Bolivar Borough
Special Meeting
January 20, 2018
This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Ron Betts, Aaron Bouch, Pat Betts, Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Jeff Miller, Tom Pickup
Absent - Beth Thompson
Gen Public - Dan Short JR, Brinton Scribe, and Eric Baird

Meeting called to order 1 PM by Aaron Bouch.

First item on Agenda - Hiring of 2nd Boro Worker. Aaron stated the three applicants we did have in the past - 1 no longer in area, 1 not interested any longer, 1 did not respond to both phone and internet inquiries. 1 applicant in lobby, Eric Baird presented his interest and resume to council and an executive meeting was called to review resume and discuss.

Executive meeting called at 1:05 PM
Reconvening of meeting took place a 1:20 PM. Decision was made to hire Eric Baird pending the passing of a physical, drug test, and alcohol screening, and driving record. Wages are $10.00 per hour, Hours were never reduced from 35 hours per week however it was stated Mr. Baird will be on call as needed during the winter months.

Street commissioner position next. Brinton Scribe was interested in the position. Ron motion to hire Brinton Scribe as Street Commissioner, Clark 2nd. All approved.

Next item. Robson Architect, requesting payment of $1,000.00 for his services up to now. He needs to close out his books for the project. Discussion was made on the matter. Sue motions to approve payment with contingency this is not a final closed deal. Clark 2nd. Pat to send out letter with payment. All approved.

Next item. Boat Docking Grant. - Received a grant of $15,000 from a private donor for improving the boat docking ramp, upgrade on parking, and restrooms and lighting at lower ball park. Project could be done in phases. We have 1 year to decide if we want to go ahead. It was suggested that the Wagner Foundation be contacted to see if we could get additional funding on this and also look into other funding areas. Pat to put on agenda for February to check on update of progress. Tom to check on Wagner Foundation for additional funds. Jeffery to check with the Grant donor for additional information. Tom also to check with Caleb at Westmoreland Foundation.

Next Item. Aaron wanted to discuss a situation from this past weekend snow situation.
He stated he did not want to be smashed on facebook when handling different situations. Matters should have been conducted either in person or by phone but not on social media.

Last item: Sue made a motion to go retroactive with Secretary pay raise to January 1, 2018. Aaron 2nds. Ron abstains. Everyone else approved.

Motion to adjourn was made at 2 PM.

Patricia Betts