May 20 2021

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting called to order by Aaron Bouch 7 PM

Attendance, Pat and Ron Betts, Michelle and Aaron Bouch, Melissa Miller, Brittany Miller

Absent none

Minutes report.
Motion made to approve March minutes made by Michelle, 2nd by Melissa, all in favor motion carried.

Treasurer report

Melissa has one question - She said she has not be able to figure out the strange figures from the beginning of the year. Pat told Melissa she changed the report after the Auditor suggested to set up a project fund rather than place everything on hold. When this was done Pat took the amount from the check book and put into project fund and removed from the above figures. Will be placed back in for next month. Pat also told Melissa she can look at the January and or February report to see the figures. Motion to approved treasurer report for March and April made by Melissa, 2nd by Aaron, all in favor motion passed

Old Business:
Fundraiser for Easter project totals. Pat gave everyone a profit and loss report that showed we sold 41 pies totaling $394.00 expenses were $312.50, profit made $82.00

Repairs at Upper Park - wooden swing set, playhouse, baby swings, basketball nets.  Ron explained the wooden swing set was broken on one side so he repaired it, the playhouse part of the floor had to be replaced, had a large hole in the middle of the doorway, baby swings- after he put up the one donated to us someone broke the other swing. Had to put new chains on it. The basketball nets had to be replaced, and also 2 at the lower park. He also repaired and painted the backboards.

Update on pizza sales. Again the profit and loss report shows we paid for 43 pizzas so far. Income was $516.00 expense of $430.00 for a profit of $86 so far.

Petting Zoo update for Brick fest. Not able to do. Do not have the funds to cover the cost of approx $2400

Update on ticket sales from joint venture with Legion. Melissa said we have sold alot. She just gave Gwen 134 and people are turning in tickets for additional that are out. Gwen was to take tickets to the hockey game in Johnstown to sale.

New business
Next meeting is July 15th 7 PM

Tennis net at Lower Park.

The complete set is gone. The posts are even gone. The court has hardly ever been used for tennis. Mostly used for playing hockey. If someone really starts to complain then we will take up the subject again.

Bouncy houses and dunking booth for Brick fest.

Aaron thought we were not doing them because of the electric. We can still do one but not two. Aaron said he will talk to Brian Decker and see what we can get. We need to start selling tickets if we can get bouncy houses.

Reuben checking on the date for the corn hole tournament to run if possible. He is working with setting up dates.

Food items for Concert on Memorial Day.

Ron wanted to know if parks wants him to fix the hot dog machine we still have from the Legion. Need tempered glass and still cannot find the glass.
We can do sloppy Joes, do pizza, ham barbecue. We also need to advertise on facebook. Discussion made on how many pizzas to order. 4 pepperoni and 2 plain cheese.

Clean up day park results. Sandy came down and helped Ron and I and Thumper came down and cut the banks and weeded. Greg came down and help load up the cuttings. I also got perennials this year so we won't have to put in new plants each year. We used to get plants donation by Bonnie Plants but Jim no longer works for them.  I also gave Sandy, Greg and Thumper 2 coupons each for pizzas for helping.

No other business to discuss.

Light at Upper Park between basketball court and playhouse.

We have a street light on 4th & McKinley St but the light does not shine on the court and kids like to play at the court all the time. Ron said there is a pole at the Legion we can use but needs help in putting the pole up. Aaron asked if we had anything to dig the hole about 5 feet. We need to get hold of Penelec to run wire and meter from the light pole to the park pole and we will buy the light to go on the pole. Aaron said we will try to get a crew together to see what we can do to get light up there.

Any other business.

Brittany wanted to know if we can upgrade the lower park. Can we do a fundraiser for it? Discussion was made of who can sponsor a Fundraiser ticket for us. What about a basket party. Again we have to get someone to sponsor it. How can we get the whole town involved in the project? If we can get something in writing and get to the local businesses to see if they can help out.

Melissa would like to have a meeting with any of the communities to redo the bottom playground. All willing participants please come to a meeting. We should pick the date now and also go door to door about the meeting. Start a fundraiser campaign somehow for the park. Can we get commitment from businesses and baseball team and girl scouts? Pick a date in July. Decision to have community meeting is July 8th 7 PM. Regular parks meeting to change to July 29, 7 PM Melissa also said we could apply for a starting grant through Ligonier Endowment by July 1st.  Melissa also to check with Conrad Gamble to see if he would be willing to engineer a grant project for us.

Ron also said the upper playground basketball court is shot. The top asphalt of the court is broken and cracked. Would like to get resurfaced. Let's look around to get some prices on the cost to get repaired.

Melissa motioned to close meeting 2nd by Aaron at 7:40 PM, all in favor motion passed


Patricia Betts
Patricia Betts