Regular Meeting

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Ron Betts, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Mark Scribe, Clark Baird

Absent: Tom Pickup, Mayor

Public Attendance: Pam St.Clair, Dan Short, JR, Arch Dodson, Brenda Mack

Meeting called to order 7 PM by Amy Lichenfelt. Pledge of Allegiance was done.

Aug 4th Regular Meeting minutes was reviewed. Motion to approve was done by Clark, 2nd by Amy. All approved.

Treasurer Report was reviewed. Motion to approve Treasurer Report was Ron, Sue 2nd motion. All approved.

Solicitor Report. Items already on the Agenda for this evening.

Public comment: Arch Dodson complained about a gray 2 door Honda civic running stop signs through town particularly on Lincoln Street. Mark commented he saw the vehicle also. The Honda passed another vehicle that was stopped at stop sign. Ron commented he saw the vehicle coming from Graveyard hill road. Mark also commented he was cutting grass, turned around and watch the vehicle go through every stop sign without stopping. Jeffery suggested taking photo of vehicle and reporting to police. Video is very important and admissible in court.

Pam, next public comment. Have nothing to say. Dan Short JR have nothing to say.

Next item on Agenda. CDBG road Grant. (Arch) Spoke to contractor today and tried to pin down on a date. Ws told they are awaiting everything to come in so they will not have to wait on any items. General start date on or before Sept 14. Will have more definite date next day. Dump site, Arch spoke to Diane Gropp and its ok to dump on her property. Construction Company wants a signed letter to be able to dump on her property. Arch also stated that and Pat met with Rick Skovensky on the liquid fuels approval for project. Pat commented the approval is already done.

EIP Program - New contract for the consultants needs to be signed. Jeffery had made several changes to the contract and the consultants did approve all changes. Just awaiting Amy's approval this evening.

Jeff stated while the EIP documents are being signed he commented on the CDBG contract. It provides that McCormick Taylor is the company that everything needs to go through. No one should be up there talking to MCI Construction. If there are any issues with the job or something is being done wrong. Arch needs to get in touch with Shawn immediately. Arch will be the liaison between Shawn and MCI Construction.

Jeffery stated he wanted to make sure the Borough had an out if the consulting firm or the Borough backed out that we would only be responsible for the $4000.00

Next item - Storage garage (Sue) Sue has been calling Mr. Robson, and Pat has been e-mailing Mr. Robson on the status on the final drawings for the garage. Keith Lehman, has all the other documents (PNDI and SHIPPO) Documents. Arch stated he is a very busy person and you need to light a fire under him to get things done. He explained to Sue where his office is located, and she might want to go visit him at his office.

Mr. Lehman suggest we keep on Mr. Robson. This is the only hold up at this time.

Any other grant updates, Amy question Arch. Arch stated no, unless we complete the 2017 CDBG grant application. Arch said he would help anyone complete the paperwork if they want but he doesn't want to be responsible for any new ones. Pat said she thought the expiration date is either the end of Sept or the first of Oct. Pat was asked to find the document.

Jeff said we currently have several projects finally getting completed, we should complete the CDBG application for the New Year.

Pat was unable to find the paperwork at this time and will look after meeting for the document. Arch commented if we cannot find the document it can be down loaded from the web. He also said he would call a get another if we can't find it but it can be downloaded from the CDBG web site. Sue commented she gave the paperwork to Tom for Tay to complete. She asked Pat if she gave it to Tom, Pat commented she did not. Amy commented we need to come up with an idea before the next meeting because of the deadline on the paperwork. Jeff commented you should try to do several more drains. Each new drain cost approx. $10,000, and should be done in priority bases.

Jeff suggests to authorize several people to make the decisions on the project.

Discussion was done, Mark, Charlie, and Arch agreed to do. Arch also suggested you need to get the approval of McCormick Taylor for the next project.

Amy motioned for Mark, Charlie, and Arch to do paperwork on the new CDBG application. Clark 2nd. All approved.

Lien fees. Amy asked Jeff. Jeff stated he did not get them done. Will try for next month.

Code Enforcement Officer, Amy wanted to have an Executive meeting on this. Jeff said we could not have an executive meeting on the Ordinances and have names mentioned. Council gave Pat permission before to issue lien letters, everyone was good with that. Tom has three letters that he has not sent out yet. Tom said that we cannot pick and choose who gets letters. He also wants to know why he has to send them out. No other Mayor has had to send letters out, it’s been the police officer, why does he? Jeff commented because we do not have a police officer to do it and it is part of Tom’s job. Tom wants to know why he has to knock on doors and go to court. Now, tell me why that two months ago the council authorized someone else to do it and he did not and now he doesn't want to do. Is he angry because we did that or is he angry because now he has to do it? Amy said she could not answer that question. Tom said we are picking or choosing and it shouldn't be that way. Jeff said he doesn't need to do this we can go back to Pat to do this. The Ordinance specifies council’s designee. Who is the complainant or is it someone outside the council. Traditionally in the past the general public who complains comes to council, we do not go out to look for it. Tom said he wants it on record the three properties but he is not going around knocking on doors.

