November 5 



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Sue Bartow, Council Vice President 7 PM.

Present: Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Gladine McMaster, Keith StClair

Absent: Lou McGlaughlin and Mayor Tom Pickup

Public Attendance: Dan Short JR, Cassandra and Zach Burtop,

Melissa Miller

Approval of October meeting minutes – Ron motioned to accept 2nd by Keith all in favor, motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report – Sue made comment on the CD's coming due in January. Sue motioned to accept Treasurer Report, 2nd by Keith , all in favor, motion passed.

Solicitor Report: Nothing at this time.

Public Comment. Boone asked about the chicken Ordinance again. He mentioned his mother when on council passed the Ordinance so if we looked in the minutes from 1983 to 1990 it should be in there.

Also he wanted to know if the Borough Worker was going to be laid off for the winter. When he was on council the worker was laid off from November thru April unless it snowed. Melissa commented that this is not the same council. The drains are collecting leaves and he doesn't want to see them get clogged. He said he has been raking the leaves away from his house.

Old Business

Update on 2nd & McKinley Street for asphalting. Paving is completed and company has been paid.

Update on the Act 167 Storm Water Management Ordinance
Jeffery still working on it. Extended until first of New Year.

Update on missing AED and Rifle.

Jim Moore, New Florence Council President said they do have Bolivar's AED machine at New Florence. He also found a note from Officer Chad Sally stating that New Florence was going to get new batteries for us and them and also new pads for the machines. This was not done. He also has the shotgun. Will get both back to us as soon as he gets the batteries and pads for the AED. Council decided to see if we can get the AED and gun back now and we would get the AED fixed. Pat spoke to BJ Brett and he is to look at the AED to ensure we get the correct items and possibly to try to get Excella Health to cover the cost.

Keith asked where the AED is to be kept. Pat said at the Borough Office so everyone on council would have access to it if need be.

Update on abandoned cat issue in town.

Discussion was made on the issue. Ron noticed the cats being fed by someone in a trailer behind Amy's house. Sue said that is her mother feeding the cats. Jeffery asked Melissa to contact Cassandra who works for Action for Animals in Latrobe to see if they can do anything.

Cassandra came to meeting to discuss the issue on the cats. She is currently trapping some wild cats around her place and getting them spayed and neutered and rabies shots then finding a new home for them. Her cost to have this done is $30 for males and $50 for females. The cats also are getting their shots while getting fixed. They also partner with Ligonier Cat Fund for help.
Cassandra gave council her contact information to use. Pat also asked permission to have posted on web town web site and in the minutes. Cassandra said it was ok. Contact information is 585-610-6343 for issues on the cat situation.
Update on abandoned car by Stumble INN.

Pat contacted Westmoreland County State Police. They gave her the owners information which Pat then sent them a certified letter to have the vehicle removed according to our Ordinance. The owner called and said the car would be gone within the time frame of the Ordinance which is 10 days.
The vehicle is now gone.

New Business
Next meeting scheduled for December 3, 2020 at 7 PM

Transfer of funds to Payroll account
Pat requesting remaining funds of $9,780 from General Account to payroll account to cover wages and taxes for remaining year. Sue motion to transfer 2nd by Keith, Ron Abstains. Motion carried.

Sell of Police Car:
Motion to sell police car was made by Keith and 2nd by Gladine. All in favor motion carried.
Pat to put on Munici-bid web site.
Questions needed to put information on web .
1. Who to use for contact to answer question.
2. Is there a time when bidder can inspect vehicle.
3. Are we willing to have item delivered or they to pickup from here.
4. End of auction date or as close to next meeting date.
Starting price? 10% if estimated value.
5. Are we going to have a Reserve price and if so what amount?
6. Payment method
7. start date for auction.

8. What equipment stays in vehicle and or what equipment come out.

Approval of 2021 Tentative Budget. and taxes for 2021
Sue motion to approve the budget and hold the mileage at 16 mils, and all other taxes remain the same for 2021. Gladine 2nd motions, all in favor motion carried.

2021 Sunshine Act schedule.
Pat gave everyone on council the tentative 2021 Sunshine Act as well as alternate dates for approval or denial. Jeffery said this is in code book to pass along with the Re-Organization meeting.
Posting in paper on Sunshine dates in January
budget goes into paper as being tentatively passed

USDA grant:
Sue requested for Pat to check on any USDA Grants for another vehicle and equipment. Pat gave everyone a copy of letter sent from Keith Lehmen.

Anything else for new business.?

Pat said she gave everyone a copy of the tool equipment inventory along with photos which was requested from last month's meeting.

Jeffery also said Mr. Ling is being hired by New Florence Council. Bolivar should check into this also. Jeffery said he could be a possible solution for us to enforce our Ordinances.

Gladine wanted to know what can be done about the 2 properties involved in a fire last month. Sue mentioned about Kathleen selling several things in the home that were not damaged in the fire. She has someone in mind that could take both houses down.Discussion was done and Pat was asked to send both owners a letter on the condition of the homes and how it goes against the Ordinance as a safety hazard. Gladine said Luck's property is leaning, has fiberglass insulation blowing all over the area, and other loose items blowing around when the wind blows. Jeffery said anyone who attempts to enter the property it is quite dangerous. Gladine said she has seen people with metal detectors looking for guns and other items.

Sewage Report
Nothing at this time.

Mayor Report.
Mayor was meeting with a family concerning their child on four wheeler running stop signs and racing around town.

Street Commissioner Report.

Ron said truck put 31 miles for the month and used 34.71 gallon gas. Zero turn put 3.7 hrs. on and used 5.5 gallons gas. Ron said truck has to be running while lights are on. If truck turned off battery goes dead with lights on. Putting up cones and road closed signs the people just go around and not abide by signs. Contacted Accent Fuels to fill tank.
Ron brought up tools and vice cost that is needed for worker. Sue asking to have more than one price location for everything.

Ron also mention the garage door problem. The spring broke again and the spring already has two splices and now has a third splice. The cost of a new spring only is $363.32 plus $380 labor. The tracks are rusted and the door panels are rusted out. Total cost for new door, tracks, springs, pvc jamb and head seal, and opener bracket is $3,177.39 Door is no insulated. This is thru Thermadoor. Sue wants more quotes on anything that is requested.

Jeffery mentioned council could do a borrowing for a piece of equipment for a 5 year period without using USDA funds and or loan. This could be a part of the budget.

Parks Report.

Melissa said looking into grants for both lower and upper ball field's. She wanted to know if after the grants are complete do you want Parks to bring to Council for their approval as well. Most of the grants need matching funds. It was suggest to get council approval. Pat said we will be starting to put up Christmas decorations on the poles in town. We have extra decorations to put on poles this year.

Nothing else.
Sue requesting an executive meeting 8:40 PM
Meeting resumed with no further action taken at 9:15 pm

Sue has a letter to read.

To borough council. I immediately resign my position and a street commissioner. Ronald E Betts Thursday 8:55 Pm Nov 5, 2020
Council decided to not accept resignation at this time.
Sue motioned to adjourn at 9:16 PM, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed.

Patricia Betts