This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Brittany Miller, President at 5:05 PM

PresentBrittany Miller, Brittany Hughes, Ron Betts, Mellissa Miller, Jessica Betts

Absent: none  Note: Everett Saxton arrived 5:35 PM

Public Attendance:  no one

Approval of June meeting minutes.

After review motion was made to approve June minutes by Jessica, 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.

Approval of treasurer report for June

After review motion made by Ron to approve Treasurer report, 2nd by Jessica, all in favor motion passed.  No one opposed

Old Business

Update on Basket Donations

Mellissa said they are slow.  Mellissa counted baskets, have 8 and she has 3 at her house, plus gift cards that was given by other organizations.  Brittany said we have a couple of people from Ligonier. 

Mellissa said we had 115 regular baskets and 15 special baskets last year. We are nowhere near that right now.  Discussion was made over areas covered.  Will follow up where locations were given flyers. 

Update for workers during brickfest

Pat went over the volunteer list

Dunking Booth event was cancelled.  Can't get a hold of Decker and hard to get people to be in booth.

Corn Hole Tournament- Scott Belford to run

Bouncy Houses - granddaughter - Shelby and boyfriend John

Drink Booth - Ron and possibly Abby

Also suggest to move next to concession stand this year. We can put in grass area just not on the gravel side.  No way to attach tent in case of wind.

Food stand - left up to Mellissa

Basket Table - left up to Hanna

Bricktoss - Gary & Tammy Baird,  Possible Lane Gamble

Set up tents, tables Friday night - Brittany Miller, Scott Belford, Everett Saxton

Marking vendor booth sights - Scott Belford, Everett, Mellissa Miller

Mellissa asked if our broken tents were replaced by Legion.  Pat said they were replaced and so was mine.   We have 11 tents.  We need big tents for the basket party area.  We borrowed 2 from Legion and one was from Greg Hughes.  Pat said she talked to Gwen and we can borrow from Legion. 

Vendor director on Saturday - Everett , Ron JR, and Ed

Pull ticket sales - Jess, Pat, Bill

50/50 tickets - Jess, Pat, Sandy

Parking for HP vehicles - golf cart- Jim Bechtold, Thumpper- side by side, Greg- side by side

overflow for HP cars - boro office and legion parking lot.

Jim Harris, to collect trash

Desiree's hubby to take photos

Desiree's daughters to do face painting all day

Update on vendors

Pat said we have 17 logged in and 4 more on the way.  Pat went over the list of vendors and what they are selling. 

New Business:

 Food list for Brickfest

Mellissa said - Steak hoagies $6,  meatball subs, Halluski, nachos & cheese, fruit cups, ice cream

Brittany H said she has to pick up the chocolate bars yet.  Pop possible donation from Giant Eagle. 

Helpers to stain benches

Brittany M said she has spent 12 hours already on staining.  We are getting there.

3 of Hearts band for  concert change

Pat got a phone call, the manager informed the band of the Aug 27th date.  Two members of the band said they promised to play in another band for that date.  They wanted to give us another date for playing.  The board decided to just cancel since they wanted to change again. 

Brittany suggested to get a blue grass band and the polka band for Brickfest next year.  Pat was given the name of the Blue Grass Band to contact. 

Final decision on helpers shirts

Pat cut down the shirt list from 15 to 5.  Gave sizes to Mellissa to get made. 

Sandy & Jim - shirts

3 car show guys - shirts

Mellissa also to contact Nick Heming to do EMS.

Park Rental Favoritism

Discussion was made concerning favoritism on who to use the park and who not to use park. 

Park personnel will not show favoritism on who can use the park.  The park is open to all regardless of what certain people in town think should be there or not. 

Any other Business?

The carver is doing  3 things.  A bear, mushroom and teepee.  We to auction off with 50/50 tickets.

Discussion was made on where to put the carver.  The decision on the entrance for the event vendors, and car show is set for 2nd & Lincoln Street. 

Mellissa on banner.  Wants permission to go onto stage for all donors.  Would like to have done for Brickfest.  Motion up to $300 made by Mellissa 2nd by Brittany H, all in favor motion passed.  This is for sponsors for the year.  It is vinyl and vinyl. 

Mellissa works for pamper chef.  In August it is fund raiser month.   30% of profits.  Anyone can go to the link which is provided and place their order.   Profit goes to parks.  There is nothing we have to do.  Jessica motions to do, 2nd by Brittany Miller, all in favor motion passed.

Mellissa also has the gun bash.    Ken Heming, Robinson VFW for gun bash.  Looking for November 5th.

$25 per ticket.  Mellissa said she doesn't mind cooking but it would be easier to have Forks Tavern cater. 

Brittany brought up Long's Catering.  Mellissa to check on cost for them also.

No other business to discuss,

Mellissa motions to adjourn, Brittany H 2nd motion to close at 6:30 PM


Patricia Betts