Parks & Recreation
Regular Meeting
November 15, 2017
This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Beth Thompson, Ben West, Pat Betts, Aaron Bouch, Melissa Miller
Public, Ron Betts, and Matt LaMantia.

Meeting called to order at 7 PM by Beth Thompson

Motion to approve Oct 18 minutes made by Ben 2nd by Aaron. Minutes approved with corrections to attendance last month. Need to add Melissa and page 3, April event was Ben not Beth.

Motion To approved Treasure report made by Aaron and Ben 2nd.

Public comment: Ron said need more lighting at park. Discussion was made about solar flag pole light to be put on flag. Also lighting was suggested around pavilion. Ben stated his light on garage is solar and costs approx $60.00

(Misty Haven Carriage) Sleigh rides.  Price is $400. for 2 hours. Charge $5.00 adults and kids free.
Sunday Dec 17, 4-6 during Santa visit. Suggested K & K to do hot chocolate at Stage.

Note: Date was changed from Saturday to Sunday because of conflicting events on Saturday.
6PM. for Caroling to be done same day. Notify the churches to see if they would like to join in. Also do cookie exchange for the elderly during Caroling stops. Melissa to donate bags for cookies.

Breakfast with Santa. Melissa to update everyone Event to be held Saturday Dec 2nd at Brickyard Cafe. 9-12.

CPR training. It was suggested to hold at Borough building because K & K basement is now utilized with other things. Pam is working on this. Put on agenda for next month.

Christmas Ornament for decorating prize - Beth to do this and Melissa to do Sign for yard.

Next- price on Sesquicentennial books to get remade. 100 books cost $1700; 50 books cost $2250. Melissa asked Amy if Council would be willing to upfront $1700 to order books. Parks could sell books for $25 Takes 3 weeks to get books in.

Melissa questioned Ron whether the Legion would upfront the cost of books and parks pay back? Melissa to text John on the subject and ask to come up to meeting.

Next- Emergency list need to be verified by everyone. Correction needs to be made to Aaron's phone number and email, and Melissa's store number needs corrected.

Pat also asked for everyone to check over the Sunshine Notice for 2018 meeting dates before posting in local paper.

Next meeting to be held December 20, 7 pm.

Taking down Holiday Decorations - wait until January 13th.

Beth ask John about a Dance. John to check on this for January event.

Petting Zoo update - Postponed to next month.

No other comments for discussion - Aaron motion to adjourn 8 PM Ben 2nd.


Patricia Betts