This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Ron Betts, Dan Short, JR, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller,

Absent: Art Sisitki, Mayor Tom Pickup

Public Attendance: Pam St. Clair and Rachel Jones, Ligonier Echo, Arch Dodson

Amy Called meeting to order 7:00 PM. All council reviewed meeting minutes from April. Dan Short Jr was getting ready to question the 2nd motion on last month’s meeting minutes when Amy brought up the subject and stated no one heard who 2nd motion to approve last month’s minutes, however the recorder pick up on it. Mayor cannot approve minutes. Amy questioned how it could be fixed. Jeffery stated Mayor cannot make a motion. You need to either approve or disapprove the minutes and that can be done now. Amy made motion to accept March minutes from last month and Ron 2nd motion. All approved.

Amy commented that Pat is doing a really got job on the minutes, actually too good and wanted to state if everyone agrees that she does not need to go word for word unless it is a very important issue. Dan agrees. Minutes are getting too long, this months is 12 pages long. Anyone have any objections. No one commented. Amy made motion to accept April 7th 2016 minutes and Dan Short 2nds. All in favor. Motion carried.

Treasurer Report: All council reviewed. Dan Short made motion to accept report, 2nd by Sue Bartow. Sue questioned what happened to truck. Noticed on report repairs were listed for truck. Amy motioned to accept Treasurer Report. Sue 2nd. All approved.

Solicitor report: Jeffery Miller states have nothing to report at this time other than what's on the Agenda for this evening.

Public speaking. Pam St Clair commented after reviewing Treasurer report and seeing all different funds listed she still thinks it’s a good idea to have a maintenance fund created to compensate for building repairs,. Truck repairs, and so forth. Past two meetings it was stated Council could not afford to do several projects because of the cost, but if you had funds set aside for certain projects it would be less costly because funds would already be there for the project.

Pam also said about the water situation at here place, and doesn’t know if Art checked it out of not. Art was supposed to have maps on this. Pam also stated the corner of her house is on the drain and is requesting the Borough when they do fix the problem they move the drain around her house so no further problems would arise. Sue commented she did not know if they could do that or not.

Next public comment: Arch Dodson, no comment

Next Amy stated Dan handed her a letter, it was from Art Sisitki’s resignation on Council. Amy read the resignation to everyone. Motion to accept Art’s resignation made by Sue, 2nd by Ron.

All in favor, motion passed.

USDA Grant Situation Sue. Sue stated she received a letter from Keith Layman, and letter says the items that were in question were in-material and would not affect the grant. Sue gave letter from Keith Layman to Pat along with letter she sent to USDA for record.

Next item on Agenda, Storage facility and loan documents. Jeffery wanted to know if action was going to be taken tonight or not. Jeffery said he needed to go back several months to review if he has the documents ready. He wanted to know if Council was ready to execute them or not. He questioned if they are taking action or not because you need to fund this project. Amy questioned Pat weather rates from the bank were received. Pat stated yes, everyone received a copy at last month’s meeting. USDA stated they would fund the entire amount they would make up the difference. Mr. Layman stated to Jeffery they would fund entire amount with the current rate of 3.01 % Ron stated First Natl Bank rate was 2.65 %. Jeffery stated no sense having two mortgages on this project. Pat informed Council of the percentage rates from the three banks. Amy asked if we could refinance the loan and payoff USDA and Jeffery said we could.

Amy stated to rest of Council, they all would have to discuss how the Borough can pay for this. Ron asked if he could motion for First Natl bank to borrow funds. Amy said we need to look at Treasure report first and see what’s available. Pat explained about the capital reserve fund, and police fund along with Mayor making comment before that he would be willing to use police funds if need be and to start again in building funds back up. Amy said Jeffery warned us two months ago do your homework and what needed to be done.

Jeffery commented on Pam St Clair’s comment on having 2 loans. Jeffery said that a business loan company would not be willing to be 2nd lender on a loan and USDA also would not.

Pat reviewed the 3 potential loaning companies and informed what each bank wanted to use a collateral. Pat said the bank was willing to hold Borough Revenue as collateral. Jeffery said this is a tax anticipation loan on funds for borough on any upcoming funds such as our spring taxes coming in. By law we must repay the loan within the year we take the loan. Jeffery explained in better detail to Ron who said he did not understand what he was saying using examples such as a mortgage hold, equipment hold, and revenue hold differences. Now if they want to do an unsecured loan that is fine, or if they want to hold the building as collateral that is also fine, we can have a loan up to 5 years without getting additional approval. Amy wanted to know from the Council what their next step would be; do you want to get one loan or two? Ron said just one loan, Dan said just one loan. Sue agreed just one also. Everyone agreed just one loan.

Next step was where the money is coming from. Amy questioned Jeffery on this. Jeffery comment would be from the lowest rate offered to us. Ron suggested First National Bank;

Sue asked Arch about the USDA loan. Arch said there was no early payoff penalty, however, we still needed to take the $12,500 loan along with the $36,000 grant, so when the loan documents are signed by USDA it will include the $12,500. However if the Borough has the loan in place, the next day after signed the loan documents from USDA that money coming from the bank can then pay off the USDA loan immediately, then you are still only dealing with one loan. Arch questioned how long it would take to process a loan through a bank, and Jeffery said approx. a month to close on a loan.

