Parks & Rec

May 16



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Present: Beth Thompson, Pat Betts, Ron Betts, Pam St Clair, Ben West
Absent- Melissa Miller, Aaron Bouch

Public Attendance Sue Bartow, Joe St Clair, Matt Lamantia

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Beth Thompson
Motion to approve April minutes was made by Ben, 2nd by Ron. All in favor. Motion passed

Approval of Treasurer Report made by Ben, Ron 2nd, motion approved.

Beth commented Mason’s to be donating $250.00.

Pam mentioned 2 pizzas were sold at Lamantia Store. VFW donation $50.00 on May 12th

Update on events:

First item. Petting Zoo. Update. May 19th next to the Legion. 10-5 PM
Pat stated Melissa was supposed to receive a gift certificate from the YMCA Ligonier. Not sure if she got it yet or not. Pat stated per Legion, we need to keep a separate log for the 50/50 chance and keep winning tickets for them. We also are doing the strip tickets as an additional fund raiser.Bob Pardee said he would help out during the event also.

Beth asked about public comment. No one spoke up.

Pat Stated Legion to open door at 7 AM. Aaron also got it cleared from the Fire Dept. to use the electric pole next to petting zoo area.
Beth said a rain date needs to be set for zoo. Date agreed upon is during the Brickfest on August 11th. We need to give 3 hours advance notice.

Beth to get crayons and tickets from Conrads. Tickets to be sold 2 for $1.00 or 15 for $5.00

Pam also requested to do a Donate for Life table. Pam stated the individual wanted to do a basket party ticket sale. It was stated she needed to bring her SGOC license to sell the tickets.Heidi also agreed to do the rock painting. Pat said she had the paints but no rocks.

Pat asked if we could get ice from Lamantia for the sodas. Pam wanted to know if Lamantia 
was to donate and Pat said no. Parks will be paying for the ice and anything else purchased from there.

Westmoreland Community Action will also be attending and they are bringing their own tent and supplies.
Port-a-johns are to be delivered on Friday at the Legion and also for both parks.
Joe Lamantia has agreed to let us use his plastic pallets for a temporary stage for DJ.
Fire Dept. will be available to set up the road horses to block off traffic.

Next on agenda: Letter sent to IRMC concerning the damage done to Stage area.

Pizza Sale Update: Total sold so far is 57- already paid for 41 coupons to Pizza Post that have been turned in.

Corn hole date set for June 9 - 1 pm at the Legion.

Pam ask to write a Thank You note to Tim Yost, a sales person for Dutch Maid. He donated 3 dozen gobs for event. Pam to get Pat the address.
Pat had mentioned Melissa was doing Huluski and donate the proceeds to parks.
Pat also questioned how much to get for startup funds for Saturday. It was suggested to use $40. For startup areas.

Selling price for Hot dogs and soda $2.00 or soda only $0.75 Hot Dog only $1.50

New business: Next meeting will be held June 20, 7 PM
Tree & Shrub planting date and time. – Ron said he thinks he has 200 trees. Discussion was made and date set for Friday May 18 around 1 PM.
Ron brought up the subject of a light for flag pole at park. Spending was topped off at $150.00. Parts to get from Lowes and put on LAR account then pay off.

Motion to adjourn 8:00 PM made by Ben, Ron 2nd Motion passed. All approved.


Patricia Betts