September 3

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Sue Bartow, Council Vice President 7 PM.

Present: Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Mayor Tom Pickup,

Lou McLaughlin, Keith StClair, Gladine McMaster, Late arrival

Absent: none

Public Attendance: Dan Short JR, Keith Vasa’s from CME Engineering, and Ron Flick from FWF Insurance, Cassandra and Zach Burtop

Public Comment. Special Guest Keith Vasas from CME Engineering.
Keith said the CDBG State Competitive Program through Westmoreland County chose to go through the Federal Gov’t and not the State, so therefore we are not eligible through state program.
Bolivar did not get the Small Water Grant and the H20 Grant we did not get selected at this time. We need to keep submitting documents when programs become available. The only grants approved this time was with storm sewage. We need to work with Kim Ward, our State Senator and let know we are interested and much needed. Everything that needs to be done has been completed. He will let us know when the grant comes around again. He just has to resubmit. We did make it to Board of Directors so after that we need help from our Senator. We have the 85% grant so he will keep submitting when grant opens again.

Other thing is county CDBG. He and Ron looked at the 5th street issue. It was proposed to do all of 5th street from Walnut to Shaffer and where it goes into the stream. Catch basins and all lines will be replaced. This also includes being able to tie into the main line on Washington Street.  County advised to break it into phases.

County also wants to see in minutes who supports the 2021 CDBG project. Motion made by Lou and 2nd by Ron to proceed with the 2021 CDBG grant for CME Engineering to apply for the grant and accept 15% match from the Borough. All in favor motion passed.

Next Special Guest Ron Flick, FWF Insurance.

Mr. Flick here to discuss our workers comp and insurance coverage for the Borough. He here to address the workers comp issue. Sue wanted to compare insurance through PSAB and what we currently have. Several issues came up on dividends, pricing and so forth. Our insurance is through EMC insurance that writes everything except Workers Comp. We are in a safety group, if losses are good we get part of our premium back. Last time was in 2015 when we received $1201.00 A dividend is not guaranteed every year. If you signed a broker agent letter what happens is we would be cut out and they would take over the policy. They would not necessarily be guaranteed they could get a cheaper workers comp policy. EMC does still write workers comp, however because the fire company has over 85% of workers comp is why we must go through the state. The only other company that covers both is Am Trust. FWF tries every year to go through them but they have not been able to provide the coverage because of the high rate of fire company claims. The borough does not have enough wage coverage to benefit Am Trust. They looki for a big payroll from police and borough to get a policy from them. FWF will again try to get Am Trust since we have a copy of the loss runs report from past several years. Sue motioned to stay with FWF Insurance, 2nd by Lou, all in favor motion passed.

Mr. Flick said he will come back before our renewal date and present to Council with what he comes up with.

Approval of August meeting minutes – Ron motioned to accept 2nd by Lou all in favor, motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report – Sue motioned to accept Treasurer Report, 2nd by Lou, all in favor, motion passed.

Public Comment. Dan Short said the grates in town need cleaned off really bad. Sue commented she also has been checking various drains in town since the last storm. Ron to have Greg check and clean up drains.

Solicitor Report- Act 167 Storm water Management – enactment extended to Dec 2020. working on Still a work in progress.

Old Business:

Update on 2nd & McKinley Street for asphalting. Ron said Pro-One Paving will be coming out before end of September to asphalt the road at 2nd McKinley to the alley way where the drain had been replaced and fixed. Will cost $3,200.00 to patch with asphalt.

Update on Stump farm timbering.

Pat received the final payment of $24,226.50 from HMI Lumber. The forest ranger said they should be starting soon. The price of timber is going back up. Forest ranger will keep checking to see when they will start. Jeffery asked about a deadline. Pat to check the contract to see when this is.

Update on 2019 CDBG project.

Pat said she sent an inquiry to Ray Winters asking when they were going to submit a detailed report along with all invoices so they can get paid. Have heard nothing back from them yet.

