May 19

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Aaron Bouch, President at 7:05 PM


Michelle Bouch, Ron Betts, Aaron Bouch, Pat Betts, Melissa Miller, Brittney Miller and Brittany Hughes

Absent:  None

Public Attendance:  None

Approval of March regular meeting minutes.

Motion made to approve March minutes made by Melissa, 2nd by Michelle, all in favor motion passes.

Approval of treasurer report for March and April

Pat said she also printed out what funds were in the project fund since January. 

Motion made to approve treasurer reports made by Michelle, 2nd by Melissa, all in favor motion passed.

Old Business

Update on petting zoo

Pat said she still hasn't received payment information or total cost of petting zoo.   Pat said I never got an email with a receipt.

Grant Progress  update

We got a $10,000 grant from Ligonier Valley Endowment from lower play ground, and also $10,000 from the Pittsburgh Foundation for the electric for the upper playground.  We also purchased a piece of equipment from Ligonier Valley Learning Center for $850.  

The equipment we picked out was for $13,000.  We would like to also do a ticket to make additional money for the rubber mulch.  Project will probably be a fall project before we get it done. 

Melissa said she got a phone call from the Wagner Foundation.  She needs to take out certain wording on the grant and she needs to submit back to MS. McCrae no later than Monday. 

Pat gave a copy of letter to Melissa to get back to Wagner Foundation. 

Car Show update on information - Aaron

Melissa said she has people asking for sign up paper.  Pat and Aaron both said they pay and sign up at the site.

Awards for car show winners update.

Aaron said he can get them from Unity Printing.  We are to get 8 trophies.  Classic, Late Model, Trucks, and Motor Cycle class.  Melissa motion to get trophies and Michelle 2nd, all in favor motion passed. 

Update on Craft Vendors.

Pat said we have 9 vendors so far.  Pat sent out 2 additional applications.  Pat said we now have a pink zebra person again.  Nothing from the Lions Club nor Kona Ice, or Robison Hillbilly's.  Melissa will also ask Sara if she is doing again this year. 

Brittney asked about food vendors.  Pat said the church is doing food. 

Melissa said she sent a letter to Walmart asking for them to donate all the drinks.  If we get that  in drinks alone we made $713.50.  Food we made $1180. 

New Business

Clean up date May 21

Aaron and Michelle said they would be delivery subs.  Melissa said she will be there and wanted to know what time.  Pat said 10AM

Food Items for concert

Melissa said she will take care of it.  Just give me a check.  Will do Hot dogs, sloppy joes, and pizza.

Melissa wanted to know why we did not book the flashy old guys.  Pat said do you mean the BeLairs. 

Discussion was made on setting up another concert for Belairs.  Also the Part-time Cowboys were interested.  Date to set up is July 17 and Sept 11 for the two additional concerts.   Pat to see if we can get both.  

Fund Raisers for Parks.

Discussion was made on doing a big ticket item for parks.  It was decided to do a ticket for 333 and cost of $10. Parks can make $1840.  Pat also said we are going to do another big on for Cemetery also.  Aaron said he needs to write down the figures for different types of tickets. 

Next meeting  July 21, 2022  7 PM

Car Show flyers

Aaron has car show flyers to hand out.  Brittney said about the Clymer show.  They have a really big show.   Brittney asked about the registration fee.  Pat said she thought  she had the fee of $10 per vehicle.  Everyone to write on the flyer the cost.

Aaron also asked about fees to use the park.  Pat said she has applications they needs to complete so a permit can be used.

Pat said we only have $1600 for sponsorship funds on hand.  We need close to $6000 to cover all the costs.  The money we had set aside for the electric I will have to take from there to cover the remaining cost of events.  Pat and Melissa went over the sponsorship donors from last year and this year to compare.  Melissa to send letters back out. 

Welchon's name was brought up as a donor.  Melissa said she has never gotten anything from them.  Pat said they are keeping the same price for us this year.  The only catch is they will only come out day before event to clean.  They also asked about locking.  Pat said we are not locking them up this year. 

Any other business?

Meeting adjourned 7:50 PM motion to adjourn made by Melissa 2nd by Michelle, all in favor motion passed. 


Patricia Betts