JUNE 11, 2018


# 1

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Present: Melissa Miller, Pat Betts, Aaron Bouch, Ron Betts, Ben West
Absent- Beth Thompson
Public Attendance, Joe St Clair, Pam St Clair

Meeting called to order at 600 PM by Melissa Miller

Melissa asked who was in charge of food. All food stuff will be on Melissa.
Publicity was asked of Pat to do. It is now your job to find people to help on publicity.
Melissa said it was up to her to get the ROTC list for vendors.
Aaron asked what day the Brick fest will be. Ben and Aaron stated they will not be here. Aaron asked about Gary Baird doing the brick toss.

Things going on: Melissa said she would try to get the United and Ligonier football team to have a tug of war starting at 9 AM then going directly into the Brick toss at 10. She will try to get the coaches ok to do this.

Aaron asked about having the fire department do their demonstration at the event also.

Try to get other organizations such as churches involved as a money maker.
Aaron said he would talk to Amanda about music for a portion of the concert. Good practice for the band.
Beth is getting a dunking booth along with bouncy houses. Aaron suggested we put John Kovac in booth.
In a message from Beth she stated that everyone donated their money back from the Corn Hole event.

It was suggested to have a DJ for Noon until 2 or 3. Then get part of the high school band until 5pm. Get another band for evening. Have DJ- Wayne Gehring do Oldies from 50, 60, and 70's.

Melissa suggested we do a basket party event. Here is how it is done. We sell creatively with food. They buy food and get a chance for a basket. Purchase a hot dog, bag of chips, and soda for $5.00 and also get 20 tickets for a chance to win a basket. Drawing will be at 4PM.  
Melissa said she would double check with Jeffery to make sure we can do the basket party event.

Thru out the day we will do a pie judging contest at 3 PM. Water melon seed spitting contest at 5 PM.
Sell bouncy house tickets for $5.00 donation to use all day. Child will get a wrist band to be able to be in bouncy houses. Start selling tickets now and get wrist bands that day.
Melissa said she also has a hot dog machine, and popcorn machine and all the trimmings to go with it donated to parks.

Pat stated the frig is up at the concession stand and has the soda's and hot dogs in frig.
We need to find someone to do face painting since Aaron's kids won't be there.
Aaron left early for another meeting.

Melissa said she has potato sacks so we can do adults and kids both. We need to have adult entertainment also. It was also suggested to have Corn Hole boards to set out for the adults.
Pam suggested to see if Fire Department could do the Battle of the Barrels with Fairfield Fire Dept. A Text was sent to Aaron to ask John while at the firemen's meeting. Aaron came back with they could not do. They do not have the set up to do.

Next Brick Fest meeting is set for June 27th 7 PM.


Patricia Betts