June 4, 2020



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Clark Baird, Council President 7 PM.

Present: Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Gladine McMaster, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Clark Baird, Mayor Tom Pickup, Lou McLaughlin

Absent: none

Public Attendance: Melissa Miller

Approval of May meeting minutes – Ron motioned to accept 2nd by Gladine, all in favor Motion passed.
Sue wanted to go back into the minutes although they were already approved. She wanted to talk about the Shirey property. She said Jeffery stated at the meeting that a new deed had been recorded. Pat said according to the voice recording Jeffery said at the time he thought it was owned by Finleyville, however did not know if it had been recorded yet. Pat also said she had called Clark to inform him of this. Sue also wanted to know if I had contacted Keystone on the insurance for the town. Pat informed her she had and it is on the agenda for this evening.

Approval of Treasurer Report – Gladine had a question on the Comcast security internet. She wanted to know if council voted for it. Pat said that was for the modem to operate the security cameras at the lower park. Comcast said they had to install a modem there to operate the cameras and to transmit the information to the office. The $88.00 per month is for internet service and modem for there. Lou commented it was needed also.

Clark asked about motion to accept report when Sue walked in and said she had some questions on it. Gladine said she already asked about the $88. Comcast bill. Sue said that then is a cost we will have to incur every month that we were not informed about. Gladine said half of us remembered and other half did not. Sue wanted to see in the minutes.
On Lowes on 5/12 landscape fee’s and McKluvein on the gravel. Sue wanted to know if we got money from Somerset Trust for this. Pat informed her yes we did. Sue asked if we knew about the setup fee for Comcast. Pat said even she did not know about that. Pat said they had to wire over to the Quonset hut from the main line down there and Lou said because this was an added modem and service this would occur. Sue then replied that she wanted to see where Council said they were going to pay for this additional service.
Clark again asked who wished to accept the treasurer report. Clark motioned to accept and Gladine 2 motion passed.

Solicitor Report

Nothing at this time.

Public Comment:
Melissa said she was contacted by the YMCA out of Ligonier asking if we were going to do the summer program this year. Melissa said she would get back with them after the meeting tonight and after she got council’s feeling on this. Last year we paid $1000. But that went for 8 weeks. Usually takes me up to 5 weeks to find the people to run it and she hasn’t done anything yet. She is thinking maybe 5 weeks this year, maybe July into August. Clark asked if we could afford the cost. Pat said it was included in the budget for this. Clark motioned to have 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.

Update on police car sale.
Jeffery still hasn’t read over the Municipal Bid site manual. Sue said her brother is now back to being officially opened. She can take the cruiser down to his lot and he can sell it. Ron asked if we put it down there do we have to have insurance on it. Sue said no. Pat said we only have Liability insurance on it for being in Jeffery’s garage. Clark mentioned he still is against selling the car. He wanted to know if anyone has seen all the marks on the Market Street and dirt bikes running around town. Someone is going to get hurt. He is total against selling it. Discussion was made back and forth the selling of the cruiser and getting a police officer. Lou said he was still thinking about it. He said he has no problem with having a police officer, he has a problem with how the town is going to pay for one. Ron is against it, Sue and Gladine are for it. Clark said it is up to him. Mayor is also against the selling. Sue said if taken to her brother’s car lot he does not want anything for selling it.
Clark wanted to know if we could afford a cop in town. Clark wanted to know if anyone wants to re advertise for a cop. Jeffery said New Florence pays somewhere between $18. - $20 per hour. They only have 1 officer now.
You also need to consider how you are going to handle running a police department. There is a manual that DECD has put out and Jeffery will print out for council to look at. We need an officer to do both jobs, Enforcing town codes and also vehicle and driver codes.

Jeffery said we can go up to 26 or 28 mils. We are not even up to that amount. Sue wanted to know if Jeffery would have the munici-bid information together for next meeting. Jeffery said we cannot have his brother sell the car. We must advertise for bids and cannot sell outright. Sue said you are employed by us can you contact Municibid and find out more information on it.
Clark said in the meantime he would like to advertise on bulletin board for resident input on hiring a police officer or not. Have residents come to meeting in July and voice their opinion on the matter.  Lou, Ron, Gladine, Clark all agreed to get town opinion and also how much their taxes will go up, Sue against it.

