OCTOBER 1, 2020



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Lewis McLaughlin, Council President 7 PM.

Present: Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Lou McLaughlin, Keith StClair,
Absent: Gladine McMaster and Mayor Tom Pickup

Public Attendance: Dan Short JR, Cassandra and Zach Burtop, Amy Lickenfelt, and Janine Wood, and Melissa Miller

Approval of September meeting minutes – Sue motioned to accept 2nd by Keith all in favor, motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report – Sue asked what the liquor license fund is. Pat explained where the fund comes from. Keith motioned to accept Treasurer Report, 2nd by Sue, all in favor, motion passed.

Solicitor Report: Nothing at this time.

Public Comment. Amy said have a major cat problem in town. She has counted 30 plus cats just on my block. Janie Wood cut in and said about the cats around her area also. She reached out to other programs who might help, but wants $2500 to take care of the situation. Kittens have been run over and not a good thing for the kids to see. With the trap and release program they are caught, spade and neutered then released.

Lou spoke up and said had the problem years ago as well. We got in trouble when we captured someone’s cat and they were very upset. Keith spoke up and said SPCA was called also and nothing could be done.

Amy said she also told her mother to stop feeding the cats but Amy also said she knows who is but won’t give name. Health department said it is up to Council to fix the problem and not theirs. If they were dogs animal control would come in.

Janie said we could go around asking for donations to help cover the cost. “Frankies” charges $46 for females and $50 for males. If over 50 cats they will come down for $2500. to trap but we will have to have the cats placed in a temporary home for overnight before releasing after they have been spayed and neutered.

Zach asked if he trapped a cat could he to humane society.
Lou said he would contact some private trappers to see what would charge. We will look into it is all he can do to help.

Amy said she had another problem. She wants speed bump on 2nd Street like Walmart has in their parking lot. She wants one before a child gets killed. She said no one stops at the stop sign. Discussion was again made in this subject and Lou said he would check traffic safety control people with state to see what can be done. Will also check on the cost of speed bumps.

Boone has no comment, Melissa only came for Halloween Parade and Trick or Treat.

Old Business:

Update on 2nd & McKinley Street for asphalting. Ron said Pro-One Paving will be coming out around Oct 8th. They are backed up because of weather conditions.

Update on Stump farm timbering.

Pat said she pulled the contract for HMI. The contract stated they have until November 1, 2021 to complete. Contract also states that between November 1 and January no cutting permitted because of hunting season.

Update on 2019 CDBG project.
Pat said the 2019 CDBG completion report was signed, all receipts have been turned in and I have an amendment from the county for the additional $1,840.60 the county said they would increase our CDBG funds to. When we get the signed amendment back to them they will pay Ray Winter’s for the work they did.

Update on the Act 167 Storm Water Management Ordinance
Jeffery still working on it.

Update on the 2020 CDBG project.
Pat said McCormick Taylor sent the consultant work order stating their charge will be $19,625.55 for the work on our $117,042.00 grant to finish off the storm drains. Jeffery brought up the subject on observing the project since it is not in the agreement. Lou and Ron will observe for this project as well during construction. After discussion on the documents a motion was made to spend up to $20,000 for engineer fees for McCormick Taylor by Lou, 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.

Update on the 2021 CDBG grant with CME Management.
Lou signed off on the documents for the 2021 grant and sent back to Keith Vasas from CME engineering who submitted before Sept 30 for the 2021 project. Sue asked if this is the project for 5th street. Keith submitted in 4 phases. Sue wanted to know where they will start. Will they start at 5th & Walnut or from Tub Mill Creek where the storm water will drain.

Copies being made for non - Borough business.
Pat said one of our council members came in and copied 32 pages for personal use. Bolivar has an Ordinance on copies to charge 0.25 per copy for non - borough business. Sue spoke up and admitted she made the copies and said it was for Wanda who she states made lots and lots of things over the years and never charged the Borough for her tax collector business. The bill is $8.00. Sue said Wanda was in need to get this done. Pat said Gladine was under impression that you were using your personal copier to do this which you did not.

Lou said if you are not going to pay it then he would. Let’s move on.

Update on Dirt and Gravel Grant.

Pat said the grant was completed and sent in to Conservation District on Sept 30th. The grant covers 8th & Washington next to Don Penrose’s property in the alley way which was on the other Dirt and Gravel Grant from 2 years ago that was not approved then. A decision will be made in January 2021 whether we get it or not.

Update on missing AED, Revolver and Rife.
Jim Moore, New Florence Council President said they have 2 AED’s and one is most likely ours since they did not have two before. They also have a 12 gauge shotgun that was given to our former officers by your Mayor.