Ron then made a motion to go with First National Bank at rate of 2.65 % for the $37,000.00 loan, Dan 2nd motion. In favor was Ron, and Dan, opposed was Amy and Sue. Amy then questioned what to do now with a tie. Ron then suggested to table to next month, Dan wanted to know why? Need a tie breaker to take out a loan. Amy said she was standing her ground and Ron and Dan said the same thing. The only thing left to do is table to next month.

Mayor not hear to break the tie. Jeffery suggested to appoint another member to council. No one can still be sworn in without the Mayor. Arch commented he was appointed to the Vacancy Board. Jeffery explained how the Vacancy Board works. Council accepted the resignation this evening, so now they have 30 days to accept someone else to the Council, if Council fails to do this, then the Vacancy Board steps in and has 15 more days in which to appoint someone.

Amy asked Council what they wanted to do. Ron said "what’s good for the goose is good for the gander." Amy not sure what that meant, so Ron explained that is what they did for Sue so we do the same thing now. We need to advertise for the Council Seat with a letter

Arch questioned whether Council could call Tom and asked for his vote. Jeffery said there is certain procedure to do this. Must be on speaker for everyone to hear and so forth, he was not sure if it could be done. Arch wanted to ask another question. Jeffery spoke up and said every time he comes here lately it is like Law School, always something crazy to pick his brain.

Arch’s question to Amy was," Are you not against the loan just the location?" Amy again stated I am for the garage just not the location and if she agrees to the loan then she is going against what she has said all along. You can put it on the moon for all she cares just not on that location. Amy says "Yes I want a garage just not there." I am sticking to it. Sue also said she agrees with it. Just not there. Jeffery said he was not comfortable in calling Tom to break the tie vote, everyone agreed to table to next month.

Next agenda, DCED consulting firm. Contract was received and both Amy and Tom signed and was returned to DCED. A blanked bond was started in the process. Amy wanted to know about a Resolution on this. Jeffery looked at the contracts and approved for a signature and he brought several items to consider. Pat spoke to early intervention people and was informed the bond would be on the position not the individual. Amy said Tom wanted to make sure we passed a Resolution. Jeffery said we do not need to.

Amy asked Arch if he has any other updates on Grants. Arch talked to Mr. Antonnici and was informed Council could get started with an Engineer for the CDBG grant with McCormick Taylor. Jeffery has to go over and get back with Mr. Antonnici and are hoping the funds from HUD can be released by end of May so we can get started with that one.

Window grant, Sue. Received one from Cambria Glass, and awaiting another, so nothing to take action on at this time.

Road Closing for Memorial Day Parade. – Pat received the permit from PennDot and forwarded a copy to the fire department and legion.

New Business – update on the files cleanup. Pat informed everyone that file cabinets have been labeled now for what is Historical, what is permanent and what can be destroyed after so many years, has a grant drawer, map drawer. Pat has been typing all the Ordinances and Resolutions so a web site can be set up to put on the internet.

Next board meeting June 2, 2016

Pam St. Clair problem with water back up. Since Art has resigned we are back to square one. Pam suggested about a map for the drains that Art said he had. Dan brought in maps from Art and they will be looked at. Amy said she has no problem calling Bill Hughes but would not know what he is saying or doing. Wants a volunteer to go with Bill and report back to Council next month on the findings. Ron volunteered to notify Bill and report findings.

Letters. Only one letter for a meeting in Greensburg. No one wants to attend.

Amy brought up a Maintenance Fund and wanted to know if anyone wanted to set up a fund for that. Sue said to start another fund at this time with all that is going on if would be difficult to start another fund. Amy went back over the minutes and it was stated no money for this no money for that. Let’s put the Maintenance fund back on agenda for next month until we see what is happening on the new building. Amy commented we do need to keep up with what we currently have and anything new we will be getting. 

Sewage Committee- nothing at this time, meeting is next week.

Street Commissioner Report. Borough Worker, cleaning streets and burning trash and maintenance on Borough truck. Amy wants to know what worker does during the day. Amy was asked about the cutting of the grass at the parks and Dan said we are back to doing it. Also the maintenance on the mower is back to us. Discussion was made on the hours for the worker. Sue made motion to increase hours to 35 hours per week which averages seven hours per day for five days starting Monday May 9th. 2nd motion by Dan.

Street Commissioner Appointment - Dan agreed to take position. Charlie is still Assistant Street Commissioner. Dan said weed eater and blower was purchased and also supplies were purchased.

John Kovac contacted Sue about Market Street clean up. Ron said the state notified us to not to touch the roads. Amy also said the same. Jeffery said not to worry about complaints, and anyone who wants to volunteer to clean the street go ahead and do it.

Upcoming yard sales - Sue contacted Babe Lamantia about placing a sign on his property in New Florence to bring in more people.

Pat also brought up a complaint from Ben West concerning the drain above Mayors house being clogged.

Mayors report. Mayor absent. Amy brought up the subject of the office. Last month the Mayor got a bug up his butt and took the computer out of office, and Amy said to put it back.

This Council needs to make a decision, do you want the computer in the office or in the back. Everyone agreed to keep it in office.

Parks and Rec. – Teen dance tomorrow at American Legion. Ages group 12 to 17: time 7 PM to 10 PM. $5.00 donation. Movie at park June 2 starting at dusk.

No other business. Dan made motion to adjourn, Ron seconded.

Meeting adjourned 8 PM.


Patricia Betts