August 6, 2020



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Sue Bartow, Council Vice President 7 PM.

Present: Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Mayor Tom Pickup, Lou McLaughlin

Absent: Gladine McMaster

Public Attendance: Melissa Miller, Everett Saxton, Dan Short JR, Keith St Clair, Chuck Houser, Clark Baird

Public Comment. Chuck Houser from Indiana Insurance Agency was contacted through PA State Association of Boroughs. His company has a state wide contract through PSAB and EMC Insurance. He also offered a dividend through the program. He receives dividend checks for the Boroughs. You have to appoint our Keystone insurance agent to be in the program. Asking Council to write a letter considering his insurance company as a broker to join the Keystone Program as their agent effective January 23, 2021 when current insurance expires. They will write the letter since it is very specific and needs to be signed by two council people. The next step is the letter will be then sent to Keystone and they will forward to FWF and giving them 14 days in which to try to change our minds. Then the Indiana Insurance agency will  become your broker. The state dividend year runs from May 1 to May 1, so this would make us eligible for a small portion of dividend refund for the upcoming year if dividends are issued. There are 135 Borough’s in the state program. Dividends are based on every Borough or Municipality non loss through the year. Sue asked question on State Workers Insurance Comp. He knows 2 insurance companies that has coverage for both the fire company and town. Resumption Act was passed several years ago by state on the fire companies for cancer claims which caused most insurances to drop the workers comp insurance and force to go with SWIF. 98 % of workers comp claims are caused by fire departments and 2 % is for the Borough. Am Trust of North America is the other company that handles both.
Jeffery wanted to know why would we sign you over as our broker tonight without a quote for insurance costs. Mr. Houser explained he cannot quote us through the Keystone Insurance and workers comp without him being the broker for the Borough. You have zero chance of being in the program without appointing him as the broker. Jeffery still wanted to know why we could not get a quote first without appointing Mr. Houser and his company as our broker. Mr. Houser still could not explain properly on this matter.
Sue informed Mr. Houser that council will take under consideration all he has said and get back to him.

Sue asked Everett Saxton if he had anything. Everett wanted to know about chicken and other farm animals Ordinance in town if we ever found it. He was told that Ordinance disappeared several years ago when we had an officer who used it and then it disappeared. New neighbor moving in has chickens, geese, and ducks.

Meeting turned over to Jeffery Miller, Vacancy Board Chair person.
Jeffery said two individuals applied. Keith St.Clair and Clark Baird.
Keith said he decided if a position was open he would apply. He is a resident here and also owned property here for almost 20 years.

Clark was asked if he had anything to say to council. Clark stated no.
Jeffery opened up to council. Does anyone have a motion? Sue motioned to appoint Keith St. Clair, no one 2nd motioned. Motion failed.
Ron motioned to accept Clark, no one 2nd the motion, motion failed again.
Jeffery decided since both motions failed he decided to toss a coin to make decision. Keith called heads. Mayor picked up coin and Jeffery made motion to appoint Keith, Sue 2nd, all in favor say I, Lou said yes, Ron said no, Jeffery said yes. Motion carried. Jeffery said you must qualify. Mayor swore in Keith to council. Keith was given the residency form and Ethics Form to complete.
Pat asked if a Re-Organization was going to be done at this time. Jeffery said yes we can do this.
Sue wanted a motion for Council president. Ron motioned to appoint Lou as Council President, Keith 2nd motion. Sue ask Lou if willing to accept the position. Lou responded with a yes. Motion carried.
The remaining positions stay the same. Jeffery turned meeting back over to Sue.

Approval of July meeting minutes – Ron motioned to accept 2nd by Sue, all in favor, motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report
Sue asked about the fee for Delux checks. Pat explained the checks made were for the tax collector. Funds to have checks made cannot be taken from that account so must come out of Borough General Account. Sue wanted to know how many checks were ordered and how often. Pat said this is first time since she took office 3 years ago that checks needed to be ordered. Minimum amount is 250 checks. Pat made special arrangements with Somerset to take funds from S & T account to cover cost of checks.

Sue also mentioned about the funds received from Safeguard Properties of $144.97 on 547 Market St. This was from the grass lien Borough placed on property for cutting grass. Lou motioned to accept treasurer report and Keith 2nd, all in favor, motion passed.

Solicitor Report- Act 167 Storm water Management – enactment extended to Dec 2020. He still working on draft Ordinance for this. Nothing else at this time.

Sue asked about any update on Storm Water management program. Pat said Keith Vasas sent a notice to me from Jennifer Wooding, stating we are ineligible for the state wide special CDBG program because we currently are with the regular CDBG program. Letters were sent out for the 2021 CDBG program and since Bolivar is considered low to moderate income level we do not need income survey’s to be done. The 2021 program ends Sept 30, 2020 to apply for funds through them. Council agreed to give to Keith to submit for streets in case we do not qualify for the H2O grant and PA Small Water Grant.

Pat also received a letter on the 2020 CDBG stating we were approved for the 2020 CDBG in the amount of $117,042.00. This will cover the remaining storm culverts left in town. Have grant acceptance letter which needs to be signed. Pat to notify McCormick Taylor on the approval for 2020 grant. They can start the design of the project for remaining culverts.

