Oct 6 2022

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Lou McLaughlin 7 PM


 Keith St.Clair, Ron Betts, Lou McLaughlin, Sue Bartow, Jeffery Miller, Clark Baird, Mayor, Gladine McMaster

Absent: none

Public - Cassie & Zach Burtop, Sheri Burtop, Bill Hughes, Melissa Miller, Arch Dodson, SR, Glenn McMaster, Dan Short, JR

Approval of Minutes from Sept 1, 2022.

After review motion to approve made by Ron, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion carried.

Treasurer Report

Sue questioned liquor license fee received.  She wanted to know if LaMantia's had fees also.

Pat said no, the fee was from the Legion.  We only received from the Stumble Inn and Legion.

Motion to approve treasurer report made by Keith, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed. 

Solicitor report. Nothing

Public comment.

Lou asked each person in the public attending if they had any comments and each said no.

Old business:

Update on the 2020 CDBG - 1st and Lincoln Street inlet.

Pat said Curry & Kepple said they finished pretty much everything.  They requested a final inspection for Tuesday.  Will know on Tuesday after inspection whether or not they will get paid.

Update on water damage claim for office. 

Total restoration finally finished this past week.  Just awaiting the final payment from the insurance company.

Update on American Rescue Plan remaining funds. 

Pat said we got the remaining balance of $22892.03 from the State. 

As I understand we are going to use the funds for the additional piping for the 5th street project. 

Update on HOP documents for Market Street

Pat said we finally got approved and sent a copy of the permits to APEX, Curry & Kepple and the County.

Update on Blairsville GOG.

We got the final bill from Cog.  They came in at $925.00 for 5 hours usage of their camera system.  They also unclogged the line at 3rd & Market.  They did not charge us for the use of the truck just the camera.

Clark asked what they found.  They also found on 5th Street 2 places where they line was broke.

Lou said we are now getting complaints about the road sinking now. 

Update on curb issues:

Lou said tried to get someone to come in to see what can be done with the curb issue.  No-one wants to come in for such a small job.  Bill suggest trying to contact Harvey Paving if they would be interested in doing the curb when they come in for Highridge. 

Arch said, "So as of right now there is nothing going to be done."  Lou said we are still going to do something just need to get someone to do it.

Other curb issues, Curry & Kepple were working on it again today. 

Update on start date for 2021 & 2022 CDBG work on 5th Street.

Pat said Ed told her they were not going to start under Thanksgiving.  He said he told Sean and Amanda about this at the pre-construction meeting. 

Lou said this is sad subject because this was not what was told during the pre-construction meeting. 

Pat said she did not get a chance to verify with APEX or the County on this. 

Update on 2 additional estimates for tires for zero turn.

Will handle during Street Commissioner Report

3rd & Market Street drain proposal

Bill proposal  cut & remove 10 x 12 area, install riser and bicycle grate, 20 feet of 8 inch SDR 35 pipe, 2 a stone and paving for $6,413.25 

Bill said he only bid for 8 inch pipe since that is what already is coming out of it.  The inlet is still good so no need to replace. 

Lou said while Harvey paving is here it will save on mobilization and do the curb at the same time. 

Gladine motions to accept the bid for $6,413.25, 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed. 

Jeffery asked where the money is coming from.  Pat said it will come from Liquid Fuels.  She just needs to get Rick to set up approval for it. 

Anything else on old business.  Nothing

New Business:

2023 Budget Session Dates:

Discussion made and decision is to use Oct 13th 6 pm and Oct 20th 6 pm

Broadband Update- letter of support

Pat said she received email from the county asking for a letter of support for the county wide Broadband project.  They requested a response within 2 days.  Pat got Gladine to sign off on the letter of support since Lou was not here.  Everyone has a copy of the letter that was sent.  Also a map was sent to show the route where the fiber optic lines will be placed.  Route is following right along SR259 through Fairfield Twp and Bolivar Borough, thru Robinson and up Mulligan Hill through New Florence.

Liquid Fuels engineer fees has been set up and approved for usage on the 5th Street CDBG

We had budgeted $10,000 out of liquid fuels for engineer fees and since the logging fund is depleted Rick set up approval to pay from liquid fuels. 

Apex has another bill for $1,855.31 plus another bill for $604.57 totaling $2,459.88

Lou motions to pay, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed. 

Halloween date and parade

Received a letter from the fire company requesting street closure for the parade. 

Close Lincoln St from 3rd thru 5th then down 5th Street to Market and Market back to 3rd ending at fire station.  This is a temporary event from 1:00 to 2:00 PM. 

Sue wanted to know if that has anything to do with the letter from the state on parades.  Pat said no

Sue motions to approve closure, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed.

Letter from county board of assessments on 2 properties.

Sue Bartow and Robert Boring are appealing their taxes on their properties.  Does anyone wish to contest the assessment? 

Jeffery explained again we have not in the past sent to contest.  Gladine commented that we had considered appealing requests because of the reduction in the tax base.  Sue said it is only making a difference of a few dollars.  Lou motions not to pursue, 2nd by Keith.  Sue abstains, and Ron opposes.  Council decided not to pursue.

Complaint from Pat Shank

Pat Shank requesting council to take action on the owners behind her property to not park their truck in the alley.  It blocks the road and people are driving onto her property making ruts and almost hitting her storage shed out back.

