4, 2021

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Lewis McLaughlin, Council President at 7 PM.

Present: Lewis McLaughlin, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Ron Betts, Keith St.Clair and Gladine McMaster

Absent: Mayor, Tom Pickup

Public Attendance: Zackary and Cassandra Burtop, Dan Short JR, Mr. Fabian Foust and Melissa Miller

Approval February meeting minutes. Motion to approve made by Sue 2nd by Gladine. All in favor, motion carried.

Approval of Treasurer Report. Keith motions to accept, 2nd by Gladine All in favor, motion carried.

Solicitors Report – Jeffery reviewed 2020 CDBG reward documents and advised council to sign. That is all he has.

Public Comment. Boone, has nothing, Zack has nothing. Mr. Foust has papers he wishes to turn into council for the accident in December. He would like his rental fee and deductible reimbursed. He wishes to give us his phone number for Insurance adjuster to contact him.

Old Business:

AED update – Pat has been in contact with BJ Brett on a small issue with AED. He to check with someone from county to find out the problem and get back to me.

Logging update. Mr. McColly from Forest Land Services stopped the logging for about a week due to the freeze and thaw so as to not put mud all over the streets and not to tear up the gravel road to Stump Farm. Company to resume when woods dry out some.

2020 CDBG contract to sign. - Received contract from county for our 2020 CDBG road project to finish replacing the old storm water drains. This contract is telling us the money is set aside and fully funded. We can now start the process for bidding out the project to be completed this year.

Gladine motion to sign the contract, 2nd by Sue. All in favor motion passed.
Lou to sign all three copies, we keep one and send other two back to county.

Pat to notify McCormick Taylor and e-mail them a copy of the signed agreement so they can get started on the bid package and bid notice.

Dirt and Gravel Grant update. Received a letter from conservation district stating we did not receive the grant this year. The grant covered an improvement for the 9th Street alley way and also road work between 9th and 8th on Washington.

Police car accessories update - lights, radios, and gun rack from the sale of the police car.  After discussion by council it was agreed to put items on Municibid. We will not have to put in local paper since we are restricting the parts for emergency personnel. Jeffery said sales between municipalities do not have to be put in newspaper for sale.  Lou spoke to surrounding township officials. They really not interested at this time. Pat asking for a starting price council would like for me to put on web site. 
Lou motion to put into municibid for no less than $100, Keith 2nds, all in favor motion passed.

2021 CDBG update. Pat reached out to Keith with CME management. He has reached out several times to county and has not heard from them yet.

Garage door update. Pat asked All Star Garage Door if they had received all parts yet and if they had a potential start date. Pat was informed that not all parts are in yet but they have a tentative date of March 19 penciled in for a start date. Ron commented that we are having issues again with the garage door opener. Said it was the controller again. Garage Company may have a problem when they come to work on the new doors. Council may have to purchase a new garage door opener since this is not on the contract price.

New Business

Next meeting April 1 at 7 PM.

Fire Dept. donation. Borough received fire dept. annual donation form. Pat asking council wish for this. In the past we did not pay because we already cover a portion of their fire insurance and all their workers comp insurance coverage.

Mayor certificate from Association of Mayors. Pat received a very nice award certificate for the Mayor to present to him, however, the Mayor did not show for the meeting. Will put in his mail box.

Liquid Fuels audit for 2019 Because of Covid, 2019 audit was never completed. It is done now and everyone received a copy of the results. The 2020 audit will be completed within the next several months. They found only 1 item that was characterized incorrectly and has now been corrected.

Liquid fuels funds for 2021 are in. The borough received $18,907.92. These funds are to be used for street repairs, street equipment, and street wages.

Borough audit completed on February 24 with Singer Accounting. Everyone has a copy of those results also in their packets. No adverse findings were found. Results will also be placed in newspaper and have on file for anyone who wishes to look at.

Reimbursement for required tax collector classes.
Council received a letter from Tax Collector requesting a reimbursement of $50 for two required classes in order to stay on as tax collector. The additional classes are required every 4 years to remain as tax collector. Enclosed with the letter also is a copy of the certificate of completion of the required classes.
Keith motioned to pay, 2nd by Lou. Ron abstained and Gladine and Sue also approved. Motion passed.

Workers comp audit by the Attorney General Office. Pat was notified by the Attorney General Office for a list of required documents necessary for completion of the audit. When finished will receive the results and present to council.

Sewage Report: Sue said meeting is next week. Nothing to report.

Mayor report: No one here to give a report. Gladine asked if he missed enough meetings to find someone else. Lou said Mayor is not required to attend the meetings.

Street Commissioner Report
Ron said put 29.5 gallons of gas in truck and went 73.3 miles. Skid steer- replaced front left wheel rim. We had to use the rim we were going to put on the right front. Contacted Midwest sales out of Ohio. And was told they are currently out of stock. Zack contacted Groff Tractor to see if they had any. He was informed it would cost $257 for 1 rim verses $195 for 2 rims from Midwest. Midwest is going to notify us when they get the rims in and will order the other 2 from them at that time.

Zero turn nothing to report.  Ron also mentioned that Zack was to get a cost of a heater to be put on for the skid steer to start in cold weather. Zack said he was told the block may crack if we start to pound on the block to put a heater on it and found that if we put a inline heater between the hoses that would be better. Zack said cost is anywhere from $30 to $60. Zack said they have at Tractor Supply. Sue motions to get the inline heater 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion carried. Pat said to stop before he leaves tonight and will give a tax exempt document along with a check for the part.

Ron also ordered the salt through co-stars for next year. We ordered the minimum of 22 tons.

Parks & Rec. Melissa said we have nothing at this time. Lou asked about Easter. Melissa said that is through Fire Department.

At this time Sue is asking for an executive meeting. Discussion, personnel meeting. Time is 7:40 PM  Meeting resumed at 8:00 PM. No final decision made at this time.

Melissa spoke up from parks & Recreation. She stated that Beth Thompson is leaving the parks board and requesting council permission to replace her term position with Brittney Miller. Lou motion to have Brittney Miller assume Beth’s post on parks board, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed.

Lou asked if any other business. Keith motioned to adjourn, 2nd by Gladine. All in favor meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM


Patricia Betts