JUNE 20, 2019




This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Ron Betts, Pat Betts, Melissa Miller, Pam St Clair

Absent: Beth Thompson, Aaron and Michelle Bouch

Public attending: Dink Lupacchini, and several others

Meeting came to order 6:00 PM by Pat Betts

Motion to approve minutes from May was made by Melissa, 2nd by Ron. Minutes approved.

Treasurer Report for May not covered. Hold until next month for approval.

Ligonier Endowment grant. Melissa confirmed the grant will definitely be completed and into their hands by end of June for 2nd qtr.

Beer Tent for Brickfest. Pat asked Melissa if she knows for sure that John Kovac and the Legion will definitely do the brick fest and they will handle the entire event.

Car Cruise – Pat said she has 5 people signed up so far that were sent directly to me. Pat to check with Luck Garland to see if he needs anymore flyers.

Pam said she needs more events flyers. Pat said she added the petting zoo to the Brickfest list and corrected the July concert date.

Vendor’s for Brickfest. Pat said she has 8 vendors confirmed. Pat said she still hasn't heard from the Soft ice cream vendor. Both Pam and Melissa brought up the subject on Vendor's; who pays and who does not. Discussion was made on vendors. It was decided and agreed upon that any Vendor who wants to make money needs to pay for a Vendor Booth. If potential Organization is just giving out information then we will let in for free.

Melissa asked if the firemen are coming. Pat said she was told since they had very little amount of people going over to them they are not coming again.

Sponsorship letters. Both Pat and Melissa reported their involvement on the letters, what has been sent out and what has been sent back whether by money or donation for free prizes for basket party. Melissa said she is going to make one last batch. She would like to have Pat change the letter for just a donation for a basket or monetary gift item to the parks.

Donations as follows:
Somerset Bank $500
S & T Bank $250
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Stuarts Funeral Home $500
Mike Reese $50
Pie Shop $50
Ted Kopas $100
FWF INS $100
Napotnik Welding $ 100
VFW Post New Florence # 7622 $300
VFW Post Robinson # 9310 $$300
WPP Dough Co $ 300
LaMantia's $600
R J Hedges $25.
Total $2900.

We also got donated from Chestnut Ridge Mulch 7 yards of soft bark mulch.
Pittsburgh zoo - 2 tickets
Pittsburgh Symphony $2 tickets
Fantastic Sams - 8 individual coupons for haircut and styling
Sheetz $25.00 gift card
Ideal Market $25.00 gift card
Dino's - 2 gift cards
DeGrosso's Amusement Parks - 2 all day tickets for park
Melissa will talk to pie shop and see what kind of deal they will do for gobs as a fund raiser. Also do a pre sale on pies to pickup at Brickfest. No pies will be ordered that has to do with refrigeration.

Pam said in the past Uncle Babe gave $600 toward the petting Zoo so Pam wrote a check for the same thing this year.
Also Pam paid for her 1/2 donation of $150 toward the movie we had. Still awaiting the other half from Aaron as promised.

Concert for this Sunday. Do we want to set up several tents over the bench's incase of rain, and also to protect the people from the hot sun? Discussion was again made and decision as to wait to see on Sunday if rain but if sunny and hot go ahead and put up for shady area.

Ron, said, speaking of the bench's Greg wants to have the benches on cement slabs to keep him from having to turn them over all the time to trim. This is currently causing stress on the benches because of the cement side slabs. Discussion was again made on this and was decided to hold off for now. Pam brought up about a person wanting to purchase a bench. She wanted to know if we are still doing them. Pam said there is a person in West Bolivar that possibly would be interested in doing them.. She will check out. Then decision will need to be made how much to charge. Melissa said she would also ask the school if they would be able to engrave them.

Melissa also suggested that we look into possibly doing planters on sidewalks next year.
She said the planters get made but they become the property owner’s responsibility to maintain them.
Pam asked if Parks and Rec will be doing anything for Yard Sales Day. Melissa, Ron and Pat all said there was no way we could do anything.
Pat update everyone on upcoming park rentals.
Shirley Burkett has rented the park July 14 with bouncy house
Amber Houck pending with bouncy house- they have not paid yet nor completed application
Nicole Wisner June 30 - no bouncy house

New Business:

Next meeting will be held on July 18, 6 PM

Food for Brick Fest -
Hot Dogs, Sauerkraut, Sloppy Joes, Nachos (50) and Cheese, Salsa, Haluski - Perigees, Korean Pot Stickers

Wrist bands sales for Brickfest - None sold yet, because of carnival sales.

Awards for Brickfest - Aaron was supposed to get the list but he did not show up.
Pat has the 3 people who did not get their awards from last year.
Melissa said she will ask Aaron one more time and if not she will get them done elsewhere.
Melissa will contact Mr. Kovac in Johnstown.
Pam wanted to know if Parks would be interested in mugs to sell. Jeffery and Melissa went back and forth on mugs. The to check with Geneva, for the cost. Pam said she will check on several different companies on this.

Melissa still insists we would be making money on the book from 2013. She to check on the cost. If we got 50 books cost was $1225.00 We could charge $30.00 per book. If ordering 100 books cost would be $1700. Books would be $25.00 She to put out on Facebook for interested parties for possible reprinting of the Bolivar Book to see how many people are interested. The more interest we have the less cost of the book.

No other business, motion to adjourn made by Ron at 7:40 PM 2nd by Pam.

Patricia Betts