This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting opened by Lou McLaughlin,  President  at 7 pm.


Ron Betts, Gladine McMaster, Keith St Clair, Michael Smith, Attorney, Clark Baird- Mayor

Absent: Sue Bartow, Arrival  time 7:35 PM

Gen Public,  Bill Hughes,( Cindy Shelter arrived 7:36 PM ), Everett Saxton,  (John Kovac arrived 7:15 PM),  (Denise McGinnis arrived 7:35 PM), Catlin McMaster, Mellissa Miller  and Sherry Burtop

Old Business:

Approval of Sept minutes

 Lou asked why the security question was in the minutes from last month. Pat explained why is was there and whether a sign had to be posted or not when recording people.   Pat said we have a sign in front of the Borough office since the monitoring system is here as well as at the Quonset hut area since the cameras are located there. 

Motion made by Gladine to accept minutes, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed with no nays.

Approval of Treasurer Report

Motion made by Keith, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed.

Solicitor Report:

Michael presented council with several items he was requested to check on the validity of and report back to council with answers.

Question 1 was presented on Map parcel # 48-05-03-0-014 and the assessment of taxes in Bolivar Borough and or Fairfield TWP.  Answer the law states is should be taxed in both localities.

The house itself is in Bolivar therefore  is taxed in Bolivar.

Question 2 was what constituted a quorum for the Borough council?

Answer to the state law the President and Vice President both are allowed to vote during a meeting. 

Question 3  was whether the law permit's a shooting range to be operated on Parcel # 14

The law states 200 yards from a home.  The range is closer than 200 yards.  The backdrop also is not in compliance.  The game commission needs to be contacted and brought to the site for their assessment. 

Pat also said we have an Ordinance concerning shooting within the Borough.  Pat gave the Ordinance to the Solicitor for review. 

Public Comment.

Everett asked Lou about what could be done about Uncle Joe.    His keeper Bobbie Cunningham says there is nothing wrong with Joe and if anyone had any questions concerning him to contact his lawyer. 

Discussion was made on who to contact.  Westmoreland County Ageing needs to be continued to be notified.  They eventually will come out to check on him.  Also to contact his doctor office and voice your concerns. 

John Kovac requested Resolution #64 to be added to the record.  Pat said we do not have a Resolution # 64 dealing with gun control.  John said well I meant Ordinance # 64.  Pat said we have an Ordinance # 54 dealing with gun control.  John said well that is what I mean then.  Lou read the Ordinance and also the law concerning shooting.  John said the State Police said it was ok.  Lou again said the Game Commissioner is in charge of this and not the State Police.  John insists your Ordinance does not cover rifles or pistol.  Final discussion was made to contact the game commissioner and bring him to the location.  John then left at 7:20 PM.

No one else in the lobby had anything to say.

Update on Emergency Management Coordinator

Lou said he could answer that question.  He spoke to Mr. Laskoski who said he would do it but hasn't seen him since.  He was told to come to the Borough office and see Pat to complete some paperwork but hasn't showed up.  Every time I go over there to the house he is not there. 

Sue said he works for EMS and said he would do is but still haven't seen him.   

Lou asked Everett if he wanted to become EMS coordinator and Everett said no.  Pat said she wants her name off the spot, have enough things to do. 

Keith said if you want me to do this, I will talk to you this week coming and fill out the papers on it.

Update on the new 2024 CDBG.

Pat said she received a copy of the paperwork from Keith Vasas on the 29th.  Pat received a call on the 30th with several questions from the county on several property owners that left off the number of people in the household.   He also is working on the other 4 grants that need to be in  by end of October.

Update on tire replacements for borough truck.

Further discussion on the subject was talked about and decision was to see how the tires go through the winter and if needed then to get new all weather tires for the truck. 

New Business

2024 Tentative new budget

Keith asked if he had 2 budgets.  Pat said one is with raises and one without wage increase.

Lou to read both letters for requests for raises. 

1. Paul Hall JR.  Letter states that over the past year he had done a remarkable job in cleaning and maintaining the storm drains, curbs, and streets to include repairing potholes, traffic and street signs, street snow removal and lawn maintenance at the upper and lower park.  His official request is asking for $1.00 raise per hour and thanked council for the consideration.

2.  Patricia Betts request for a raise of $50 per paid period which is every two weeks.  This amount is because of the additional time and work put into the community.  Last year she did not request a raise and feel justified to do so this year.

