Adopting of

Civil Defense System

Adopting Civil Defense System

A Resolution Adopting a Civil Defense Emergency Operational Plan for

Whereas, the Bolivar Borough desires to establish a Civil Defense program in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of the State Council of civil Defense Plan Program and the regulations of the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, January 1 1962 and to participate in grants under the Federal Contributions Program and Federal Surplus Property Program and other available public funds for this program; and

Whereas, said Bolivar Borough desires to adopt a civil Defense Emergency Operational Plan for use in said program.

Now therefore, it is hereby Resolved at a Regular Meeting of the Bolivar Borough Council as follows:

1. The Civil Defense Emergency Operational Plan prepared by the Office of Civil Defense of Westmoreland County, in accordance with the State Council of Civil Defense Plan Program, and with the regulations set forth in the State's Plan and in accordance with the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization Plan, January 1, 1962, after review and subject to such minor revisions as from time to time may be necessary, is hereby adopted as the Civil Defense Emergency Operational Plan for

2. Julia E. Jarvis is hereby authorized to execute and deliver OCD from No. 856 May 1965 "Assurance of Compliance with the Department of Defense and Office of Civil Defense" Regulation under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

3. The Secretary shall forward a copy of this Resolution and other documents to the Westmoreland County civil Defense Council.

Resolved into a Resolution this 7th day of October 1974




Original on file in Ordinance Book page 188 & 189 ‚Äč