Development of Parks

and Recreation Land

 Development of Parks and Recreation Lands

1. Whereas Act # 443 of the 1967 Session of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania provides for grant to Municipalities for the acquisition and development of parks and recreation lands, and

2. Whereas, Bolivar Borough desires to acquire and develop Kelly Baseball Recreation Facilities, which land is to be held and used for permanent park and recreation purposes, and

3. Whereas, the estimated cost for acquiring / developing said land is $86,000, and

4. Whereas, the local share of the project is $26,000, said share being immediately available for the purpose herein applied, for,

5. Whereas, the estimated annual cost for maintenance o said land and proposed facilities is $1,000.00 said amount to be budgeted annually.

6. Now therefore, be it Resolved by the Bolivar Borough Council of the Borough of Bolivar.

7. The that appropriate officers of the Bolivar Borough are hereby authorized to execute such application, and

8. That an application be filed with the Department of Community Affairs for the purpose of obtaining Grant funds for the acquisition/ development of Kelly Baseball Recreation Facility.

Adopted and Approved this 5th day of April 1976

J. Conrad Gamble

President of Council


Joan Lichtenfels


Original on file in Ordinance Book page 206 & 207 ‚Äč