August 15

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present Pat Betts, Melissa Miller, Ron Betts, Beth Thompson

Absent: Aaron and Michelle Bouch

Public attending: none

Meeting came to order 7:00 PM by Beth

Motion to approve minutes from July was made by Melissa, 2nd by Beth. Minutes approved.

Treasurer Report for July. Motion to approve made by Melissa, 2nd by Beth. Treasurer Report approved.

Update on Ligonier Endowment grant. We got approved for Ligonier Endowment Grant. Said would take about 3 weeks to receive check from Pittsburgh Foundation.

Update on Brickfest totals. Profit made from Brick-Fest was $2,181.76 after actual costs for all expenses were paid.

Memorial Benches - Have we decided whether we were going to do or not. Beth stated Aaron was going to check with White's Concrete to see if he was still making the molds for them.

Pirates game in September. Pat sold 7 tickets at Brickfest totaling $70.00. Melissa just sold another so we now have 8 sold. Melissa keeps selling the lemonade from what was left from brickfest for $.25 each. Discussion was made whether to raise soda prices in the future.

Melissa suggestion for next year- have a place to sell soda only. 2nd. Vendor for tractor's need a lot more space to park the tractors. They to continue next year and find a possible alternative place to park... they would like to park at lower park and then have a procession of tractors for next year. Everyone else who came in to pickup baskets had all positive comments.

Pat said we did have issues with Car show. They all wanted to have their cars parked along park instead of 3rd street. They were concerned of being hit by someone at the beer tent.

Next Item of concern from Joe StClair. Melissa said Joe Flickinger is an electrician and he would be willing to come in to check the electric at the park.
Another concern he had was no water at park.

Petting staff said they would have liked to go father with pony rides.
Neighbor on south-side complained of parking across from them.

Bouncy house people were complaining because some people were entering without wrist bands.

Melissa asked what happened with the French- fry person. Pat said she asked and was told they could not compete with our prices. They got a call from their boss to pull out and head for Blairsville.

Melissa asked what we made last year at Brickfest. Pat said approx $1000.

New Business:
Next meeting is Sept 19, 2019

Asking for new tuner and CD player & speakers for parks. The current one is about shot. Need to get bids for and vote on later. Melissa motions to price out items, 2nd by Beth. All approved motion carried.

Melissa asked about the Halloween person to come in for fun day. She to contact and find out what and if he can come.

Melissa question the benches. Can we not re arrange where they are located? Make a half moon possibly. So many are just sitting there and not being used. Everyone sits above under the trees.

Melissa said she is in the progress of doing three grants for lower parks. Tennis, and basketball courts, walking tract, bathroom, security camera, and water spray park. Does anyone have a problem with that? Also the water spray park would be handicap accessible.

No other business, motion to adjourn made by Ron, 2nd by Melissa at 7:40 PM


Patricia Betts