March 18

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Meeting called to order by Aaron Bouch 7 PM

Attendance, Pat and Ron Betts, Michelle and Aaron Bouch, Melissa Miller, Brittany Miller

Absent none

Minutes report.
Motion made to approve January re-organization and regular minutes made by Melissa, 2nd by Michelle, all in favor motion passed.

Treasurer report
Pat explained to everyone she has set up a project fund to put all monies into which we are holding for events and upgrades. This was at the advice of our auditor. Better tracking of monies.  Motion to approved treasurer report for January, February and portion of March made by Michelle, 2nd by Melissa, all in favor motion passed.

Melissa mentioned we should get individual signs now for sponsorship since we have the money for it.

Old Business:
Beth’s replacement on the board. Pat received a resignation per e-mail. Brittany Miller is interested in the position. Aaron motioned to accept Brittany Miller, Michelle 2nd, all in favor motion passed. Brittany is now on board until 2023.

At the regular Borough Meeting March 4, Melissa brought up to council Brittany’s interest on the parks board to replace Beth, no one had an issue with the decision.  Pat also gave Brittany a copy of our bi-monthly meeting schedule.

Update on 2021 Entertainment schedule.

Schedule of events for 2021
May 30 5-7 PM Band "Boomers"
June 13 5-7 PM Band "Long Road Home"
July 18 5-7 PM Band "Havoc" Day after Fireman’s Carnival
Aug 14 Toxic Carbon 1-3 PM Brickfest
Part Time Cowboys 4 - 6 PM Brickfest
Belairs 7 - 9 PM Brickfest
Basket Give-A-Way 6 - 7 PM
Melissa was at the Legion, we now have the beer tent set up for the Brickfest. Parks will not have to incur the cost of renting a tent. John is having a large tent up all summer long.
Oct 23 Halloween Fun Day - joint venture with Legion again.

Dec 18 Santa Day
We still need to decide on movies and when. Movie dates will be
July 24th Sept 18 and Oct 23. Movies to show will be determined later.
Discussion was made on pumpkins to set aside. Last year we spent around $160 for 4o pumpkins. It was decided to hold off setting aside for pumpkins until later.
Discussion was then made on a DJ for the beer tent. Aaron said he would talk to Billy to see if he would be the DJ.
Cornhole tournament was next to discuss. Aaron to check with Reuben to run tournament. Sign up starts at noon, tournament starts at 1 PM. Beer tent to run from noon to 5 PM.

Fundraiser for Easter- pie shop
Melissa said she will collect orders on the 21st and pickup will be April 3rd.

New business
Missing baby swing from upper- park. Ron said the swing and chain are all gone. Last time seen was this past fall. Discussion was made on the swing and Brittany said she has a baby swing we can have. Ron to get from Brittany over the weekend.

Brittany mentioned the little house at the park. Her tenants stated they have seen people sleeping in it. It really needs to come down or put a door on it. Aaron stated he has also seen people coming and going in there. Discussion was made on possible moving closer to concession stand. The house would have to be torn down to move since it is very heavy.

Brittany also asked about porta-john for lower park. She noticed no bathroom for the little kids. Brittany wondered when the porta-johns were being put in. Pat to call Welshon’s to get it placed down there now instead of May.

Next, Basketball net for upper park. Ron said the nets are broken. Melissa motions to purchase new ones, 2nd by Michelle, all in favor motion passed.

SGOC fundraiser with Legion.
Melissa went to Legion meeting this past Sunday and asked John if we could do a fundraiser with the Legion. Her idea was doing lottery tickets with them.
Ticket will go out May 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5th. On 7 PM lottery number
Ticket will be May 1, winner 1 roll $10 lottery tickets plus $150
May 2 winner 1 roll $5 lottery tickets plus $150
May 3 winner 1 roll $10 lottery tickets plus $150
May 4 winner 1 roll $5 lottery tickets plus $150
May 5 $500 cash also $100 for 1 number above / or below
Cost of ticket will be $10. Total tickets to sell 500. Legion to sell 250 we sell 250.  We will split the profit. If this goes well we will do another ticket before Brickfest.  The profit from the ticket sales will cover the cost of “petting Zoo” which will be around $2500.  Melissa not sure if they can even come yet for that day. Hopefully we can get her.

Melissa wanted to know if anyone is opposed to calling the Dragon Fly Man and let him know we really cannot afford to do him this year.

Discussion was also made for bouncy houses and dunking booth. Aaron to check with Mr. Decker if he still has the bouncy houses. Pat made board aware that with the bouncy houses we had 2 years ago was almost too much for the current wiring we have. The wires were burnt from so much wattage going through the lines.

Next meeting date May 20, 7 PM

Parks clean-up day will be May 15th 9 – 1 PM. Put notices on pizza boxes and also asking for donations for the parks.

Melissa asked everyone about a snow cone machine that Kathleen has and wanting to sell. She is asking $2000. Everyone discussed and decided it was too much for an older machine (12) years old.

No other business to discuss.
Aaron motioned to close meeting 2nd by Ron at 7:45 PM, all in favor motion passed

Patricia Betts