This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting opened by Keith St.Clair,Vice- President  at 7 pm.


Ron Betts, Gladine McMaster, Keith St Clair, Sue Bartow, Michael Smith, Attorney

Absent: Clark Baird, Mayor, Lou McLaughlin

Gen Public, Zach Burtop, Cassandra Burtop, Bill & Libby Hughes, Cindy shelter, Everett Saxton, Jeffery Miller, Keith Vasas- GAI Consultant, John Kovac, Denise McGinnis, and Sherry Burtop

Old Business:

Approval of August minutes

 Motion made by Gladine to accept minutes, 2nd by Sue, all in favor motion passed with no nays.

Approval of Treasurer Report

Sue questioned surety bond transaction.  She wanted to know if this was for my bond as Treasurer.  Pat explained no, it was because of the boring under SR 259 for 5th Street project the Borough must maintain a surety bond for 2 years beyond the completion date in case of a failure.  Sue questioned the staples transaction.  Wanted to know if our card was used to buy the supplies.  Pat said no, she hadn’t gotten then card yet, and as always in the past it was paid by direct withdrawal from the bank. Sue also asked how much paper the borough goes through, because on April 4th we bought copy paper and ink for $204 dollars and other things.  Do we buy by the case? Pat said yes we purchase by the case.  Sue also asked what the tax certification fee was for.  Pat explained that was for real-estate tax clearance letter.   Under parks and Recreation you have 13 coupons for $130 you paid for.  That is $10 a piece.  Further down you have coupons from laLamntias’ and 2 for you that you paid $14 apiece for.  Is there a reason why?  Pat explained the 13 coupons from LaMantia’s that was paid for thru Pizza Post was because Kathleen only charged us $10 apiece.  The other coupons were at 11. A piece, having the total cost of each coupon being still $14. Each.  If Kathleen wants to charge us $10 for the coupons that is her business.  The agreed upon charge is $11 per coupon.  We normally make $3 for each coupon.  Motion to approve made by Gladine, 2nd by Sue, all in favor motion passed with no nays.

Solicitor Report:

Michael said he did look into easement for Mr. Kovac.  He did not find anything on easement rights.  I did not go into depth on it because of a conversation he had with Sue.  He stopped his research.  If any further research is needed he would have to go to the courthouse to do the research. 

Keith said if in Fairfield TWP then there is nothing we can do.  Other than that he has nothing further to report.

Special Guest:  Keith Vasas

The CDBG grant for phase 3 & 4 he has paperwork for it.  Also Resolutions need to be signed. 

He is suggesting the following besides the CDBG grant.  The LSA Statewide applications, 1 for $1 million because it is the grant limit, and 1 for $600,000 which is a significant project but lower than the grant limit because there is a lot of competition.

LSA Westmoreland applications.  1 for $600,000 which is a significant project but not too nigh because I was told that the county only has $2million available, and 1 for $300,000 so a block of storm sewer could get installed but making the request small enough that the application will be more competitive.

I also have 5 Resolutions that need to be signed this evening to go along with the grants. 

The Resolutions #2, #3, #4, & #5 were corrected to have Keith St.Clair sign rather than Lou McLaughlin since he is not here this evening.  The Resolutions also approves Keith and Lou to sign any documents that are needed. Pat read each Resolution to the rest of council and public in attendance. 

Ron made motion for Keith to sign and approve the Resolutions, 2nd by Sue, all in favor motion passed, no one opposed. 

So with the CDBG and the others above that is a total of t applications.  We started out doing the applications for $3,500 and we can continue with this same practice but I am reducing the cost for each of the second LSA applications so the total cost will be less than $3500 x 5.  The normal cost would be $17,500 and am reducing the cost to $12,900 with a savings of $4,600. If all agree I have my proposal here that needs to be signed and then I can continue to proceed with the grants. 

Sue asked whether we got our $91,000 back from the county yet.  Pat said she received an email from Meghan McCandless, Director of Financial Administration Westmoreland County this afternoon.  She stated we should be receiving the agreement either this week of next.  Per the Board of Commissioners, it is a reimbursement method of payment. 

Sue was asking about the American Rescue Funds.  Pat said that technically is part of the General Fund now.  When the report was completed in November last year we totaled out all the funds we received with the 5th Street project from the engineer work that had been paid out.  Therefore, the money can go directly back into the general fund and does not have to be labeled ARP funds. 

Sue made motion to change the ARP funds to Engineer fund and to have the $12,500 come out of the engineer fund, 2nd by Keith StClair, all in favor motion passed, no one opposed. 

Public Comment.

Keith asked about public comment.  Jeffery asked if we got money for sewer project yet.  Sue commented $91,000 and the money is already spent.  Jeffery said so when the money comes in are you going to pay a bill with it?  Sue said what Keith already explained, that is money coming back from the county   for the 2 open projects we had going.  We already decided it was going for engineer funding for the other grants Keith Vasas is applying for.  Jeffery then understood. 

