This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Mayor Tom Pickup, Mark Scribe.

Absent- Solicitor Jeffery Miller

Public Attendance - Ligonier Echo - Alexander Ashcroft, Dan Short JR, Arch Dodson, Pam St.Clair

Meeting called to order at 7 PM by Amy.

January Reorganization and Regular Meeting Minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve was done by Clark, 2nd by Ron with spelling corrections. Sue 2nd again to approve minutes. Everyone agreed.

Treasurer report was reviewed. Clark motions to accept, Sue 2nd. All approved.

Sue wants to have retroactive approval truck repairs from Lear's Auto Repair work from January 12 in amount of $250.25. Clark motions to accept, Ron 2nds. All approved.

Solicitor Report - Jeffery not present. No action was taken.

Public comment. - Arch spoke about concern of 5th street water problem. His driveway washes out when it rains hard. This happened twice in the past 5 years and needs a new curb done again with cold patch. The drain at 5th and McKinley is not taking in water like it should- problem in middle of road midway down there is a blockage. Possible Fire Dept to flush lines to open up if possible.

Dan Short comment - Complaining about Borough Truck. No lights in back of vehicle. Needs checked out. Amy assumed Borough worker did a walk around before taking truck out each time.

Dan's 2nd question - He still wants to sell the police car if we aren't going to have a police department. Also did the vehicle get inspected yet? Sue commented she has not been able to get hold of Jeffery to get vehicle out of his garage.

EIP program meeting will be February 22 at 6 PM. This is open to General Public.

Update on storage garage. Sue has spoken to Jeffery on this subject. He has written a letter to Mike James Attorney and has not heard back from them yet. Hopefully we will have information by our next meeting to either rebid project or to proceed with the current construction company.

Sue also stated that CDBG grant for 2017 there is no funding available. Mayor mentioned to check on PSAB web site there is storm water grant available. Sue to check on this. Tom had mentioned a grant for a new truck. Sue stated she was not pursing this until the garage project was done. Tom mentioned Ligonier endowment is coming up, however that would not be enough to cover a new truck.

Sue made motion to kill Resolution to remove one way street signs at 3rd street between Market and Washington. Ron approached Legion to fund the engineer fees of $2500.00. He stated after their meeting they are not able to fund the fees at this time. Sue motioned to kill the Resolution to change the one way street because of the cost of the study. Clark 2nd. Ron abstained, he is currently on the board at the Legion.

Update on police - Mr. Moore and Sally has been in contact with Amy on this subject. New Florence wants to know if we had any idea of how many hours per week we were interested in. We need to keep in mind the budget that is set aside for this project. Council agreed to 15 hours per week to start out. Clark wanted to know if Jeffery has received a copy of New Florence police contract for review. Amy said we are currently just in negations and nothing concrete has been set yet.

Update on Comcast franchise renewal. No information from Jeffery at this time. Pat ask if she could invite Comcast to the Feb 22 meeting. Our contract is due next year Pat thought. Pat had suggested possible update to the fiber optic lines in town to speed up internet and better TV service. Amy asked if everyone is ok for Pat to notify Comcast to come to next meeting to discuss. All agreed.

Roof leakage at Borough was next subject on agenda. Sue notified Mr. Henry Stouffer who installed the roof. We have a 35 year warranty. Roof problem may be covered.

Drain line flushing on Water Street. Sue spoke to John Speidel, Fire Dept. is willing to flush the line by Jason's on Water Street. They stated they did the drain by Joe Robinson's already. Sue also to ask Charlie to speak to John about flushing the drain line by Arch's at Fifth Street.

Update on FWF on Fire Dept driver records. All have finally been turned in to insurance company. Fire Dept. has 14 drivers on the list. Insurance company is reviewing now. They will notify me if anyone cannot be a driver.

Ethics forms still need to be completed by Mark and Jeffery.

Next Meeting will be held Thursday March 2 at 7 PM.

Borough audit has been completed and Liquid Fuels Audit for years 14 - 15 - and 16 to be done on the 14th and 16th of February. 

Everyone has a copy of the Borough audit. Everything is fine.

Resolution for 2017-1 - Records Destruction. Records shredded as follows

Ethic Records 5 yr retention (2005-2007-2010-2011)

Zoning and Building permits - 5 yr retention (1994-1995-1996)

Bolivar Sewage Authority Bank Statements 7 yr retention (1974 thru 1980 and 1983 - thru 1988)

Right to Know request 2 yr retention (2012-2013-2014)

PA One Calls 1 yr retention (2010-2011-2012-2013)

Faxes 3 yr. retention (2011-201202013)

Vendor License Permit Applications 3 yr retention (2007-2008-2009)

Newspaper Ads on Sunshine notices 3 yr retention (2009-2010-2011)

Arch commented on the Liquid Fuels at this time. - He said Rick Skovensky informed him that someone should have been keeping track of the materials and man hours on this project. Arch stated that no one ever told me that I needed to keep track of this. Rick stated that the Borough may have to pay back Liquid fuels because of this. Arch said he was never informed, the county said they were not aware of this, and they should have been told. Arch said he volunteered his hours and did not charge for this. They better not come back to me to pay the fees. It is not my fault. Arch said as far as he's concerned, we signed a contract and that is the fee we agreed to pay. If their materials used were less then we can get a refund.

He just hopes everything goes well with the audit.

Drain on 3rd street by Park - Mayor stated someone ran a drain out onto the street from under the playground. Now the water runs down the street and freezes onto the road. This was down years ago. That whole street is a mess. We need to do something about it. Is it possible to reroute the drain? Amy said to ask Bill Hughes to check it out. Bill Hughes is also looking at the drain by the fire station. Sue said she spoke to Rick Skovensky, and when he is in town again he will notify Sue to check the drain out.

Workers Comp up Date. - This is an ongoing issue. Each year the percentage of coverage for both locations have been going up and down over the years. No One seems to know the correct percentage or amount. The percentage is actually based on the coverage area not the total population. FWF has given Pat a letter to send to the PA Comp Rating Bureau to get the correct amount of population coverage area and to correct our Workers Comp Figure and percentages. It will take approximately 2 months to get the letter back. When Pat receives this then she  can send out the correct amounts to both localities for reimbursement. She currently has a check from West Wheatfield which she will be returning back to them until we have the correct amounts.

Letters- A chemical company has sent us a postcard on products that we can use. Send to them for possible costs on chemicals.

Fire Department sending out their annual donation letters. We paying their workers comp so we do not donate to them.

Sewage Committee update. Meeting not until March.

Street commissioner Report. - Caliper hung up and ruined the lines so they had to be replaced. We got more anti-skid, approx. 22 tons.

Mayor report: Fairfield said they are very confused on the workers comp issue and would like to be kept informed on any updates or changes going on. They also offered to store our fuel at their facility. Mayor said we need to start to think outside of the box. You are running this town into the ground. It's just 3 miles away.

Parks & Rec. Dan said nothing going on until spring. Ron had mentioned that there are two benches broken because of tree branches falling onto them. The concrete slabs broke. This year parks is going to clean and replace any wooden parts of the benches as needed and upgrade stage.

Parks just wants to know whether Parks and Rec is covered under insurance when they have an event or concert. Council will contact FWF Insurance to verify one way or the other. If parks would get a permit before an event then they would be covered. No permit has been issued since Kelly was here. Arch wants Amy to notify FWF to check on this.

Motion to adjourn was made by Clark, Ron 2nd. Meeting adjourned 8:05 PM.


Patricia Betts

Patricia Betts

Secretary/Treasurer ‚Äč