used.

Log splitter & weed eater and chain saw used 10 gallon of gas. Nothing was recorded on truck usage. Also the chainsaw has burned up. He took it to get fixed at the Amish and said it has no compression in it and it is burned up. Ron asking for approval to purchase another chainsaw. The cost is approx $329.00 Greg has been using his chainsaw and was told not to use his
anymore. Clark motioned up to max of $400, Calin 2nd, All in favor motion passed.

Parks & Rec. Oct 19, Fun Day at lower park. 3-4 having pumpkin carving, 4-6 hay rides and also Woody and Buzz Light Year entertaining and photos 4-6, bon fire 6 - 9:30pm and a movie 7-9 - Box Trolls. If raining, the movie, pumpkin carving, and Buzz and Woody will be at the Borough Office. All other activities will be cancelled.

Sue asked about the upcoming CD that is maturing. She wanted to know if I got pricing for this or not. Pat said we have 10 days after the maturity date to decide and that is not until after the 30th of Oct. We have the November meeting to decide what to do with the CD.

Clark has a letter from Sue asking to be kept on the Sewage board. Her term is up December of this year.

If no other borough business we need a motion to adjourn. Lou motioned and Sue 2nd. All in favor motion carried at 8:15 PM.


Patricia Betts