Jeff says he would feel better if the properties in question were discussed before the board to clarify the properties are in violation. He did say he would send the letters if council approves beforehand. Sue commented on the yellow house by the church. If Tom would have done this a month ago, the property would already have been taken care of.

Sue said she wants to make a motion for Pat to send the letters out like before so Tom wouldn't have to be bothered. Clark 2nds. 2nd one is the Baird's, the property belongs to Steve Jarvis property. All properties listed is yellow house by Catholic Church on Lincoln St, 211 2nd Street, and Janet Hall property at 6th and Washington next to Lois Robinson trailer.

Get back to Code Enforcement Officer, everyone has the cost for advertising. Jeff said possibly calling New Florence, Seward, or Ligonier Township to see if interested. We get notices from time to time from PSAB for Code Enforcement Officer. Check to see if anyone in town would be interested in taking the classes. Jeffery said if we have someone around on a long term that could enforce the Ordinances it would be feasible for us to get someone qualified. Fee for payment are negotiable. Pat to check with PSAB to see what it would cost to get someone trained and if they have a training class for Code Enforcement Officer.

New business. Next meeting is Oct 6.

Update on web site. It is up and running. Go to BolivarBorough.com and check it out. All minutes, resolution, ordinances, events, contact us, all on site. Also have a photo gallery, and attachments for fire department, sesquicentennial, parks and rec.

Destruction of records- Resolution # 8 of 2016. All the computer equipment that was approved to dispose of is listed by serial-number, no cost to Borough. The hard drive, is locked up in file cabinet to be destroyed. Sue motioned to approved destruction Resolution Clark 2nd. All approved.

Tom update on police officer. Tom said he put the call in but never received anything back. Clark also said he had not heard anything either.

Boro Code books update. Clark, Ron, Sue, Amy all request one. $14.50 each. Total cost is $58.00 approved to come from General fund and the 4 people to reimburse General fund.

Amy made motion to take funds from General fund, Clark 2nd. All approved.

Letters: Amy questioned about the refrigerator in the back room. Paul Baier wants to purchase. For $50.00. Jeffery said there is a process we have to go through. The Borough needs to advertise. Also, Jessica Betts request to purchase the 8 stools for $80.00 both items the Borough never paid for. The stools are stacked up, borough will never use, was left by the bank. The refrigerator was donated, and if we contact Penelec, they will just pick it up and destroy it. It still works and someone wants to purchase it. What does council want to do? Jeff said we still have to advertise for sealed bids. Amy thought we only had to advertise if the cost was over a certain amount.

Voting is coming up, Dan Short was always the person to let them it. To drop off, leave Amy number on the card. Call Ron first to drop off machines and Amy 2nd. The morning of the elections, Amy said she is already up at 5 am she has no problem to let them in at 545 am. Amy said she also will close back up.

The items for sale are to be advertised on the web, and posted on the bulletin board, and Borough office. The sealed bids are to be opened at next meeting and awarded.

Next item. Property Assessment - The old Catholic Church property assessment went down for the upcoming year.

Sewage Committee: Ron said pa one call, had emergency he had to check on. The railroad hit a pipe and wasn't sure what it was. It ended up being the old pipe for heat that hasn't been used. Sewage meeting is next week.

Street- commissioner. Mark spoke to Mr. Penrose about his alley keep washing out when it rains. Ron and Mark were discussing different ways to try to stop the water. He has some cement from his garage out to the alley that is holding but someone ran over another portion before it was set. The alley would have to be closed if they did something like that.

Mark and Tom saw also the folks in the old Love house about blocking the alleyway again. Tom basically said there was nothing the council can do. Emergency vehicles needs to be able to get through.

The fan at Quonset hut was put in just in a different location from where originally was to be put up. Also need a new lock at the Quonset hut. The door was wide open, but the dead bolt was still out. Ron cleared out the hole in the door frame and it is holding currently. Amy also asked the gas issue. Mark said that Ron discovered on the gas sheet someone took gas and forged his signature twice on the log. Discussion was made on the pump system and how to lock it. The hand pump locks but the electric pump cannot. Mark said the electric box we currently have cannot be locked. Clark made a comment that Tom said last month he put over 120 miles on the cruiser. Where did he get the gas for that? Sue explained how the dates and signature were altered. Discussion was made on different ways to lock up the breaker box to keep from pumping gas.

Sue motioned for purchase of a hasp and lock for breaker box and 2 keys for gas tank at Quonset hut, Amy 2nd. All in favor.

Parks and REC - Dan said he would like to thank council for support at the brick fest. The next thing on the agenda is the pumpkin carving in October.

Amy asked about hayrides. Dan said no hayrides this year. Nothing else.

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:25 PM. Sue 2nd.


Patricia Betts