Keith StClair stated that several meetings back when we were sure we were getting the money back we were going to put in toward engineer fees for the new grants.  This was our logging fund money we had used. 

Keith asked John if he had any questions.  John said he would speak when his turn came on the agenda.  No one else in the lobby had anything to say.

Update on Emergency Management Coordinator

Sue said Lou talked to Matt Laskoski who had agreed to become our EMS Coordinator.  Mr. Laskoski said he had to speak to his employer first.  Sue said he currently works for 911 and had to check with his employer.

Kovac property – blocking roadway and shooting in Borough.

Mr. Kovac said “Fairfield TWP” end of story.  The property around my property is Fairfield TWP.  According to the tax maps, my property is also supposed to be taxed in Fairfield TWP.  So if the borough wants to continue to pursue this matter on what I can do or not do on my property.

# 1, I will fight to have it put back into Fairfield TWP and you will lose my tax money. 

#2 it’s my property. There is no right of way on either side which I provided a copy of my deed that I presented to the board and to the Mayor

#3, Rick is a squatter with no rights to the property.  If you have a problem then it should be the fact that there is a squatter living there with no running water and no heat.  The property is being used as a public dump with anything that wants to be put down there.

Keith asked John if the property where the trailer is located is part of his property.  To John’s reply, “oh no, if that were my property he would already be gone”  “I own up to 5 feet from their front door.” “I promise you if that were my property it would not look like that”. 

Gladine asked if Fairfield TWP had an easement there for the road.  John commented there is nothing in my deed or Florence Shanner deed that give easements or right of way.  The only right of way is from the state when they widened SR259 and the gas company when they put their new line in when SR259 was redone.  It is not my fault that the Shanner’s signed their rights away when they put the road in and made it completely land locked. 

Gladine was asking the Attorney how John’s property could be completely surrounded by Fairfield TWP and his house is the only thing in the Borough.  John commented that is a fact.  John said to look at the Tax Map.  Gladine stated she has and she needs to see the tax map John is looking at.  She wants to know how John thinks he is not in Bolivar Borough and that you are surrounded by Fairfield TWP.  John said look at GIS tax maps which I got from Westmoreland County and GIS web sites, which I also have provided to you and I can show you again. 

Further discussion was made by John and several council members.  John is insistent his property is completely surrounded by Fairfield TWP.  No matter what I do my property surrounding my house is Fairfield TWP which has no rules. 

Gladine stated you still should not be shooting within the confines of the community around people’s homes. 

Johns response is, I don’t there should be any drugs in the community, there should not be any burn outs in the community, but here’s the thing, it’s legal there. The state police have been there and inspected my range and said it is very legal to operate.  I respect your opinion but I and within my right and within the law to do what I want within my property.  You can take me to court if you want, I have the money the borough doesn’t.   You cannot even get me for noise complaint because I shoot suppressed and I use a 22 which is even less powerful than an air rifle. 

Jeffery commented to John and said that is not right, your property is not in Fairfield TWP. To Johns reply look at property # 48 and kept repeating. 

Jeffery said there is a reason the mark on the map reads ‘Assessed in Fairfleld TWP because it is in Bolivar Borough.  That is because it is Bolivar.  Your property cuts across both jurisdictions.  It has to be assessed in one place and not both.  I want in public record that if this issue continues I am going to subpoena all the minutes over the past 5 years and promise to sue the Borough. I want to prove that the Borough picks and chooses who in the borough they wish to pick on.  There are people in this town that breaks the rules all the time and they are let go because they are this person and this person. 

Gladine asked if we had copies of the minutes from the past 5 years.  Pat said we have all of the minutes, they are permanent record.   She said “ok, let’s move on.” 

Update on stop sign replacement from PENNDOT.

Pat said after waiting several weeks and nothing was being done she notified PENNDOT on their website concerning the missing stop sign.  Pat of the notification was to take a photo which Pat did.  She included not only the photo but also of the SR259 sign and a pickup truck that was rolling past the intersection without stopping.  Pat also explained that this was an accident waiting to happen.  Within several hours the stop sign was replaced along with the post and an email from PENNDOT stating the incident was complete. 

Amendment to 5th street project. 

Received documentation from the county for a change order on the project.  With the reduction in the cost because of the agreed upon change the budget of $208,750 was reduced to $206,325.30.  Change order was signed by Keith and Pat sending back to county to finalize the payment for the project. 

No other old business

New Business:

Complaint on ATV traffic in June McDermott Memorial Cemetery.

Pat said Lou was getting complaints about people driving their ATV thru the cemetery.  Pat informed Lou to tell people if they have a problem to notify John Kovac since he is the Commander of the American Legion who owns the cemetery. 

Winter tires for truck & state inspection due. 

Ron received 3 estimates.  Carmen’s Wholesale in Johnstown was $395 each.   Sowers $182.00 each, and TriStar $550 for Goodyear and $513 for Continental.

Keith asked for to price from Sowers’ again. 

