Bolivar's 3nd Annual  Fall Fun Day .  Hayrides from Misty Haven.  Pumpkin Carving, Movie
Kids need to pre regisster this year for pumpkins. A deposit of $5 will need to be paid at sign up.  When you come to pumpkin carving on the 22nd your Deposit will be refunded back to you.  If you do not show up for your pumpkin the the $5 is non refundable.  This way Parks will not be left with a bunch of pumpkins for those that signed up and did not show up.   Sign up sheet is located at Brickyard Cafe on Washington Street and LaMantia Market .  Need total people for pumpkin carving no later than Wednesday Oct 19th. 

Hayrides  are from 4 - 6 PM  Kids 11 and under are free, all others will have a $5 donation per person

Starting at 7 PM at the American Legion upstairs hall we will have games and fun events until 8 PM.  
Halloween movie will then start until 8 PM  Movie playing is 

Please note:  If raining there will be no Hayrides that week-end.  Pumpkin Carving will take place in the Borough Building if Raining.  Events are free However Donations are appreciated.  Snacks and Drinks will be provided for all who want.  Food and drinks will be free to all.

Sponsored by the Parks and Recreation and American Legion