May 5 2022

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Lou McLaughlin 7 PM

Attendance: Keith St.Clair, Ron Betts, Lou McLaughlin, Sue Bartow, Jeffery Miller, Clark Baird

Absent:  Gladine

Public - Dan Short JR, Zach Burtop and Cassandra Lester, Bill Hughes

Approval of Minutes from April 7, 2022.

Sue stated she would like Greg’s comment to her corrected in the minutes.  She said his comment was “What is your point” needs to be added to report on page 4.  After review of recording and looking at minutes his comment is in there just that it was typed as "report" rather than "point.“ Minutes are to be corrected before posting on web. 

Jeffery asked if council wants to amend minutes or table minutes until next month.

Ron motion to table minutes.  No 2nd was made, motion failed.

Sue said she will motion to approve with the correction of Greg’s response.  Lou 2nd Motion .  Ron against. Motion passed.

Treasurer Report

Sue questioned why the truck loan payment is different every month.  Pat explained that the interest differs depending on how many days are in the month.   Sue doesn’t understand this.  Sue also commented that at the time the truck was purchased that Ford Motor had zero percent interest. 

Lou commented that we went through municipal services for this truck not Ford Motor.  Sue commented we probably could have went through them at the time but everyone wanted a rush, rush , rush on it. 

Sue had another question. On the general expenses 5 gallons of propane was purchased for blaster heater for skid steer.  She had never seen a blaster heater with propane.  Pat said it takes keresene and not gas. 

Lou asked about Black Knight Info Service.  Pat said it is an agency that works with funding escrow and they requested taxes and any municipal fees due so they can escrow for the homeowner. 

Lou motions to accept Treasurer Report, 2nd by Keith All in favor motion passed.

Solicitor report - nothing at this time.

Special Guest- Katie Bolden Apex (formally CME) update on 2021 & 2022 5th street grants

Katie has a design for the repairs on the 5th Street Project as to where the lines are to be laid.  We are running inlets on both sides of the road down to Market Street then combining both lines to go across Market Street as one because of being State Road.  We then will have 1 line going directly down to the stream.  If you don’t see any errors then we will continue to move forward on the drawings and get submitted for advertising.  We will also be getting the ENS permit and PENNDOT permits.  Should not need any additional permits since the disturbance of the water ground area is under an acre. 

Sue asked what the cost would be.  Katie said it is all within out approved grants. 

Discussion made on the cost for both grants.  Katie said we can also bid as an alternative if we need more funds.  Penn dot minimum is 18 inches and Katie said 15 inches from Washington to Market and 18 Inches from Market down, piping down to river possibly 24 inches.

Lou motions to go forward on both permits and with the design, Ron 2nds, all in favor motion passed.

Public Comment:  - None

Old business:

Update on 2020 CDBG with Curry & Kepple.

Pat said they asphalted McKinley St today and coming back on Tuesday to do the drain at 1st and Lincoln.  The drain at 8th Street didn’t hold the spray stuff they used to hold the piping until they get the drain concreted.  They will be resetting the drain and sealing up when they do the concrete.   Lou said they wanted to do something about the curve but Lou afraid the road would cave in more. 

Jeffery asked about the satisfaction of the way they did the asphalt.  Pat said they did not do a full overlay of the top.  Jeffery said this is the same problem we had over three years ago with the gas company.  Our Ordinance says curb to curb overlay.  Lou said they did a ditch.  They will also seal around the cut.  Do the spec’s show the total overlay?  Pat and Lou reviewed the spec’s and it does not say curb to curb.  Lou said the contract also says only 1, 6 inch pipe in the inlet.  They hooked up all the lines into the inlets. 

Street Sweeper cost-  Clean sweep $1300 1 day work.  Pat checked Suit Kote when they did the streets in 2017 $1,050 and in 2018 they charged $1300.  They also no longer do street sweeping since Covid. 

Ron said how much of the streets were done.   Sue asked who did Robinson?  Pat said Clean Sweep.  They were very pleased. Fairfield has their own sweeper. 

Keith motion to get done, Ron 2nd motion all in favor motion passed. 

