February 2024​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Parks Minutes

Bolivar Parks & Recreation Borough

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Brittany Miller, President at 7:10 PM

Present:  Brittany Miller, Melissa Miller, Jessica Betts, Brittany Hughes

Absent:   Everett Saxton, Ron Betts, Larry Lute

Public Attendance:  none,

Approval of January meeting minutes.

Motion made to approve January minutes made by Melissa, 2nd by Jessica, all in favor motion passed.

Approval of treasurer report for January

Brittany asked what the bottom line was.  Pat said as of today the check book has $6,459.12 and project fund has $29,009.24.  Pat said funds not assigned to anything yet total $25,095.48

Motion made by Jessica to accept treasurer report, 2nd by Brittany H, all in favor motion passed. 

Old Business

Update on any grants:

Mellissa said she was talking to Ms. McCrae who was taking our proposal to the Wagner Foundation.  McCrae was also meeting with the R.K. Mellon Foundation for a larger grant for the lower park.  She to get back to us. Jeffery was also to get information for larger grants at an emporium he was attending. 

We also need to be inviting our State Legislature's, Leslie Rossi is one of them.  They need to hear what we are trying to do.  They are a big help in getting large grants.  They have ways to go to the Federal level.  We should do after Easter. Have a meeting with them and show them what we have done and still need to do.  Possible a community center. 

Update on 2024 events.

Pat gave everyone a copy of the 2024 events schedule.  The schedule shows what events are paid for with sponsorship funds and which events still need funds to cover. 

If we want to bring in the petting zoo, wood carver, or bubble lady again then they would need to be paid for. 

Bottom line is we still need $975 dollars to have all events sponsored and need $1574. to cover port-a-johns for the summer months. 

Pat said she received a flyer from New Florence Library.  They said we could post events on their bulletin board.   

Update on Vendor letters for Brickfest

Pat said we have received 3 vendor applications so far and 2 of those vendors are wine tasting vendors.  Pat said she is presenting the wine vendors to the insurance carrier first and getting their approval before accepting them.  Pat is keeping the approvals with their applications so council will have proof they have all necessary documentation needed for the event. 

Update on Brick sales

Pat said we currently have 8 bricks sold and Brittany Miller presented 2 more brick applications this evening.  Board decided to use April 1 as cutoff date for all 180 bricks to be sold.

No other old business to discuss.

New Business:

Cow Plop final decision and DJ for cow plop

It was agreed to do 120 spots @ $20.00 with 1 winner receiving $1200 unless the cow plops on 2 squares then the winning amount will be divided between the 2 winners.  Discussion on food for the event was made and finalized on grilling burgers. 

Need to contact a DJ for the cow plop.  Pat to check with Wayne Gehring on this.

We also need to have on the ticket this time, if the cow doesn't poop then we will use the left hind foot for the winner.  

Mellissa motions to do 120 spots @$20 each, 2nd by Jessica.  All in favor motion passed. 

2nd set of steps at upper park.

Would like to see the four stone steps fixed if possible.  They are old stone stairs that have sunk into the ground and are all lop sided.  If they cannot be dug out then we should try to replace them.  Brittany to look into.

Update on the steps beside the slide.

Brittany M said she heard about the banister already and is working on it.  Brittany said Myers is looking into the sealant for the steps to keep the stones in place.

Spotlight on the flag at park.

Pat said the spot light is out and would like to have possibly Myers to replace it.  We have spot lights on top of frig in concession stand.   Mellissa said Jeffery can do it also.   Pat said this needs to be done quickly because flags are not to be flown at night without a light on it. 

Any other Business?

Next meeting March 21st. 

Motion to adjourn at 8 PM made by Mellissa, 2nd by Jessica, all in favor motion passed.


Patricia Betts