Oct 19

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Brittany Miller, President at 7:35 PM

PresentBrittany Miller, Brittany Hughes, Ron Betts, Mellissa Miller, Everett Saxton

Absent:   Larry Lute, Jessica Betts

Public Attendance:  Jeffery Miller

Approval of Sept meeting minutes.

After review motion was made to approve Sept minutes by Ron 2nd by Brittany H, all in favor motion passed.

Approval of treasurer report for Sept

Pat went over the current balance in check book.  Pat mentioned that she received a check from the VFW for $500.  Mellissa said that Ken told her he will get us another check. 

Brittany asked then how much do we have as of today to spend?  Pat said that as of Oct 19 the check book has 5,410.03 and the project fund has $12,078.23 Pat reviewed what October deposits and bills are so far. 

Motion made by Brittany Hughes to approve treasurer report, 2nd by Mellissa Miller, all in favor motion passed. 

Old Business

Update on Cash & Gun Bash ticket sales for Nov 5th

As of right now we have approximately 13 to 15 tickets left.  Everett said he wanted 2 tickets and purchased this evening. 

Roles for gun bash. 

Brittany had roles for each of us during gun bash. 

Jessica is to be with Gwen counting money and distributing the games.

Ron and Pat are to sell the big game and 50/50’s all afternoon. 

Mellissa and Brittany Hughes is to do the food

Brittany M, Michelle and Aaron, Sara and Tracy are to sell the pull tickets

Tony will sell the alcohol if the bartenders are not available. 

Gary Baird will do the announcements.

Myers and Jeffery at the entrance

Everett and Larry Lute will also help with whatever needs done

If nice we will also go outside.  We can put up tents if nice. 

We can set up week before. 

Food update.  Chicken from Giant Eagle.  $150 for 148 pieces for legs and wings

Longs Catering – potato and macaroni salad $145 each for 150 people

Meatballs $230 for 300 meatballs in sauce.  Buns can be gotten from Walmart.

Hot dogs with kraut $140 for 150 people.  Cost is about $1200

Mellissa will buy noodles, butter, and onions for Haluski

Green beans

Nachos and cheese

Chips and pretzels

Rolls & butter are coming from Texas Roadhouse as a donation

Brittany M will continue to ask the pie shop for donation of whatever.

Lucetta is donating 6 gobs, 2 pumpkin, and 2 chocolate, and 2 vanilla

We already have the soda and water and won’t need any more

Motion made by Brittany Hughes, 2nd by Mellissa, all in favor motion passed to spend the $1200 for food. 

Update on Fun Day Oct 21

Pat said Sam’s club is definitely donating the cupcakes to us.  Jessica is going to pick-up tomorrow approximately 105.   Brittany Hughes commented we need to remember this for next year. 

 Pat also said that she and Ron took down to Legion the speakers and movie screen and projector as well as the treats to the Legion and got everything set up for this. 

Brittany Miller needs a check to pick up the pumpkins tomorrow so she can get from Sally’s.

LaMantia’s has 11 people signed up for pumpkins.  Brittany said to add 3 more for her kids.  Pat also reminded to get 2 extra for the lollipop trees. 

Pat said that we also brought down 4 tables, the cutting knives, and drop clothes for the carving in case of rain. 

Update on Pre-ordering for Sesquicentennial Book

Mellissa said she has been playing dog tag with the company who produced the book. 

Update on Grants

Pat gave Brittany Miller the letter from Ligonier Endowment stating they would review our request at their next meeting on Nov 2.  Brittany said she doesn’t think we will be getting the grant this time. 

We have another grant being worked on by Mellissa and Ms. McCrae

New Business:

Keys for Electric Box. 

Pat gave to Brittany and Mellissa.  Brittany has also the 2nd set of keys for the side shed, so now Brittany has a complete set of her own.

Any other Business?

Brittany said we need to still get more mulch.  She wrote to company but they said they couldn’t.  Pat said we got a bill for $64.00.  Brittany said she did not order it.  Pat pulled the bill and it was discovered it was for the Borough for top soil for the parks so Paul could fill in the ruts in both playgrounds and reseed. 

New Business:

Hershey candy for Christmas.  Mellissa came in earlier and we found the other 2 cases of candy.  They were in another large case.

Decorate town for Christmas

Pat said she was going to ask council to use the borough truck to put up the candy canes this year.  It would be a lot easier since we will not have to go up and down on the ladder constantly. 

Brittany Miller said preferably when it is not cold. 

Brittany said then the blow ups we can put up end of November.  We do need to see what we have up there as far as lights and get what is needed. 

Mellissa said she will ask at the next council meeting for the usage of the truck. 

We also need an agenda for next year before January 1st.

Maybe get small magnets listing the events. 

Should we do another cow plop in May?  How about a chicken plop. 

In November agenda should have dates and bands. 

Pat asked about the circus.  Mellissa said they have not gotten back to her yet. 

Mellissa also got a business card from a guy in Johnstown that does hand impressions. 

They also do bouncy houses.  

Pat normally gets out the vendor letters in January and then again in March or April. 

Sponsorship letters – Mellissa said she would like 2 different letters. Cindy Shaffer will help her with the letters.  One for previous donations and 1 for new ones.  

Discussion continues on sponsorship letters and other types of events that could be done from January thru April. 

Pat asked about a comedy night.  She got the name of the comedy guys that we got for the Sesquicentennial and gave to Mellissa to contact. 

Mellissa asked about a trivia night also.  She to contact the Kelly group from Johnstown to see how it is done. 

Let’s look at February for Comedy night - March let’s try the trivia.  - April – possible circus

May cow plop and chicken dump - June concert - July concert - Aug Brickfest

Sept – possible bingo - October fund day with hayrides – Nov ? - Dec Santa and sleigh rides

No other business to discuss,

Brittany H motions to adjourn, Ron 2nd motion to close at 8:44 PM


Patricia Betts