Update on Borough truck signs:

Pat said the signs are on the truck door.  Zach did a very good job on them.  Some folks thought they should have been bigger. 

Update on scrap metal – 5580 pounds @ $13 received $725.40.  If we could have gotten to scrap yard a week earlier we could have gotten $18. Sue wanted to know why we did not get it up earlier.  Pat said  we needed a starter in the skid steer and could not get another until now.     

New Business:

Request transfer of $16,000 to cover payroll for approx. 6 months.  This gets done each year, however we did not do in January.  We are down to less than $2,000 right now. 

Keith motions to transfer 2nd by Lou. All in favor motion passed.

Update on water damage claim for office.

Pat said the other day Greg came into the office to a mess.  Water was everywhere.  The line to toilet bowl had broke.  Not sure how long it was running but with all the water everywhere it was running for awhile.  Pictures were taken of the damage and contact FWF insurance to turn in the claim.  Insurance company coming out tomorrow to access the damage.  We have a $500 deductable on the insurance. 

Keith asked about the file cabinets.  Pat said the file cabinets were not moved.  My office did not get a lot of water damage but it did come in some. 

Fire Dept needs letter of approval for special event permit for Annual Firemen’s parade in July

Received letter requesting approval to submit with the permit application to Penn Dot.  Pat said with the new requirements from Penn Dot they need approval letters from both us and Fairfield TWP.

Need confirmation from council for Yard Sale Day June 18 and June 25th Clean Up Day.

Keith asked about costs for cleanup day.  Pat to have the fees for next month's meeting.  Keith motion to accept dates and 2nd by Lou.  All in favor motion passed.

Any other business:

Jeffery asked about the map design.  Not sure why they have pipe in the alleys.  Pat to check on this.

Lou asked what the Borough’s policy about parking on the sidewalks?  Lou said this was brought up before and he wanted to know what the policy was.  Mayor said, No Parking on the Side Walks. 

Someone commented to Lou that if the home owner is responsible to maintain the side walk then they can park on the side walk if they want to. 

Mayor Report.

Ed Pease would like to have the shrubbery cut down at the corner of 6th & Washington St.  No-one can see around the intersection if someone is coming up the hill.

Sewage Report:  Zach said meeting this coming week. 

Street Commissioner Report  

Ron said Greg put 234 miles on truck this month.  Speedometer now shows 637 miles. 

Lou motions to purchase cleaning materials and keep under $100, 2nd by Keith all in favor motion passed.  Pat has the gas . Put 26.7 gallons of diesel fuel on April 19th.  Reg price was $140.54. We paid $114. And some odd change. 

Sue said she was approached about the pot holes and when are we getting them fixed.  Two spots, down by Kathleen’s and Sue’s place.  Ron said he has them covered.  Ron said he asked Curry and Kepple to put any leftover asphalt in the holes. 

Ron had also the question about the alley from last month.  Curry and Kepple are giving us the rest of the gravel and we are putting on the alleys.  This will be a one- time gig Lou said. 

Sue also said that the contract we have with Career Link needs to state that when the borough worker is laid off they will not be here either.  Sue also said the contract does not have an end date.  If we get another contract with them they need to have dates.  Sue said the contract does not have a date on it. 

Pat said the contract does state through June 2022.  Sue said it does not state that we have to keep the people from Career Link through any particular date. 

Pat said she has no control over their contract. 

Keith said he does not understand why you are questioning free labor.  Sue said the contract does not state that we will keep our worker working during the winter months for them. 

Keith wants to know why we are turning away free labor. 

Sue wants it in the contract. We never had to keep the borough workers in the past during winter months.  Lou said we can bring back our worker any time the Street Commissioner wants him back. That is the point I want to get out to you.

Parks & Rec-  

Pat said first concert coming up May 29 and clean up day at the park is May 21.  Also we purchased a piece of playground equipment from Ligonier Valley Learning Center for $850.00.  Our next meeting is May 19 at 7 PM

Motion to adjourn made by Keith, 2nd by Sue at 8:05 PM.   


Patricia Betts