The Mayor spoke to the home owner and asked to have vehicle moved.  They owner said when her husband gets home she will have him move it and not park there any longer.  She cannot drive a stick shift.

Melissa commented that Pat Shank said it has been moved. 

Need PennDot approval to erect certain types of signs along state route. 

Approval must be made for the following: All series 11 warning signs

Hidden Driveway

School Bus Stop Ahead

Park Entrance

Plant entrance

Church entrance

Hospital Entrance

All speed limit signs that are 35 MPH or less.

Municipal infrastructure Priorities Survey:

Pat said we received a letter from PennDot which needs to be sent back before Oct 31, 2022

Any projects that you want and need to be added to the infrastructure priorities project.

Pat would need to get with Keith on this matter if you all would want a major project done.

Sue motions to give the paperwork to Keith to see what he can come up with.  Jeffery asked what his rate is.  Sue rescinds his motions until next meeting.  Pat said we have to have in before next meeting.  Sue then again said she motions to give to Keith, Lou 2nds, all in favor notion passes. Before we go too far with this we will still get Keith's rate. 

Parks Board Member Change

Melissa said, Aaron and Michele Bouch have resigned their positions on the parks board and at out last meeting Brittney Miller has agreed to take over as President, and Brittney Hughes agreed to take over as VP.  We still have another position open which we will discuss at our next meeting to fill. 

We just need the approval from council on the change. 

Sue motions to accept Brittney Miller and Brittney Hughes positions, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motions passed.

PA Small Water Program   & PA H2O Program reopening using the American Rescue Plan Funds.

Pat said Keith still has all the paperwork from the last submission and just update all the plans.

Sue motions to appoint Keith Vasas to submit again, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed.

Mayor Salary Reinstatement.

He wants the fund reinstated.  He said with all his running around he wants to get paid back. 

Jeffery read from the code book that says you cannot change the terms of the position until the next term starts.  So you cannot request the funds to get reinstated until then. 

High Grass on Lincoln Street, Borough owns the property.  Clark said on Burkey Park, the banks have high grass and around the trees have high grass.  If you want me to enforce on the property owners then you need to do your own as well.  Lou asked Ron to take of it.

Sue wants to mention that this is a government office and no offense to you Zach but the grass here should be maintain and cut at least once a week during the grass cutting season. 

Lou turned over the issue to Gladine and Ron. 

Any other business to discuss. 

Mayor Report

Clark asked if the tree at the drug store was taken care of.   Also asked if the sign at Diane Gropps was put up yet.  Zach said the sign is up but doesn't know how long it will be up since it is a plastic sign.

Jason McKlosky property, 849 McKinley St. He said his son in hospital but will get his grass cut.

Bill Kendi old property and the bank was cut. 

As far as Tim Sheriden property he said it would be cut by today and since it is not Clark will send a letter out to his sister who owns the property. 

Sewage Report:   

Lou asked Zach if he had anything.  Nothing was said.

Street Commissioner Report  

18.43 gallons of diesel in truck 384 miles on truck

Zero turn used no gas

Ron said Sowers asking $432.93

Carmen's in Johnstown asking $502.84

Pristow's asking 484.96

Lou asked if the mower can wait another month. 

Melissa said the grass needs cut. 

Zach commented, I cut the grass today but I guess it wasn't good enough so I don't know.

Sue wanted to know how many more times will you cut.  Zach said it seems like I am cutting every other day.

Gladine motions to get from Sower's, 2nd by Keith, Lou says no, all in favor motion passed. 

Sue has a comment.  When COG came in to do the drains, I attended down here and it was brought to my attention by Mr. Betts that I had no business being there and I needed to go home. I was pissing him off.  I have every right to go to any place the Borough has an interest, I am a board member.  If Ron has an issue with it that is his problem.  Lou wasn't going to be around so I went in his place.  Ron doesn't like me and the feeling is mutual, but it still needs to be conducted in a professional manner when you have people there.  The guy from COG asked me what was going on, and I told him not to pay attention.

And Also, I didn't say anything last month or the month before but on Aug 12 at 6:05 PM, Ron was coming up from the playground in his truck with his granddaughter in the back with what I saw was one gas can but didn't see how many he had back there.  We had issues previously with gas and now we have a diesel truck. The Borough give to Parks $2500 yearly, and it is only 5 gallons of gas but there could be more.  I think it should have been brought in front of the board to ask to use the gas or at least pay for it.  It needs to go into the minutes not that it matters but how much other gas or things are going missing that we don't know about.  I am not pertaining to one person in particular, I am just saying.

Parks & Rec-  

Melissa said Oct 22 - fun day, start here at 3

Hayrides from 4 to 6

6 to 7 Legion events

Movie 7 PM

Signs are up and has been advertised.

Gladine said she has a question. 

She said we need an inspector.  Lou asked if she knew how much costs. 

Gladine said no-one from Curry & Kepple seems to be supervised.  We were telling them this is not right, looks terrible and they just do what they want.

Lou said that's why we have a final.  If it is wrong they need to fix it. 

Gladine asked if we have a copy of their contract.  Lou told her yes and you can tell them.

I did not know that I could shut them down, but now I know I can.   

Keith asked about paying for the engineer to come in and inspect.  He wanted to make sure we have not paid them yet for the project.  Lou said no they have not been paid yet. 

No other business.  Motion to adjourn made by Keith 2nd by Lou, all in favor motion passed to adjourn at 8:25 PM.


Patricia Betts