May 28, 2020




This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present : Pat Betts, Ron Betts, Melissa Miller, Aaron Bouch, Michelle Bouch, Pam St. Clair, Beth Thompson

Absent: none

Meeting called to order 6:00 PM by Beth

Pat said she was explaining to Aaron and Michelle the new guidelines that came out on May 23 pertaining to CDC guidelines on the Covid-19 crisis. The reason everyone doesn't have a complete copy is because most of the guidelines pertain to other areas of recreation such as swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms and so forth. Everyone received a copy of the guidelines for outdoor events, concession stands, and port-a-johns.

Melissa stated we did talk to Jordan Frei who works with Representative Reese on the concerns of some of requirements. The CDC guidelines show that yellow and green phases are the same. Melissa said she asked her husband about the concerns and he stated to go ahead with the concert. Everyone on Council knows and have approved. Pat spoke to the band and they all know the area, they have played here before and know how open the area is. We also talked about the Farmers Market in Ligonier and received the correct information on it.

The food was also discussed and have decided to not have hot dogs because of the concerns. We are to have 1 person in concession stand only. Pat also said she has bottles of hand sanitizer, and wipes to clean the area, clean the port-a-john the day before and also on the day of the event. We will be marking off 6 foot lines for separation at the stands and be wearing face masks. Have signs posted around the park requesting spacing and no more than 2 people per bench. Social distancing requirements will be advertised and hopefully everyone will adhere to the regulations.

Everyone had their concerns and questions brought out and were discussed. In the end Aaron motioned to approve the concert, and Beth 2nd the motion. Everyone was in agreement as long as we all did the social distancing and take all necessary precautions per CDC guidelines.

Also discussed the Kona-Ice lady about coming to every concert event. She also requesting a vendor application for August.

Set up on Saturday for clean- up of area and posting of CDC requirements was set for 3 PM. Saturday.

Meeting closed at 6:20 PM

Patricia Betts