This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Mark Scribe, Clark Baird

Absent: Tom Pickup, Mayor, Ron Betts, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer Pat Betts

Public Attendance: Cecilia Sisitki, Lois Salyards, Dan Short, JR, Melissa Miller, Bob Wyland,

Arch Dodson

Meeting called to order 7 PM by Amy Lichenfelt. Pledge of Allegiance was done.

Sept 1 Regular Meeting minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve was done by Clark, 2nd by Mark. All approved.

Treasurer report was reviewed. Motion to approve Treasurer Report was Sue, Mark 2nd motion. All approved.

Solicitor Report. Nothing at this time.

Public comment: Cel Sisitki. Wants permission to open roads for a new gas line to her property - 3rd Street Specifically. Sue questioned who has the last gas line there. Cel said Greg Hughes house. Cel said there is an alleyway between John Wynn and Greg Hughes. The alleyway is in Bolivar Borough. 3rd street ends at Greg Hughes property. Discussion was made on the road way that was never opened at Greg's house. Jeffery stated that the council cannot give permission for the gas company to dig up the property for a gas line. Jeffery said she is asking the wrong property owner. She needs to be asking Greg & Lenore Hughes. Jeff said the road was never opened and never maintained therefore they cannot say the gas company can open the property. Cel said if she doesn't get the gas company to run the line then she cannot get gas there. She cannot afford any other way.

Mrs. Salyards - Wanted to know what the borough is going to do about the garbage at 738 Lincoln Street. Amy said that they could talk about the issue now. Pat also had the question in her report for council. She wanted to know if the Borough worker could clean up the remainder trash on the property, mainly the dirty diapers and trash. She wanted to know if it could be considered a health and safety hazard, since rats, flies, and mosquitoes are there. The diapers are in the fire pit and trash on the back porch. Jeff said whatever the violation says with the ordinance we have to follow it. Amy wasn't sure what was sent in the first letter. She thought it was just the grass. Jeffery said her letter did say the trash also was sited so we can clean it up also without sending another letter.

Next Comment was from Dan Short. He wanted to know why the borough truck is not cleaned. He said you cannot see the dashboard because it is dirty.

He also wanted to know what days are for burning. Amy said Wednesday's and Saturday's. He said Sue's neighbor is burning any time they want. If he would tell them who is burning the council can send a letter. We have people running around with on minibikes with kids without helmets. Boone said if he sees this again he is calling the state cops. Mark spoke up and said, the state police drove past him and his daughter, the police officer did not say anything but waved and kept on going. Amy said Mark is not the only one who does this and said to Boone, you know the law then asked why did you not do anything? Dan said he will.

Mrs. Salyards spoke up again and said he neighbors burn whenever they want too. Amy said she is not going out to patrol the streets. If you give names then the council will send a letter.

Amy said she knows it's a problem and the council is working on it but without names we are not policing.

Melissa, asked for closure for 4th street from Washington to 5th for Oct 22, from 11:30 to 5 PM for her event until the hayride starts. She is advertising for the events throughout the day. Sue questioned about the other hayride dates. Melissa said she cannot commit because of her sons football. Melissa said she told Lou that. They can use her store as a starting point. Sue said the parks are not doing the hayrides this year and Charlie, Jamie, in coordination with you and the Library, Monica are going to do Hayrides Saturday nights. Sue said there will be other hayrides because we have the insurance waiver from our insurance company and it will cover Charlie, Jamie for the hayrides. Sue made the motion to approve the road closure from Washington 4th street to 5th street on the 22nd from 11:30 to 5. And, to approve the hayride from 5 - 7 pm with the stipulation there will also be another event either on the 28th or 29th with the same time frame. Clark 2nd all approved.

Arch commented on Boone's reaction on the hayrides. He said Art used to use his tractor and trailer and bought the hay for the rides. He always purchased his own insurance for this and it just got too expensive to do. Sue said, that Pat contacted the insurance company and got a letter saying there is coverage for this and not costing anything for the borough, but the hayrides are being run through the Library. Any proceeds that are received will go to the Library.

Bob Wyland, came to listen to the meeting.

Amy then read Secretary notes.

PSAB does have Code Enforcement Officer training classes for $35.00 per class. Borough code books are in. Need dates for 2017 Budget workshop. Pat listed several workshop dates. Council agreed to October 17th 5 PM. Jeffery recommends to advertise the workshop.

Jeff suggests we go next to the USDA grant. Sue said she would like to make a retroactive approval for the Dept of State filing fee of $340.00 for the changes on the storage garage. Clark 2nd motion. All approved

The electrical was updated. He also had to do a floor plan of the Borough building because of the attachment of the utilities from the borough. Because of the age of the building it will be grandfathers in so we should have no other problem in getting the permit for the garage. Drawings for the building will be revised per comments and new lighting upgrades because old ones are being phased out. Ron expects revisions to be done within a week. Sue also commented we got a letter back from Keith Laymen on the approval from Environmental Agency and just awaiting the approval from Labor and Industry it will be ready to go for bidding.

