This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Meeting was opened by Lewis McLaughlin, Council President at 7:01 PM.

Present: Lewis McLaughlin, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Keith St.Clair, Gladine McMaster
Absent: Mayor Tom Pickup, Street Commissioner Ron Betts, Secretary Patricia Betts

Public Attendance: Zackary and Cassandra Burtop, and Dan Short, JR, Brittany Miller

Approval Sept meeting minutes.
Lou mentioned the agenda stated August minutes and needs to be corrected to Sept. Minutes were correct. Motion made by Keith to approve, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report.
Motion to accept treasurer report made by Gladine, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed.

Public Comment.
Brittany Miller on behalf of parks and rec. requested approval to apply for a grant through DCNR. No money from Borough is needed. Grant would require a 50% match. Motion to authorize Parks and Rec to apply for a DCNR grant for lower park. grant application by Gladine, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed.

Boone says drain at his house appears to be plugged - Had a hard ran last month. He said he looked over the side of the hill and no water was coming out. Lou said he would have Asst-Street Commissioner look at it. Boone said may have to get fire company to clean out. Boro will have someone look at it.

Old Business:
Borough building lighting update. Lou said the lighting has been replaced. Sue said there is one light out and the other doesn't seem to appear to be working.

Update on salt bin at Quonset Hut.
Lou said he went to Seward. They have no concrete in their bin the salt is on the ground. New Florence also puts their salt on the ground.
Marion Supply costs $2700
Lee Concrete $3781.50
Fi-Hoff is $3075.

These all include set up and delivery. Last month the question is do we need it on concrete or not. Gladine said the salt would eat through the concrete anyway. Discussion was made on the salt. Sue said this cost is just the blocks. Keith mentioned we already approved the money for a block bin. Gladine said we already agreed to get a bin. We are not going to keep going around and around on this. Let's get the bin now and decide later on how to pay for a top on it. Gladine motioned to get the bin, Keith 2nd all in favor. Gladine, Keith and Lou yes. Sue opposes, stating Marion Center is not the best place to get concrete from.

Garage Door Opener.
Thermodoor 1st estimate for M8900 operator $920.60 plus $130 for 2 remotes $1050.60
2nd estimate for MT5011 - $1327.55 plus $13 for 2 remotes $11447.55
All Star Garage Door 1st estimate for M8900 $820 plus $120 for 2 remotes makes $940.00
2nd estimate for Mt5011 $1275 plus $120 for 2 remotes makes $1395.00
Keith said since All Star put the garage door in then we should go with them. His motion is for the M8900 for total of $940.00. Lou 2nd motion all in favor motion passed.

Update on the 2022 CDBG grant paperwork - all necessary paperwork has been signed and filed

Update on 2021 CDBG grant paperwork from county- Hud has approved and documents have been signed. Sue questioned whether the 2021CDBG grant is phase 1 of the 5th street project.

The 2022 is the 2nd phase of the 5th street project.

Harnet property on Lincoln Street. Jeffery said he looked into this property. It is getting ready for Judicial sale. Lou asked if we would lose the money if going into Judicial sale. If a private individual wants to purchase then we just add this year cost to the total already liened. Sue stated she called the court house and they did say it was to be sold last year and they not sure whether it would go this or not. Sue commented the borough worker needs to keep cutting whether he wants to or not.

Update on Farm Animal Ordinance
Jeffery distributed a copy and asked everyone to look at it and if council decides then we need to consider for corrections or adoption. Sue asks about penalties. the fine is $1000.00 Sue said she thinks it is a little bit high. Jeffery says it sets the fine for not more than $1000.00 He also explained the how the Ordinance works.

New Business
Approval of remaining $16,000 to cover payroll for the remained of year.
Gladine made motion to transfer the $16,000 to cover payroll and taxes for remainder of year. Keith 2nd, all in favor motion passed.