Next on agenda: Fairfield TWP drain cleaning at bridge. Pat contacted Fairfield TWP and was told “best guess would be to start within the next couple weeks.”

Update on 2nd and McKinley St. Quotes for asphalting.

Ron talked to Harvey paving and Pro-one paving. Harvey never got back to him. Pro-one Paving estimate for patch on road only $ 3200. Lay 2 ½ in binder, lay 1 ½ in top wearing course and hot tar edge of patch.
Half road cost is $6300 dig out complete area, haul away, lay 6 in of 2a modified stone, rolling in layers for compaction, lay 2 ½ in binder/ lay 1 ½ in top wearing course. Hot tar edger at seem of the road.
Complete road from McKinley to Crabapple Lane, $11,300. Dig out complete road and haul away.  Lay 6 in of 2A modified stone, rolling in layer for compaction. Lay 2 ½ in of binder, lay 1 1/2 in of top wearing course. Hot tar at adjoining roads. 
Lou said we probably should dig 2 in of gravel out and put top layer temporary until we know about the grant. Jeffery mentioned Lindy Paving in Robinson doing the gas company lines. Lou to check and see how much they would charge to do it since they already have equipment here. Also discussed Miller Paving at Robinson.

Update on 2019 CDBG project. Had pre-construction meeting yesterday. Ray Winter’s to start in approx. two weeks.

Update on Keystone Municipal Insurance Program. Pat spoke to Chuck Houser who handles this area. Told him when our insurance expires. He said he to get back with me closer to our time frame. He thinks he can help.

New business:

Yard Sales Day set for June 20

Clean up Days set for June 27th - Sign- up sheet schedule for council to help

Complaint from resident on Dumpster. Sue spoke up and said she called on dumpster and was informed the bill was paid and it will be gone first part of the week.

Transfer of payroll funds. Pat said in January $12,000 was transferred to payroll and now need another $12,000 to cover another several months. Still have $9,780 left for end of year. Sue motion to transfer 2nd by Lou. All in favor motion passed.

High grass properties. Gladine brought up issue from several residents on 647 Washington Street, 761 Lincoln St. Alley filled and cross now into another resident property and a large steel plate now on someone’s property other than his, and 759 Lincoln Street. Pat was authorized to send letter to residents to clean up their properties. Pat also had an issue with 745 Lincoln St as a safety hazard. She to send letter also to that property owner.

Sue asked to check the budget to see if we included the $1700 for fire dept. insurance for next meeting.

Lou mentioned about the little girl running around late at night. He thought CYS picked her up. Sue said CYS did get her and adjusted her medication. Discussion on this matter is very concerning. Something is going to happened to this little girl. The guy in a white pickup was following her. Sue mentioned this was her dad following her. Don’t know what else we can do.

No other business.

Sewage report. Nothing. No meeting last month.

Mayor report: Mayor said he received a report from Dept of Labor showing 7 people unemployed in town. Only 5 people affected by Covid-19. They so far behind, not sure how accurate they are.

Street Commissioner Report. 28.3 hours on zero turn mower. Used 38.5 gallons gas. Truck put 88.5 miles and used 26.2 gallons gas. New battery picked up for truck. Still awaiting the part for the switch that operates the bed lift and plow.

Parks report. Pat said have 47 banners up and ready to send in another 26 banners to get made.Held concert this past week at park. Everyone followed the Covid-19 CDC social distancing requirements and had a good time. Next concert will be June 14 at the park.

Sue requested to speak on personnel matter. Issues were discussed and possible solution was made.

Subject came up to create a general complaint form for the Borough residents. Pat to create the form for next meeting.

No other business.

Meeting adjourned 8:45 made by Ron 2nd by Lou.

Patricia Betts