Dec 8
Special Meeting

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Lou McLaughlin 7 PM


 Ron Betts, Lou McLaughlin, Jeffery Miller, Gladine McMaster, Sue Bartow

Absent: Keith St.Clair, Clark Baird

Public - Melissa Miller, Arch Dodson SR, Keith Vasas- GAI Consultants, Bill Hughes- Emergency Contractor

Lou opened the meeting by stating we need to dig up 5th Street between Lincoln & McKinley to see what is going on where the sink hole is probably where the pipe has been broke for awhile but we are not sure.   Lou said it is right before the alley.   He has been told that is about as far as the camera has gotten too. 

Arch Dodson said it has been about 10 to 12 years ago now since the drain was fixed and it had been identified and painted on the road then which is about where the sink hole is now.  It was never eeled. 

Lou said if it was eeled you would be getting roots and all kinds of stuff out of there.

Bill said right now it is blowing out about 10 feet below the patch he did. 

Arch said it still drains but it usually takes a day or 2 to drain. 

Bill said the terra cotta pipe is probably smashed now.   Arch commented that we have 2 smaller holes starting now just below where the cones are placed by the alley on the park side. 

Bill suggested we should dig at the hole and then camera the rest to see where it is broke.

Arch was thinking of a cheaper way to get this fixed.  Possibly get cog to come out or to have the fire company to come and put water in the man hole on Lincoln to see if it comes out the hole that Bill opens up and do the same from the top. 

Keith mentioned he looked at it before the meeting but you really could not tell without it being dug up. 

Keith had mentioned that we currently have phase 3 and phase 4 of that project that goes the rest of the way to the top of the Walnut St submitted for the 2023 CDBG Grant. 

Jeffery wanted to know a couple things.   The idea is to dig up replace the pipe and close back up and leave the rest for the CDBG project.  Jeffery asked what Bill thought. 

Bill explanation is he will find broken terra cotta pipe and need to replace that, how much, he is not sure yet. 

Discussion was made on the size of pipe from the dyke up to the top of Walnut and how it will intersect. 

Bill said it is hard to figure out how much it will cost.  Bill was trying to figure the stone, piping, digging, couplings, and all.  It cannot be figured until we see what we are getting into. 

Jeffery asked where the funds are coming from.  We have budgeted for next year already.  Pat said we have approx $12,000 in CD's and about $7,000 in storage fund plus the regular general fund. 

Further discussion of options was made on what to do.  Gladine asked if COG gave us a flash drive from when they did camera the road before.   Pat said they never gave us the flash drive. 

Arch  suggested he draw a sample of the storm drain as he knows it.  He did this to show Jeffery how the drain goes. 

Jeffery said if there is more than one break then what is the reason of digging up the street.  Just leave it for the grant.  He doesn't understand why no one can tell him where the break is. 

Keith gave the explanation of how a sink hole is made from clogged drains.  The water still drains through but just takes several days of no rain to drain out. 

Final result:  Ron motions to not go over $9,000 for Bill to dig up and see what's there.  No one 2nd motion, motion failed.

Lou motions to not go over $6,000, Ron 2nd motion, Sue yes, Gladine no, motion passed.

Jeffery asked about getting the camera then.  Jeffery asked if we are going to get the Fire Company to come up and flush the lines on both ends.  We have a contract with the fire dept to flush the lines as needed. 

Any other business

Keith, the grant application for the H20 grant is $850,000 and to match $75,000 on the small water grant.  and PA small Water Grant of  $425,000.  We need 3 Resolutions for him to submit.  Keith went over the amounts for each resolution.   Keith had a sample for Jeffery to do the Resolutions # 4, 5, and 6.  Jeffery to get done and Lou and Pat to sign within the next several days.   

Motion made by Sue for Resolutions 4, 5, & 6 of 2022 for Lou and Pat to execute when completed by Jeffery.   Lou 2nds the motion all in favor, motion passed. 

Pat had a bill from Ron for chain he had to purchase for the storm cover by Boone's to keep someone from stealing again. Total cost is $17.97.    Lou motions to pay Ron the $17.97, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor, Ron abstains,  motion passed.  

Apex inspection fee.  Jeffery wanted clarification on inspection fees.  Pat read the email from Sean.  He stated the inspection fee is already built into the total fee of 15% for project.  He said it is $610. per day and they have 1 day per week up to February. 

Jeffery is under the understanding that we will still have to pay more money because we have not paid them for all our fees yet.  This will be in addition and not included.

Gladine does not think it is a good idea to let the contractors run free without supervision .  We really need to have them watched. 

Lou asked if there is any other business to discuss.

Sue requested an executive meeting for personnel reasons at 8:10 PM.

8:20 PM after Lou, and Jeffery, walked out of meeting, nothing was resolved, Sue motioned to adjourn, 2nd by Gladine. 


Patricia Betts