Ordinance # 2002-2

Recognizing Fire Dept

to Provide Fire

Protection & Services

An Ordinance Officially Recognizing a Certain Fire Department within the Borough ob Bolivar to provide Primary Fire Protection and Other Related

Fire Services

Whereas, it is in the best interest of the Borough of Bolivar to officially recognize specific fire departments who provide primary fire and rescue services within the Borough.

Whereas, as the Borough of Bolivar is duly required to recognize a fire department to provide primary fire and / or rescue services to the Borough, the Borough Council enacts this Ordinance.

Section 1

An Ordinance officially recognizing certain fire company as the primary fire protection service / organization for the Borough of Bolivar, and to recognize the Bolivar Volunteer Fire Company the Official Fire Company / Department of the Borough of Bolivar for purposes of providing statutory governmental immunities and recognition for Workers Compensation protection as is required under the Statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania..

A. Recognized Primary Fire Response Organization The following company and its respective members hereunder shall all be deemed "employees" of the Borough of Bolivar as defined by the Workers Compensation Act, Title 1031 (a) (1) , and subject to Section 481 (as amended.) The Borough officially recognizes (as the primary fire protection organization of the Borough) the Bolivar Volunteer Fire Company.

B. Authorized Activities of the Fire Company

1. The Bolivar Volunteer Fire Company recognized by this Ordinance is authorized to provide such services to the Municipality as may be necessary or as part of a secondary mutual aid response.

2. The Department may also provide non-emergency and public service functions including, but not limited to, the removing of water and debris from property after storms or other natural events, the assisting in the removal, abatement, and prevention of damage or injury to persons or property regardless of the cause.

3. The Department may also conduct and participate in such training activities and drills, either within or outside the Borough as may be deemed necessary in order to maintain proficiency in providing said emergency services to the Borough.

4. The Department may also respond to calls and provide service to other municipalities outside the Borough as part of a mutual aid response.

5. The Department may provide public relations for fire prevention, life safety programs, and membership recruitment and / or retention programs.

6. The Department may maintain and repair Fire Department / Company property and equipment.

7. They may create auxiliary groups who will fulfill special purposes that are recognized as being in the public interest of the Borough of Bolivar and the Bolivar Volunteer Fire Company's Mission. These groups will be covered under Workers Compensation by the Borough of Bolivar as firefighters.

C. Authorized Activities of Members in the Fire Department / Company

Members shall be defined as any person in good standing and membership of the Bolivar Volunteer Fire Company.

1. In addition to actually going to or from or participating in activities of the Fire Department as authorized by this Ordinance, the members of the Fire Department recognized by the municipality are also authorized to do the following activities. 

a. Engage in any type of drill, training, ceremony, practice, test, and / or parade when duly called for or authorized by the chief or Officers of the Fire Department.

b. Engage in fundraising activities for the Fire Department (s) / Company (s).

c. Engage in the performance of any other duty or activity authorized by the Chief or Officers of the Fire Department.

d. Engage and duty required or recognized as an authorized activity of the Fire Department referred to in Paragraph B. above.

D. Responsibilities of the Fire Chief.

1. The Bolivar Volunteer Fire Company shall be headed by a Chief who is responsible to the Mayor for the performance and oversight of the Fire Department / Company. The Chief shall be selected by a majority vote of the Membership of the Fire Company.

2. The duties of the Chief shall be to:

a. Develop and direct appropriate and effective fire, rescue, or other emergency operations, disaster services, operational support, and administrative activities of the Fire Department.

b. Ensure an effective incident command structure, ensure orders are made and response command is or can be in place for emergency strategic operations are initiated and completed.

c. Ensure that the appropriate delegation of authority occurs for the completion of effective Fire Department operations or any other activity of the Fire Department.

d. Coordinate and develop effective Department fiscal and / or budgetary plans and accountability programs. 

e. Oversee the effective development and implementation of effective administrations and operational programs to improve or facilitate effective strategic and tactical Fire Department emergency operations that include, but are not limited to, fire suppression, life safety rescue, emergency medical response, or any other community emergency that may be required of the Fire Department.

f. Shall supervise and / or appoint Assistant Chief's and Deputy Assistant Chief's to assist in both operational and administrative responsibilities of the Fire Department.

g. To be responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, and repair of Bolivar Volunteer Fire Company vehicles and equipment.

h. To conduct investigations in corporation with any other local, state, or federal agency into fires or other suspected crimes, searches, or other events that are within the Mission of the Bolivar Volunteer Fire Company.

i. To identify, remove, and control all life safety hazards, whether fire or rescue, within the Borough and in conjunction with any Building and Fire Code Enforcement permitted by law.

j. To develop and conduct public community relations and educational programs to improve fire safety or life safety programs.

E. All prior Ordinances and / or Resolutions inconsistent with this Ordinance are hereby repealed.

F. Effective Date This ordinance shall become effective upon enactment. 

Wherefore, after a duly advertised public meeting and a duly advertised convening of Borough Council at a regular scheduled meeting date wherein a quorum was present, a majority of Council voted to enact the above Ordinance on this 1st day of April 2002

Borough of Bolivar

by James Sheridan

Council President


Donna Horner

Borough Secretary

Examined and approved this 1st day of April 2002

Mayor Everett Saxton

Original Ordinance on file in vault