Ordinance # 60

Parking Regulations

Amending, altering, and Changing the Parking Regulations as Prescribed in Ordinance # 60 of the Borough of Bolivar In Accordance with Section 4 thereof.

Be it Resolved, by the Borough of Bolivar in Council assembled, and it is hereby resolved by the authority of same:

1. That Ordinance # 60 be amended by adding thereto that from and after the date of this Resolution, it shall be unlawful for any person to park or cause to be parked any automobile, vehicle, or conveyance of any kind upon the streets or alleys within the limits of the Borough of Bolivar unless said automobile, vehicle, or conveyance has been registered with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Harrisburg PA, as required by the Acts of Assembly passed by the Legislature of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and registration plates for the current year are displayed on said automobile, vehicle, or conveyance as required by the Statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

2. That any individual owner and/ or operator of any automobile, vehicle or conveyance of any kind who shall violate the provisions of this Resolution shall cause to be incurred the penalties provided for in Section 5 of Ordinance No# 60.

3. That this Resolution is passed and enacted by the Council of Bolivar Borough in accordance with the provisions of Section 4 of Ordinance No # 60

Resolved in Council this 7th day of March 1955 A.D.

by Frank Henderson


Donald O. Henderson



Erma McCartney


Original  document on file in Vault ‚Äč