October 10, 2019

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Sue Bartow, Vice President at 7 PM

Present: Ron Betts, Sue Bartow, Calin Gropp, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Lou McLaughlin

Absent: Clark Baird, Tom Pickup, Mayor

Public Attendance – Kevin Muir, 406 4th Street, Pam and Joe StClair

Sue asked Mr. Muir, if he had anything he wanted to discuss. Mr. Muir stated he wanted to know what storm drains were going to be replaced. Sue informed Mr. Muir that the reason for the meeting was to decide who would be the engineer firm that would redesign the infrastructure of the town, and also to raise the millage by 2 mills to help cover the cost of the engineer's for the storm water system.

Ron mention the terra cotta pipe that was used years ago is now breaking down and needs to be replaced.

Council decision on an engineer firm for storm water system.
Ron motioned to hire CME Management Engineer Firm to do the storm water system. Sue to sign contract this evening. Calin 2nd motion to accept CME Management Engineer Firm, All in favor, motion passed.

Next item, Somerset ATM lease agreement.

Sue asked Jeffery if he had a chance to read over the Lease Agreement. The bank cannot move forward to build and install the ATM until we accept a lease. Jeffery said he has not had a chance to read it yet. Jeffery made several notes on the lease agreement which he went over with Council and suggested Pat contact FWF Ins on the part of the lease with the bank. Pat also to send to bank the questions he had on other parts of the lease agreement.
Jeffery questions of concern:
1. Is the word extant a typo or what does the word mean.
2. Electric equipment - Does the ATM machine need a/c in the summer and heat in the winter and who is paying for the additional electric. Does the $250 per month they are suggesting to pay us cover the entire electric usage.
3. Repairs and maintenance - Nothing in writing from them saying they would be covering all additions, improvements, and alterations to the leased premises.
4. Signs- What size signs and type of signs would they be installing and where.
5. Insurance: Check with our insurance company to see whether we would have to add an
addendum to our policy and if so how much to ensure coverage for the leased portion of the 
property to the bank.

Millage increase by 2 mills for next year. Jeffery said he will work up the Ordinance for the millage increase and once the Tentative budget is approved then we can authorize the budget and Ordinance to be posted. Jeffery asked several questions on the figures for the 2020 Budget at which time they were answered, and he had no further questions.

Sue has a bill from Smithly Excavating for the camera and eeling which was done down by the creek . Total bill was $575.00. Calin motion to pay the bill, 2nd by Ron, All in favor motion passed.

Pam mentioned that someone asked if anyone was living in the old Deemer house, 547 Market St. Lights have been noticed left on and the door left open. Pat had mentioned she was notified the house was foreclosed by mortgage company. Pat said the house was the only property that was foreclosed, the other two lots were not in the owner's mortgage.

Discussion was also made on the length and type of pipe that needs to replace the broken line down by creek. Start the new pipe eight feet off the road and go around the 552 Market St house instead of going underneath the house where the existing broken pipe current is located. Approximately
100 ft is needed. Jeffery suggested we get a right-of-way because the pipe is located on private property. Jeffery will come up with a generic right-of-way contract for Pam & Joe St.Clair to sign.

Sue asked If no other business then need a motion to adjourn. Lou made motion to adjourn at 7:50 PM, 2nd by Calin.


Patricia Betts