Ordinance # 087-2

Amending Ordinance

# 84-5

At a regular monthly meeting held on Monday September 14, 1987 at the Bolivar Borough Municipal Building, the Council of the Borough of Bolivar adopted the following amended Ordinance:

Ordinance Amending Ordinance No 5 of 1984 so as to disallow the granting of any variances of the prohibited activities listed therein.

Be it enacted and ordained and it is hereby enacted and ordained by the Council f the Borough of Bolivar, in session lawfully assembled as follows:

Section 1.

Article IX of Ordinance 5 of 1984, as amended is hereby amended as follows.

Section 9 Certain Activities Prohibited

a. No building permit will be issued and no development, construction or substantial improvements shall be made as to any hospital, nursing home, jail, new mobile home and / or mobile home subdivision, and / or existing mobile home park in any area identified as being partially or entirely within any identified flood plain area.

b. No variance shall be granted for any uses identified in this Section.

Section II.

All other provisions of this Ordinance No 5 of 1984 as amended, shall remain in effect and unchanged.

Section III. The within Ordinance shall become effective upon passage.

Enacted and ordained this 14th day of September 1987

Joanne Lichtenfels

 Council President

Denise Snyder Thiel


Borough of Bolivar

618 - A West Main Street

Ligonier PA 15658

George Bella



Florine Bella


Original Ordinance in Vault