Pat has the added duties of not only working in the office for 8 hours a week but also on call each and every day responding to the following:

Pa One Calls, county executive letters that come in and cannot wait until a Tuesday or Thursday when she works., Responds to engineer requests when needed for grant work or project work, respond to council members when needed, respond to emergencies when they arise, meet auditors when is necessary on their time frame, prepare monthly reports for meetings, got to bank on my time and do not charge for gas or time, keeping website updated with meeting notices and addition Ordinances and Resolutions.

The above is just a fraction of what I do beyond my normal duties of paying bills, filing taxes, answering phones, taking care of citizens and their needs when they come in, write correspondence letters, and transcribing minutes from meetings, as well as keeping the budget balanced throughout the year.

I feel even with a $50 pay raise by weekly that I am still underpaid but saving the Borough a great deal of money.  No other person would work on a web site or do grant writing for my pay as well as the other duties that befall on me. 

Lou called executive meeting for personnel at 7:28 PM

Executive meeting ended at 7:31 PM.  Decision was to accept the 2024 budget with raises. 

Motion made to approve a tentative budget made by Keith, 2nd by Gladine, Ron abstains, Lou accepts. 

Halloween Oct 29 parade.

Lou read letter from Chief Speidel of the Fire Dept. 

Requesting permission to close Lincoln Street between fourth and fifth street on Sunday Oct 29 from 1 to 2 PM to line up for the Halloween Parade.  Then would like for temporary moving road closures for the parade to go down Lincoln Street to Sixth Street, down Sixth Street to Market Street then Market Street to Third Street to Fire Station.  Trick and Treating is from 4 to 6 PM same day.

Grand Oak Ventures- wishing to purchase Burkey Park.

Pat presented a letter / purchase agreement from Grand Oak Ventures from Claymont Delaware.  They are wishing to purchase the park for $14,707.94.  They would like to close within 30 days.   They invest in small town America.    If we accept we have until November 30th.  After that date the offer shall be rescinded unless otherwise discussed.

The decision from council is: "We are not interested in selling the park nor are we going to respond back to them. "

If no other new business then we will move onto the Mayor Report.

Mayor report:

Clark said the Legion is asking permission to close the alley behind them on Oct 29 from 1 to 6 PM for the trick or treating.  They wish to set up outside to hand out candy.

Motion made by Keith 2nd by Gladine to close the alley, all in favor motion passed.

Clark wanted to know what council wishes to do with Dutch's property.  Property needs cleaned up but it is almost end of summer.  Every time he talks to them they said someone will be up this week and never comes. 

Sue arrived 7:35 PM with Cindy Shetler and Denise McGinnis

Sewage Report

Sue said she has no authority to give a report.  Lou said no one here for a report then.  Bill Hughes asked Sue why she was not at liberty to give a report. Sue stated she is just a member she is not a chair person.  Bill stated you are a board member.  Sue said she is not at liberty to give a report.  Meeting next week. Not sure where at yet but it is next week. 

Discussion was made by public and Lou broke up the discussion saying we are not the sewage board.  If you want to know what is going on there then go to their meeting.

Street Commissioner Report

Ron went to vehicle to get the report he left there. 

Ron said zero turn has 1242 hours, used 7 gallon gas.

Had 175 gallons delivered last month.

Truck has 2160 miles on it. 

Kubota has 48.2 hours on it.

Sue questioned the mileage on the truck.  She said the minutes from last month said you reported 2390 miles on truck.  Pat pulled the minutes and on the Street commissioner report is shows 2031 miles.

Sue said on page 4 of the minutes shows 2390 so which is it?  Ron said when he talked about the tires he guessed the mileage.

Keith asked if the gas pump was fixed.  Ron said yes. The pump handle was adjusted and is working properly.

Parks & Rec

Mellissa said applied for a grant thru Ligonier Endowment for the sidewalk area between Lincoln and McKinley on 5th ST.

Doing a grant thru the Wagner Foundation thru Westmoreland County for new basketball court upper playground.

Another grant thru Westmoreland County thru RPS.  McKray Martino is helping with this grant for new playground equipment and benches at upper park.

Does anyone have a problem with us going after the grants for the playgrounds?  No response against it.

We are not doing the gun bash.  the Legion is hosting the gun bash on our behalf.  We are working it for them and we get the proceeds for this.   

Again Mellissa asked if anyone had a problem with the gun bash.?  Again no response.  

Any other business:

Lou asked again if any other business, then motion to adjourn made by Keith, 2nd by Gladine at 7:46 PM. 


Patricia Betts