Sue asked if Carmen’s was giving the discount the state.  Ron said they would not give it to him to Sue’s reply “Well they have too”.  Sue said she can personally call Randy and ask why.  Ron said they are size 225 r 19.5.  Need a total of 6 tires. 

Discussion was made on the cost and type of tires.  Decision was made to recheck another place and Sue to recheck with Carmen’s for next meeting. 

Ron said we only have 2031 miles on the truck but it has gotten stuck several times already.  We had to have the truck pulled out each time. 

Keith suggested to get the truck inspected now and we will look at tires again next month since we still have some time before winter. 

Sue said depends who you talk to whether we can get the Costars cost.  The owner will let her know in the morning. 

Bill Hughes also suggested to check with Jason Macklven from Ligonier.  He also purchases tires from Sowers for his 550 Truck.   He said he had great luck with them.

PSAB Upcoming meeting.

Keith read the notice.  The meeting is Sept 28 at Hoss’s in Greensburg.  Discussion is on “Strategic Doing” a process that can pull disparate groups and individuals together to leverage resources and get things done.”  RSVP no later than Sept 25, to Mary Lou Johnstown- Swallop.

If interested see Pat for further details. 

Scheduling mid to end of Sept and part of Oct for new 2024 budget workshops. 

Pat asked if council wants to set up budget meetings now or wait until next month to schedule. 

Keith asked what we did last year. 

Pat said we had our meetings in October and as long as we have a tentative budget for November meeting we are ok.  We can have workshop any time if needed. 

Keith as if anyone has a preference of when to meet.  Time or date?  Keith asked about Sept 23rd – 9 AM

Sept 30th – 9 AM and Oct 7th – 9 AM if needed.    Keith asked if we need 3 or 2 meetings.  Pat said normally we schedule for 3 but usually only need 2. 

Any other new business

Sue asked if we had any security surveillance at the Borough anywhere.  Pat said no, nothing here. 

We do have an open slot on our system if you all want one for up here.  Do we have any on the outside of the building?  Pat said no.  If we do end up with anything here do we have to have a sign posted pertaining to the security camera system.  Pat said there is a sign out front already because we have a security system in the building but the cameras are at the lower park and a sign is also down there. 

John Kovac wanted to ask a question?  How many voting members are sitting on the board?  Sue said, Gladine, Ron, Keith and herself.  Lou is not here and we normally have 5 people.  John said Keith cannot vote.  Sue immediately said yes he can.  John stated a question.   “As standing president he can vote also”

As to the reply was “yes” by Sue.  He wanted to make sure there was a quorum since there is a lot of business discussion going on. 

Mayor report:

Pat said the Mayor wanted everyone to know that there is a complaint and a concern about Joe again.  He is now going to Lee Barbus, and Lane Gamble houses and others asking for rides as well as stopping people again on the streets asking for rides. 

Sue asked why Clark does not get hold his Joe’s nephew.  Sue asked what” can the Borough do”.  Clark said he has talked to Bobby and has said there is nothing wrong with Joe and that he is being taken care of. 

Keith said he will talk to Bobby this week about the concern.

Sewage Report

Zack said meeting is next week.  As far as I know you haven’t received the minutes because they have not been approved for the past 2 months.  

Gladine asked who is putting gup signs around the community about increasing the rates up to $100.  As is stated by our solicitor last month, it takes the whole board to raise the rates and we must have a justifiable cause to do this.  It cannot be just one board member to raise the rate. 

Gladine just had a flurry of fixed income persons approach me last week about it.  I do not hang out at the Robinson Post Office. 

Zack said people need to stop listening to hear say and start going to the meetings.  If it is brought up I personally will not vote for it.

Libby said it is certain people or person trying to make trouble for the current board members.  That is her personal opinion. 

Cindy said it is posted about the meeting Sept 13 at 6:30.  One is posted at the Robinson Post office, Bolivar Post office and 1 at LaMantia Market and at the outer gate of the plant. 

Zack said in the January meeting Cecilia Sisitki brought up the raising of rates then and that was the only time it was brought up. 

Sue said she would like to have the board give permission for the Sewage Authority to have their meeting at the Borough Office if we end up having too many people attend.  Does anyone have a problem with the meeting being held here?  She has a key for this building.  No one on council had a problem with the Sewage Authority meeting at the Borough Office. 

Street Commissioner Report

Zero turn used 26 gallons gas put 20 hours on this past month. Grand total hours on zero turn is 1237.

Kubota put 9 miles on it. 

Truck has 2031 miles on it. Put 67 miles in it. 

One 8-21 put 16.9 gallons diesel fuel in truck and got 3 – 5 gallon cans of diesel fuel for Kubota. 

The pump quit working and thinks the line is clogged by debris from the bottom when the tank was so low.  It was stirred up when the new gas was put in and run right away.  Need to get it checked out. 

Parks & Rec

Pat said we have a concert coming up this Sunday at the park. This will be the last concert of the season. 

Any other business:

Motion made to adjourn meeting at 8:05 PM by Ron, 2nd by Sue.   All in favor motion passed.


Patricia Betts