Lou said as he understands when we took contract with new Florence, the Mayor gave the officers the shotgun to use and also they took the AED. He doesn’t know about a revolver. He assumed it was supposed to be locked in the safe. Jeffery said a number of years ago the Mayor’s daughter was given the revolver. Sue said it was Robin Shields who had the revolver. We cannot find any serial numbers for the documents. Pat not sure if any numbers are in the locked file cabinet in the safe. Discussion was made on the items and it was decided that Pat and Lou go over the items in the file cabinet to see whether any records are there or not on the items. The police records are all too old since they are over 5 years old. We had asked Westmoreland County Attorney General Office to go through the files and never did.

New Business
Next meeting scheduled for November 5, 2020

Submission for Demo Fund is Oct 31.
Pat said she received papers from the county that a grant is in for blighted property to use. It was suggested to give to Kathleen since Luck already has someone tearing down his property.
Board of Assessments appeal on 635 Washington St set up for Oct 19th. Pat wanted to know if the Borough wanted to object any changes on the appeal.
Decision was made not to appeal.

Halloween – Discussion made on various ways and when other Municipalities are having theirs or not. The Firemen have cancelled the parade. Council decided to hold Halloween on October 31 this year from 6 to 7:30 PM. People who wish to participate need to have their porch lights on during this time frame so kids will know who is doing Halloween and who is not.

Acetylene Torch set.
Ron got 3 quotes for a set.
Northern Tool and Equipment wants $1,517.99. Tractor Supply wants $1,125.94 and Dale Oxygen wants $ 950.15.
Items include – Harris Ironworker outfit – torch, regulator, 20 feet hose, striker, goggles, and gauges
3 ft. tall cylinder w/valve size 80 HP
Acetylene cylinder 75 CF
Acetylene # 3
Safe-t-cylinder cart
Face shield
Hear gear
Flash back
Brazing rods
Motion made by Lou 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passes to go with Dale Oxygen.
Motion made also by Lou and 2nd by Sue to apply for credit through Dale Oxygen. All in favor motion passed.

Schedule budget meetings.
Council decided to hold Oct 4th at 2 PM and if needed Oct 10th at 10 AM

Honoring veterans and first responders and law enforcement Oct 16th.
State Rep Eric Davanzo and State Rep Mike Reese wants to honor their local veterans, first responders and law enforcement for the dedicated and continued service. They would like to know if anyone from the Borough wants to participate in a meet and greet. This is a drive- thru event at the Fairgrounds in Greensburg.

Sue wanted to know if USDA has available any grants yet so we can apply for a new truck. Pat to e-mail USDA on the subject.

Sue also wants to ratify any motions from July that Keith voted upon, 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.

Sewage Report
Nothing at this time.

Mayor Report.
No report this month.

Street Commissioner Report.

Ron said truck put 337 miles for the month and used 66.19 gallon gas. Zero turn put 21.6 hrs. on and used 25 gallons gas. We have 225 gallons gas left in tank. Have 175 gallons gas left in tank, possible fill next month.

Need new coupling and bushing for auger. Can’t get off. Approx. cost is $30.00 for both. Lou motions to spend money to get the coupling and bushing, all in favor motion passed.

Quakers sales has sale on “Millings” $24.00 per ton versus $100 per ton on new asphalt. Ron would like to get 5 ton. Lou says it is a good idea. Lou said it will harden in the summer some but can put diesel fuel on it to loosen up.

Keith wanted to know if we have a list of what tools and equipment the Borough has. Pat said Greg has been engraving all the tools and equipment when we get them. We do not have a complete list of everything we own. Ron can get Greg to make a complete list. Jeffery said it was worth- while at this standpoint so we know when we need them or not.

Sue wanted to know if we bought a new tamper or not. Pat said we had it replaced at Lowes, was under warranty.

Sue wanted to know if the rotors were replaced on the truck. Sue said it is a safety hazard and Greg cannot keep going back and forth to Johnstown when the routers are bad.

The other thing is the casting on the sewage cap. Why hasn’t that been done yet? Sue said two months ago, I was acting President and it was discussed then. If LaMantia’s truck drives over it and breaks it, then it is on us. Why can’t he get these things done instead of cutting grass at the park? Sue and Ron got into a heated discussion on the subject. Lou broke up and advised to move on.

Parks Report.
Pat said upcoming Fun Day on Oct 24
Pumpkin carving starting at 3 PM
4-6 Hayrides
6-7 – haunted house at Legion
7 – 8:30 Movie “Halloween Town” also at the Legion.

Nothing else to discuss.
Lou motioned to adjourn at 8:25 PM, 2nd by Sue, all in favor motion passed.


Patricia Betts