Council set budget meeting date.
Keith wanted to know if we have to do them on weekends? Keith wanted to know if Jeffery was required to be here at the budget meetings. It is not required for him. Decision was made to hold budget meeting on Thursday Oct 21 at 6 PM. We can also use Oct 30th as a 2nd day if needed.

Sue had a question on the Liquid fuels and she asked Fairfield Twp. on the subject. She said Pat told her we could use Engineer fees from Liquid Fuels. Sue was under the assumption that if we did not use it we could lose it. Jeffery said we can use Engineer fees out of Liquid Fuels. Sue was concerned that if we used money for engineer fees we would have to pay it back. Jeffery tried to explain why we had to refund Liquid fuels in 2016. Sue insisted that we get either Jeffery or Lou to get in writing that engineer fees can be used. Someone other than Pat needs to check on this. Sue asked Keith of his opinion that someone other than Pat needs to verify the information. Lou said he would contact Rick to elimate all doubt.

Dirt and Gravel Program
Gladine said that when talking about dirt and gravel program they are not doing it this year and to see the attached notice. Sue said Pat told her that Greg, Ron and she took the dirt and gravel class which is good for 3 years and it if comes up again their certification would run out before then program get started again.  Sue said if and when the Dirt and Gravel program comes back that someone else take the class.

Parks - closure of Water street between 2nd & 3rd and Shaffer St between 2nd and 3rd from 2 to 7 PM on Oct 23rd for Halloween Fun Day at lower park location and hayrides.
Keith motions to close , Lou 2nd all in favor motion carried.

Town Halloween Day - Council needs to make a decision on whether to have Halloween on the 30th or the 31st. Fire Dept is having their Halloween parade on the 31st from 2 to 4 PM. Lou said it is a no brainer to have it the same day as the parade. Sue said she got a call from John yesterday that he forgot to get the letter out to close the streets for the parade. The usual area 4th & Lincoln to 6th and Lincoln and down 6th Street to Market St to Fire Dept at 3rd and Market St. Then have Trick or Treat from 4 - 6 PM. Sue motioned to close street's and Keith 2nd, all in favor motion passed.

Sewage Report: Sue said meeting is next month. Sewage is going up.

Mayor report nothing to report.

Street Commissioner Report - Zack to give report.
Truck zero miles zero gas. Sue asked if this is per his records or did someone else give you that. When Greg puts gas in truck he puts mileage down.
Zero turn- 16.6 hours 23.9 gallons gas
push mower - 3/4 gallon of gas
brake line was blown - Sowers is looking at it. they also to look over for inspection. Discussion was made on the inspection and fixing truck.

Greg working on filling pot holes
Stop sign on 6h St needs fixed. Zack said he is asking for the sign to be fixed.
Jeffery asked about tar and chipping. Lou said because of the cracks in the roads the water gets down and cracks the roads. This upcoming year would be a good thing. Lou said it would save the streets.

Sue wanted to know the cost of doing say 1 street. Lou said he could get an estimate. 
Boone asked about gravel for holes in the alleys.

Public comment is done. Boone wanted to ask a question on laying off the borough worker in October. He wanted to know if it was good for 1 worker then it should be good for another worker.
Zack wanted to know about a sub contractor. They come in when they want to. Zack suggested we consider a new truck.
Jeffery suggested to budget for a truck. Lou said he looked at a new truck with plow says cost is $100,000
Jeffery said borough has no problem for borrowing and we could finance up to 5 years. We could file different paperwork with state to finance up to 7 years.
Gladine said for the budget there is no figure for a skidsteer nor a truck. Sue said we will look at it when we need to.

Parks & Recreation Jeffery said they have a movie coming up "Monster House" in the evening. Pumpkin carving and food and drink. Hayrides also.

No other business.
Sue wanted to add to the minutes. Last month Ron said she accused him of taking gas. She wants to put in the minutes that she did not accuse him of this.
Lou motions to close meeting , 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed.

Patricia Betts