March 21


​Parks Meeting

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Beth Thompson, Pat Betts, Aaron Bouch, Ron Betts, Pam St Clair
Absent- Melissa Miller, Ben West
Public Attendance Sue Bartow

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Beth Thompson

Approval of February minutes was made with correction of Date by Beth and Aaron 2nd. All in favor. Motion passed

Approval of Treasurer Report made by Beth, Ben 2nd, Motion approved.

Update on events:

First item. Petting Zoo. Update. May 19th next to the Legion. 10-5 PM
Beth stated she is trying to get Paul Bernabo to have Masons donate funds for Petting Zoo.
Pat said she got the approval from Legion to use their parking area. Also we will do strip tickets rather than Basket Party because of conflict with Auxiliary just having one on the 12th. Received information for Rustic tents. Cost is close to $1000. If we bring our own 10 x 10 tents we can save lots of money. We will use table and chairs from Legion.

Bouncy house rentals, Party rentals have a special going on with 4 different types. Price is $150.00 for entire day. Because of the distance from there to here there will be a $50.00 delivery charge. They will bring set up take down and show us how to operate the houses.  Beth suggested two would be nice. Aaron asked about several different functions on just one bouncy house. Pat stated there are. Pat had sheet with the different types and prices. Beth said she to check them out and get back to us.

Pat stated we got the approval for the police dept to do fingerprinting and bike safety.  time 11-1 pm

Got the approval from Arch JR to have gun and bow safety demo. time 1-2 PM

Fire Dept is going to open up the bays for the kids to look at and go over the fire trucks and do a safety demo on fire extinguishers. Aaron said they could not host the corn hole. They will do subs since that is their sub sale day. Fire dept time will be from 10 to 12.

Legion will do food and drink. Pat asked Pam if she heard anything from them on what they were going to have. John said they will do strip tickets for the adults also.

We will have a booth for pizza coupon sales and Kathleen said she will make pizza's for us to sell. Pat said she has already sold over 40 pizza coupons and Kathleen said once a month she will let me know how many coupons were used so we can pay her their cost. Coupons as good until end of December. Coupons for pizza's are being given to parks members to sell.

Lamantia's will do bottle water and chips, along with bug juice. Pam wanted to know if she is selling for Lamantia's or for parks. Suggested by Aaron to set a price to benefit everyone. Beth suggested 10% can go to parks. It was suggested by Beth that the auxiliary could do hot dogs and kraut.

Pam brought up selling pretzels. Flyer was handed out for board to decide. Pam to order with parks info on it. We can sell that day and also put in store to sell. Beth said get 4 boxes to start out. 25 per box. (Saying- Bolivar Parks and Rec) blue & black, red & white, and purple.
Pam to let us know the cost.

Petting Zoo - Cost 2 hours $950 plus pony $250. Total $1200. If we do camel, zebra they will be additional fee. Pam said she can get them down on the price. We can sign up for 2 hours and work toward 4 hours if we can get additional funds from businesses. For 2nd pony will be additional $250.00. Tentative decision was made $3.00 to ride pony's so we can recoup some of our money. Pam to check again on what kind of deal we can get.

Pat said John told her the Legion would be willing to go halves on the bouncy houses.

Pat gave Beth information on a band that contacted her. The band was interested in our BrickFest event. Beth to follow up.

Pat brought up the grant for the Boat ramp. Arch Jr is giving his letter of support for the kayaking and boat ramp. His insurance company is working on a disclaimer in case of accident to not hold the Borough nor his shop responsible. Pat also spoke to Joe Lamantia about putting up a directional sign at the corner of his property at 2nd and Market street. Joe gave his approval on this. Westmoreland Conservation District mgr Mr. Crouneour came to do measurements to expand the boat ramp and parking. We have the funds for phase one. Phase two of the project is due in a week and Ron and I are working on this portion of project.
We will know by the end of April whether we get the 2nd grant.

Pat also brought up the Porta-John's for both parks for the summer. Pat received several quotes - 1 handicap and 1 regular. Pat suggested to see if Borough will pay the cost for both porta-johns for the summer. Time frame is from Mid May thru Mid October. Regular porta-johns are $95.00 per month with weekly service. and Handicap is $140.00 per month with weekly service.

Trophy update for May 19 - Ben is supposed to handle this. Will need update for next meeting.
Face painting will go on all day. Aaron to ask his daughters to do face painting.
Pam said she was going to ask Heidi if she will do rock painting.

Set tables on street and put corn hole on the Legion grounds along with the bouncy houses.
Concert will be set up by the Legion also.

Josh Crusan is willing to do a concert for us for $200. He also gets his parents up to do a song or two.

Ron brought up the repairs on the stage again. One of the main supports need replaced. He said he needs steel bands to put on the support and also treat the wood. Woodpecker's have been working very hard on retrieving the bugs inside the wood. Pat suggested to ask the council to let us put the cost on the Lowes account and then reimburse the Borough. Beth to ask Tom to check with IRMC who to contact to help fix the stage. We also need a PA system. Aaron said the fire department just bought one for less than $200.00

Next meeting May 18, 7 PM
Beth asked if any other business to discuss?

Motion to adjourn 7:30 PM made by Ron, Aaron 2nd Motion passed. All approved.


Patricia Betts