Old Business:

Update on 2nd & McKinley Street for asphalting. Received 2 quotes. One from Ray Winters in the amount of $7500 which includes labor equipment and cover approx. 120 feet on Second Street with 4 inch base course and 1.5 inches wearing course.

2nd is from Pro-1 Paving, for $3200. Patch edge of road only. 2 ½ inches of binder, 1 ½ inch top wearing course and hot tar edge of patch. Patch half road for $6300. Lay 6 inches of 2A modified stone, rolling in layers for compaction, 2 ½ in of binder, 1 ½ inch top wearing course and hot tar edge at seem of road. Lou motioned to accept Pro-1 Paving in the amount of $3200, Ron 2nd, all in favor motion passed. Ron to contact Pro-One Paving to do job.

Update on Stump farm timbering.

Pat said haven’t heard from Forester when they are to start. They have not asked for extension on final payment yet.

Ron said he was approached by Aaron Bouch on possible leasing of the Stump Farm by the Rod and Gun Club on Mulligan Hill. Sue wanted to know their intentions. Ron said hunting. Sue asked Jeffery on liability of this. Are we allowed to lease it? Jeffery said he would have to check it out. We also would require them to have a certain amount of insurance on it and name us on the policy in case something should happen. There are provisions in the law on exempt property for recreational use and if leasing this would pose a potential issue making it taxable again. We already have a contract with the game commission which we also need to consider. When you have a piece of property that is used for municipal use it is exempt and when you take the property and make it private use then we are no longer exempt on tax revenue. Their may be a provision to rent but without looking further into it I cannot advise you properly. Lou said we need more information on it at this time. Keith, Sue and Ron also said the same thing.

Update on 2019 CDBG project.

Ray Winters has completed the project and I have received a lump sum invoice from them. Pat then forwarded to McCormick Taylor and to Westmoreland County Office. Pat question the fact that we need to receive a detailed summary with invoices on everything that was done and actual costs before it can be signed off by Ron, Lou, and McCormick Taylor for payment because of past experience of doing it improperly. Received an email back stating I was correct that we needed all the documents to back it up. The county will not pay them for project until we receive all documents. I also received a document from the county for the difference in price which they attached along with the close out document so they will cover the entire cost.

Cost for state police coverage.

Pat said everyone received a copy of the documents from the state on police coverage amount that each municipality would be required to pay. Bolivar is $15.04 per person for a total cost of $5,262.82 based on 2010 census. If and when state approves this is what residents will need to pay. Cost may be different when the 2020 census is completed. Towns that currently have a police department will be paying less even though they may have more people. Also have a flyer from PSAB and the PA Court system as to who is in charge of Police Department, so council can decide what to do with the police car.

New Business

Tax Claim Bureau
Properties going for back taxes through sheriff sale on Sept. 30. We have 4 properties in town on the list this year.

Franchise fee came in from Comcast. Borough received $2,464.63 from January thru July 2020.

Sewage Report

Ron said they replaced broken line at 2nd and Water St which was found to be broken. Bolivar is now complete with camering the lines.

Mayor Report.

Mayor excited for this weekend BrickFest. Nothing else at this time.

Street Commissioner Report.

Put 146.99 miles on truck and used 32.01 gallons gas.
Zero turn used 20.2 gallons gas and put 11.2 hours on zero turn.
Used 4 gallons gas between hedge clippers and weed eater.
Need approval for 24 sign post tops for a cost of $144.00 plus shipping. Requesting max $200 to cover cost. Sue motioned for up to $200, Keith 2nd all in favor motion passed.

Brakes for truck. Total cost is $80. Brake pads needed replaced again.

Need letter sent to owner of 7th and Washington on the trash from the green bags of trash. There are 2 bags there. Requesting Pat to send letter to owner asking to remove because trash is spread all over the lawn, broken glass and lumber and so forth. Jeffery suggested to check Ordinance to see if it qualifies for a letter.
2nd issue. There are a pile of tires by railroad tracks in the end house. Is there anything that can be done with this issue? Keith asked if the tires are on Pam’s property. Sue stated yes. Pam can remove the tires herself since they are on her property.

Sue also said the state did not come in a clean SR 259 and she would like the Borough Worker to clean up 259. Ron said we heard about it from the state because we cleaned the road. Jeffery said to call state and see if we can clean the road or if they can come out to clean the road.

Pat said we are hitting the state on the drain on station hill. The drain is not at an intersection so therefore they would be responsible to maintain it. Jeffery said to notify the PUC if we have an issue because of the location of the drain.

Sue has a letter from Charlie Boring saying he is resigning as Assistant Street Commissioner. Sue motions to accept and Lou 2nds motion. All in favor motion passed.

Parks Report.

Melissa said just come up and support us. She just received a call from Somerset Trust, they had to pull out at the last moment.

No other business to discuss Sue motion to adjourn meeting, Lou 2nd all in favor motion carried. at 8:30 PM

Patricia Betts