New Business

Next meeting scheduled for October 1, 2020

Dirt and Gravel Grant is open for submission. Pat wanted to know if everyone wanted her to submit again this year for this project.  The location would be by Don Penrose property at 8th & Washington in the alley way. We had three project’s in prior year, 1 got approved on 4th & Walnut from Dirt and Gravel, the 2nd one got done with the 2019 CDBG so the 3rd one is left and still have paperwork for it so will be resubmitting this project for approval. Sue asked about behind the 4th & Shaffer street if anything could be done through Dirt and Gravel on that area. Pat said it does not qualify. Everyone on council agreed for Pat to reapply for grant.

Jeffery was asked about any other issues to discuss. He stated we had an issue with Keith StClair qualification for Council we need to take care of. He was appointed on council last month and then found out he was not a registered voter in Bolivar. Jeffery also stopped at election bureau to clarify. Keith was registered in Fairfield TWP. It is a disqualifier for our Borough. He would not be eligible to hold office. Jeffery checked in code book section 903. Council can declare the seat vacant, and then appoint him, or reasign the seat. Keith and Jeffery did finally get a copy showing he is a registered voter in Bolivar. He currently is eligible now. Gladine asksed Keith whether he wants the seat or not. Keith acknowledged he does. Gladine motions to declare the seat vacant, Sue 2nds all in favor motion passed.
Gladine also motioned to appoint Keith to the vacant seat, Ron 2nd, all in favor motion passed.

Tom brought up the issue that we had another person interested and was qualified to take the seat.  No action was taken on that.

Tom redid the swearing in of the seat again.

Sewage Report

Boone asked a question whether all the campers located at Clark’s property are hooked up to the sewage system. Jeffery stated that they all are hooked up properly to the system. Boone said he just wanted to know but not make any waves about it.

Ron said sewage meeting will be Sept 9th.

Mayor Report.

The Mayor stated that a former police officer came across an old Borough Ordinance Book. He to pick up book later this week.

Jeffery said St Clair Township approached New Florence and Seward about police service. Not sure if talking regional service or not. Mayor said he spoke to New Florence President, Jim Moore about this. Not sure if Bolivar would want interest in this or not. Discussion on this was made but no action taken.

Street Commissioner Report.

Ron said truck put 126.61 miles for the month and used 36.28 gallon gas. Zero turn put 5 hrs on and used 15.44 gallons gas. We have 225 gallons gas left in tank.
Also need sewage cap behind the Borough office. Estimate received is $80.00 for sewage cap. Sue spoke up and said someone stole the cap from the alleyway. Cindi at the Sewage Authority said she now has them in. Lou motion to get cap Gladine 2nd, all in favor motion passed.

Salt spreader needs a new auger before winter. Cost is $655.41 plus $150 freight. Greg can go to Ebensburg to pick up from Groff Tractor. The shipping charge is to have the auger shipped from their warehouse. Sue motioned to spend up to $1000.00 for Auger and Lou 2nd. All in favor motion passed.

Need additional street supplies for signs. Need 3 8 ft posts, 5 9 foot posts 10 24" stop sign stickers, 6 one way signs, and 6 anchor posts. Cost comes to $421.62.35 plus $50. shipping charge. We need break away posts but need to have them cut. Also requesting a settling torch so he can fix the posts we currently have. Price of an acetylene torch to be determined for next month meeting.

Sue said Charlie has a plasma cutter so we can cut the old posts in half to use. Sue motion to spend up to $500. for supplies, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed.

Lou wants to find out how much the acetylene torch cost. The Borough needs to start getting tools for the worker to use.

Ron also said the truck needs rotors. Vibrating very badly. Sue wants to put on hold until she talks to Lears. Normally when you buy brakes and rotors there is a warranty. Sue says life time warranty on the pads

Parks Report.

Pat said we just had the Brickfest and Concert which we did very good on. We have a movie coming up on Sept 12. Movie to show is "Aladdin" Pat also said we are paying now the electric and port-a-johns at the park and also putting funds back for engineer work on the electric.

Pat also said we are working with the Legion for Fun Day in October. We will be doing the pumpkin carving and hay rides at the lower park, and have a Halloween movie at the legion as well as haunted house.

Sue wanted to know if anything else need discussion.

Ron motioned to adjourn at 8:10 PM, 2nd by Lou, all in favor motion passed.

Patricia Betts