Pat asked if she could possibly send a letter to the Shank's asking for the Bolivar Borough sign to be given back to the town. Not sure how they came about it. Lois Salyards, said that Mr. Warfel was on council at the time and it was given to him. When he passed his kids were going to throw it out. The Shank family wanted to keep it. So decision is to let them have it.

Pat asked the council to establish a possible Resolution or Ordinance for municipal lien letters. Over the past several months she has received different fees for clearance letters, and would like an established amount in writing so she can attach a copy of the document to the letters for future reference. Jeff said there already is one. Amy told Jeff, Pat has never found one. Jeffery said that possibly there never was one or possibly it has been thrown out. No one knows.

CDBG road grant - Arch said contractor believes they will be done by the end of the month. Three new inlets will be added to Walnut Street then the paving will be done.

The CDBG grant application for next year was done. Terry Antonacci says no money available by keep applying anyway to keep they updated on out interest.

We have a priority one $35,000 priority two was more? You won't hear anything more until after March.

EIP program - George Daugherty did not show, so this will be put on hold until next month.

Lien fees not completed yet.

Bids- for refrigerator and stools. No one additional has applied. Sue motions to accept Paul Bair's bid to refrigerator at a price of $50.00, Mark 2nd. All agreed.

Bid for stools from Jessica Betts, Jess suggested a total of $80.00 for the stools. Mark motioned to approve Sue 2nd. Amy stated there is $80.00 in cash in envelope.

Arch commented, the old grates are to be taken down to Quonset hut, Jeffery said in the basement of the fire hall is the old grate from the Bolivar Foundry. When the Borough finds an appropriate place to put them he will bring it back out.

Pat was under the assumption that she was to go out and write letters to anyone who is under violation, and council wants to correct this, to state that she is only to send out letters when council approves her to do so, after they receive complaints from residents. She was also asking whether the Nuisance Ordinance of 2005 could be amended to set a flat fee for the administrative fee. Jeffery said we can only charge what we actually use and cannot be done.

Next borough meeting will be November 3rd 7 pm.

Don Hess, is inviting Bolivar Borough to their council meeting to discuss police protection. He wants to see what they could offer us. The meeting is at St Clair building next Wednesday Oct 12, 7 PM. Clark also said do we really want this coming into the winter season.

Halloween parade, we did not get a letter from the fire dept. Amy said the parade is Oct 30th starting at 2 PM, then trick or treating is from 4 to 6 PM.

Sue motions for the parade to start at 2 pm starting at Burkey Park, going to 6th street, down to 259. Make right up 259 to fire hall. Clark 2nd All approved

The fire dept also is having a fall crawl, Sat the 29th. Sue motions for them to do the fire crawl on the 29th. They can use the borough streets to do the walk, Mark 2nds All approved.

Sue also heard back from Lou on the hayrides starting the 15th, 22nd, and 29th. Any proceeds going to Library from 5-7 pm proceeding on the streets where they always were.

Letters, - liquid fuels allocation for 2017 will be $19,102.84.

Also a letter on the PSAB upcoming meeting.

Sewage committee - nothing

Street Commissioner meeting - Boro truck went to Lear's for repairs and oil change. Sue make motion to pay Lear's in the amount not to exceed $110.00 Mark 2nd all approved.

Mark stated he wants to resign as Street Commissioner. Amy said to have an executive meeting to discuss. Amy asked Arch if he wanted the position, Arch said "No".

Amy asked if the position could be advertised and Jeff said yes. This is a non paying job.

Arch said he also after the end of the year he will no longer help out on the grants. He is done.

Mayor's report - Amy read the report to council. The report is on file with the minutes for anyone wanting to read. After the report was read, Lois Salyards commented the Mayor is afraid of her neighbor. She said the Mayor has been there several times because of the owner parking on the sidewalk, his rude comments, and threats. Amy commented we can only go and ask nicely, we can do nothing else.

Parks and Rec- Boone left. Don't know if they have anything else. They do have pumpkin carving coming up.

Amy said we have nothing else to bring up.

The code enforcement officer paperwork - came from PSAB for a code enforcement officer. This is information on it. Amy said to advertise for this and come to next meeting if interested. It does not have to be a resident of the town. Bob Wyland wanted to know what codes the code officer would be enforcing. Jeffery said the local Borough codes.

Nothing else. Sue motions to adjourn, Mark 2nd.s All approved.


Patricia Betts