May 16
​​​​​​​Parks Meeting

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Ron Betts, Pat Betts, Aaron and Michelle Bouch, Joe St Clair, Beth Thompson
Absent: Melissa Miller, Pam St Clair

Meeting came to order 6:30 PM by Beth Thompson

Motion to approve minutes from March and April made by Aaron, 2nd by Michelle. All in favor, motion passed.

Treasurer Report for both months made by Aaron, 2nd by Ron, all in favor, motion passed.

Ligonier Endowment grant. Melissa said she will submit for the 2nd quarter because she wanted to make sure we weren’t double dipping on funds request until we received any funds from potential sponsors.

Beer Tent for Brickfest. Pat stated that she awaiting response from the legal department of LCB to see how she is to apply for the special occasion permit. On the application itself it shows that Municipalities and Boroughs can apply, just not sure how to list us, whether it be as a Borough or as an individual. Also if anyone else takes a RAMP certification they would also be allowed to serve beer.

Car Cruise – Pat said she has 4 people signed up so far. The flyers are going out like crazy so we still have several months before the event. Hoping to get more people to sign up.

Vendor’s for Brickfest. Pat said she has several applications and hoping to get more before then. Currently we have, New Leaf, Sparkle and shine (jewelry) game commission, the tractors. Beth said the United cheerleaders are going to do something also, We have approval for the police tent for finger printing.

Sponsorship letters. Melissa said she just sent out a large batch of letters. Pat said she just sent out 30 more also to dealerships, restaurants, real estate companies, banks, insurance companies, county representatives, sent to Idlewild Park, and Kennywood Park.

Somerset Bank sent $500, S & T send $250. Stuarts sent $500, Ted Copa’s office Sent $100.

Concerts. We have Gas House Annie in June and 3 of Hearts in July. We have “The long Road Home” in May. Aaron ask about Broken Arrow. Pat said she sent out a request in February and they wanted $600. Which we could not afford.

Pie Shop results. Melissa suggested to do an order and have the people pick up at the Brickfest. Nothing that required refrigeration. Melissa suggested we try to get gobs from them to sell at Brickfest.

Ballgame - Melissa said we have 24 going on the 24th, and 12 going on the 31st so far. Michelle asked about the ticket cost. Melissa stated $10. Gets the bus ride and ticket into park. If driving yourself cost is $7 per ticket.

Next meeting June 20, 7 PM

Parks rental with bouncy house May 26.

Picnic table donation- Sandy and Jim Harris are donating a table to parks. We just have to go get it.

Benches at the park. Several are in disrepair and boards need replaced. Discussion was made on what to do under the benches so Greg won’t have to flip all the time to trim.

Food and drinks for the concert. Discussion was made on types of food and drinks to have on hand. Pat also wanted to know what to get for start- up money. Decision was made to get $100.

Wristband sales for bouncy houses. Pat has made up flyers to put into stores selling the All-day tickets. Melissa asked about the cost. Beth said we are to get a break on the cost.

Pat also said we need to build up the funds for the petting zoo. That is not covered as of yet. Any sponsorship letter that comes in now we will hold for that. Pat hasn’t signed the contract yet.

Aaron asked if the Legion would donate. Ron said they are currently mad at us. It was decided that they are upset because they donated money to have the parks put in climbing steps along the slide and this was never done. Unfortunately, this was the old parks and we had nothing to do with them.

Pat asked Joe about a beer cooler that she saw at the Legion that was made up with a cooler. Joe asked about how we would be doing this setup. Joe asked about getting a trailer from one of the distributers to use. Melissa and Pat both said they really don’t know how to go about getting this. Joe is to check on a trailer and cost of using one.

Joe wanted to know about people attendance. Everyone will be carded and must be 21 and older. No children will be allowed in tent, and if someone purchased any products they will have to check their purchase in a section of the tent and pickup when they leave the park. They will not be allowed to carry around nor to drink during the concert, only in the beer tent when sampling.

Beth asked if we sent anything to Laurel Valley Golf Club. Melissa to text Beth the information to see what we could get from them.
Beth stated we need to put the corn hole also by the beer tent for the adults.

Clean Up time: Parks is scheduled for May 19. We can start at 7 AM between the arches.

Greg has most of the park cleaned up already. Ron and I cleaned up the concession stand already and wiped out the frig, we had several cans of soda that broke during the winter. We have mostly the flower beds need clean out and plant’s put in. 

Pat has all the flyers to set out on Sunday during the concert. Ron also said he will be late on Saturday because of a military funeral.

Melissa said the little league baseball wants to use the lower field for their games. Everyone agreed to use and do what they need to do for them to use.

The plaques for the Brick-fest need to be made up for this year. Aaron said he will have Eric make the ones that were missing from last year when he make up for this year.

Mulch for the parks. Pat to do a request for mulch for Chestnut Ridge Lumber Yard. Hopefully they will donate to us for free.

Pat talked about the broken slide at the lower park. We took the slide off - the replacement cost is $738. Let’s just put a bar across the area where the slide goes and not put a replacement in it.

No other business to discuss. Motion to close was made by Ron 2nd by Beth 7 PM.
Patricia Betts