April 20

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Brittany Miller, President at 7:00 PM

PresentBrittany Miller, Brittany Hughes, Ron Betts, Everett Saxton, Mellissa Miller, Jessica Betts

Absent: none

Public Attendance:  none

Approval of March meeting minutes.

After review motion was made to approve March minutes by Mellissa, 2nd by Jessica, all in favor motion passed.

Approval of treasurer report for March

After review motion was made to approve treasurer report by Brittany Hughes, 2nd by Melissa.   All in favor motion passed.

Guest speaker on agenda: Ron Betts JR to speak about speaker system for park.

Jessica reviewed for Ron as he was sick.  A pair of Rockville RPG225K speakers system was presented for consideration to have for the upper park.   Decision was tabled until next month meeting.

Old Business

Update on 2023 Sponsorship letters

Mellissa said she was sending out 40 more letters.  We still need approximately $2500 more to cover scheduled events in the park this year.

Results on April 2 painting project

We had 22 people show.  Next class is scheduled for May 21st.  We currently have 20 peoples already signed up for this.  Paint class is from 4-6 PM

The paint lady will also set up a booth for Brick-fest and pay for her spot.  She will also come here during the summer and have different age groups for painting.  She would only need 5 kids per class.  She does an activity treat and book.  For the older kids they can make jewelry. 

The paint lady has offered to also set up some tables during cow plop for the kids for painting. 

Update on bouncy houses for Brick fest.

Pat said she has received confirmation from Mr. Lewis.  We definitely have the two discussed at last meeting.  Cost will be $675

Pat also brought up the dunking booth.  Mellissa was texting Aaron to see if we can get from Brian Decker again this year. 

Update on Pierogi fund raiser

Will need to sell $10 per doz- will be frozen.  Must sell ahead and collect funds at time of sale.

Discussion was done but no definite decision was made. 

Kids Tractor Pull:

Pat said we have a definite confirmation on this for Brick fest.  We will use McKinley Street for this event. Pat said she was told though, that we would have to get the trophies.   

New Business:

Tree Estimates:

Mellissa received estimates from Dave Henry Tree Specialist out of Black Lick PA.  Most critical for upper park.  Very large tree overlooking slide. Cost to remove is $2,000

Remove another very large sugar maple $200.  2 Sweet Gum trees along 4th Street needs major pruning $1500.  Major prune of large sugar maple $400 Total cost of Most Critical is $4200.

2nd priority:  major pruning of remaining trees will cost $1950

3rd priority: for Upper Park is 2 large sweet gum trees along Lincoln St major pruning for them and 2 other maple trees will cost $3200

Lower Park:

Most critical: Major prune and trim of 5 trees along the playground cost $3500.

Remove Norway maple and dead ash $500

Remove Cherry other side of fence leaning over walk way. Cost $800.

Remove: 2 dead trees overlooking basketball court $ 1500 Total cost $6300.

Lesser issue:  Minor pruning of Norway Pal e near the back stop $600.00

Grand total for everything is $16,250.

Discussion was made to look into either Ligonier Endowment and or the Wagner Foundation for help.

Also check with Borough if they could possible help out with some of it. 

Outcome with Keith on grants:

Mellissa said she placed a call to Keith but has not heard back from him. 

Plastic Recycle Program:

Brittany said she will collect the bags of plastic, weigh them and take to her office to store until we reach our goal which is 500 pounds to get a free bench. 

Mellissa also has a bin on her front porch. 

Any other Business?

Everett said he tried to find a contact with Homer City plant but they are in the process of closing the plant.  Next will be New Florence Plant. 

Brittany Hughes said we need to work on a winter fundraiser.  She was thinking about doing a 30 day ticket and charging $20 per ticket, selling 333 tickets. 

Will consider during next month meeting.

No other business to discuss.

Brittany Miller motions to adjourn, Jessica 2nd motion to close at 8:33 PM


Patricia Betts