This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Ron Betts, Dan Short, JR, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller,

Absent: Mayor Tom Pickup

Public Attendance: Arch Dodson, Clark Baird, Veronica Rager, and Brenda Mack

Note: Executive meeting was called to order prior to start of Council meeting. Regular meeting started approx 7:05 PM. Discussion was concerning a possible ligation action.

Meeting called to order by Amy Lichenfelt. Pledge of Allegiance was done.

May meeting minutes was looked over. Motion to approve was done by Ron, 2nd by Dan Short, all approved.

Treasurer report was reviewed. Sue had a question concerning a solvency fee on report. Question was answered by Treasurer. Motion to approve Treasurer report was Sue, Dan 2nd motion. All approved.

Solicitor Report. - Proposal from McCormick and Taylor was doing the Engineer portion of CDBG grant on roads. Jeffery spoke to Mr. Ivan Chan concerning the cost of overseeing the project. Total cost is approx $6500.00. He wanting to know how Borough is to manage overseeing the contractor once the project starts.

Public comment. Clark Baird, Veronica Rager, and Brenda Mack. All had no comment.

Next item. Two letters requesting appointment for empty council seat that came open last month. Amy read both letters. 1st request was from Clark Baird, 2nd was by Veronica Rager.

Ron made motion to accept Clark Baird on council. Amy looking for a 2nd. Dan Short 2nd motion. Motion was in favor of Clark to be appointed to empty council seat. Amy, Ron, Dan, approved. Sue denied. Motion carried. Clark was asked to be sworn in as soon as possible since Mayor was absent. Clark was to go to Magistrate office to get this done. He was given Residency document and Ethics form to complete also.

Storage facility issue - Jeffery read code book concerning notification to Mayor on a Special meeting since Council had a tie vote on the storage facility. Jeffery stated it was the Mayor's Duty to break a tie vote at this special meeting, unless the replaced council person gets sworn in before the special meeting, then he can make his own decision on the subject. Jeffery suggested Council needs to take another vote on a loan for the project. Ron made a motion again to go with First National Bank. Vote was taken, Ron, and Dan, approved and Sue and Amy disapproved. Pat needs to advertise in local paper for the special meeting.

Arch made comment on the project. Contractor was approved 3 months ago, costs for project may be more now, and contractor may come back and say he needs additional funds. If you all decide to go with another location, then paperwork needs to be done again, costing approx another $4,000 to $4,500. If moved to another location then the money already spent was for nothing.

Clark commented he does not feel comfortable not knowing what has gone on. Amy and Arch both said they would inform Clark of what has taken place so far. Sue said she just texted Tom to find out what he works next week.

DCED update. - Early intervention. Secretary stated and Electronic enrollment still needs to be done. Secretary requesting whether to place the $4,000 into the new account since that amount was allocated. Also questioned whether two people or three people needs to be put on account. Pat stated she spoke to Ms. Israel from early intervention concerning the bond, and was told since she has a public official bond now in the amount of $100,000. No additional bond is needed. Dan suggested just two signatures on the checking account. Pat to open account next day and transfer $4,000 from general account into early intervention account and send the electronic document off the Harrisburg.

Mayor also wants a committee formed for "Early Intervention Program". Sue states she will go on "Early Intervention" Committee, Amy says no. Dan says no. Ron questioned what the committee was about. After Jeffery explained what the committee was for, Ron declined also. Clark was asked and said no... Amy asked Veronica Rager who also stated no. Jeffery said to advertise locally for position. Arch said to ask Pam St Clair as possible committee member.

Next item, Amy asked Arch about any other grant updates. Arch commented he could also check on the contractor. Arch asked Sue if any other engineer was on the prior grant work. Sue commented just Charlie and JR Clawson. Hopefully project will be starting soon. Arch said he has not heard anything more. Pat said she has not received anything from HUD yet. Only received an application for 2017 year for CDBG grant. Arch checked out the paperwork received. We cannot apply for this grant period for any other projects, but for a new grant period we can. Sue questioned the drain at Firehall whether that drain is in this new package. Arch stated was not. The drain is working fine since the fire dept. flushed the line out.

Next item, Window grant- Sue. Sue said she had two additional companies for bids and as of today nothing additional has come in.

Next item. Drain problem at Pam St. Clair's. Amy question whether Rick Skovensky, our liquid fuel manager came to look at drain. Ron stated he did not come. Mr. Skovensky was tired of people blaming all the problems on the town drains. Unless she can prove the problem is from the drain then we will not pay for it. Ron brought up a document from Bill Hughes from July 2008 where he found ground water coming behind old stone drain. He corrected problem by installing French Drain at end of line. He also removed top stone approximately 60 feet and hauled away. He also hauled away 5 loads of clay to backfill to ditch line. Borough covered with topsoil afterwards. Amy says her understanding is water is coming up through her floor. Sue commented that Pam said the pipe run the length of her property and under her floor.

Amy said we cannot go onto people's property and dig up. Jeffery also said they were the old stone lines. Pam seemed to think that Bill messed something up when he fixed it before. This was over 8 years ago. Amy says we can do no more. Sue to talk to Pam on this.

New. Business. Yard sales and Clean Up days. Sue said bin to cost $450.00 Pat asked whether to advertise in paper. Sue to put up signs in various locations around the local area. Jeffery brought up the fact we normally did not advertise in paper. Everyone agrees to keep out of paper. Possible on local channel 19 TV station.

Resolutions - # 2016-4 and # 2016-6 destruction of old records need to be approved and signed by council. Motion to approve 2016-4 resolutions by Amy, Ron 2nds. Motion to approve 2016-6 resolution made by Amy, Sue 2nd. Approved.

Next item - Update key inventory. Pat said playing catch -up on key inventory, everyone needs to verify what key number they have and sign for the key. Hasn't been done for 2 years.

Also need to update duplication of key authorization with Bills Locksmith. Council approved for Ron, Clark, and Sue to be authorized to get duplicate keys made. Sue question why Arch still has a key. Arch said he was told since he still does grants to keep his key. Council decided to let Arch keep his key. Amy also asked if Arch wanted to stay on to get duplicate keys made, Arch said no.

Next item. Replacement of light covers in Borough building and filters for furnace. Jeffery suggested to approve a total amount based on item purchased. Also need light bulbs. Council approved to spend $150.00 for light covers, light bulbs, street broom, and furnace filters. Sue motions to spend $150.00 2nd by Ron. All approved.

Maintenance fund - next item. Was tabled from last month, Pam St. Clair was wanting council to set aside a fund for building upkeep. Amy asked council what they wanted to do, Dan, Sue and Ron all said no fund. Maybe next year budget.

Next item. Next Borough meeting slated for July 7th 7 PM.

Next item. Letters, - From Bolivar fire Department - letter instructing who to notify, when and for what. Also requesting copy of March, April May minutes. Also wants an update on drain by fire department. There is no update to give them. The drain is working since the fire department flushed the drain. Amy wanted to know who told them the drain was to be replaced or repaired. Arch said that drain was to be fixed when the other drains on 3rd street were repaired. That drain is not on the CDBG grant to be fixed. That drain can be fixed under Liquid Fuels money if the sides are caving in and causing problems...

Next item- street lights - Penelec wants to raise the rate for municipalities who switched to LED lights to cover the cost. We can respond to PUC and let them know at the time of the switch the electric company never told us they were going to raise our rate if we switched. The contract we signed said it would cost us nothing to switch, never mentioning a rate increase in the future because we switched.

Mayor report. Letter received from DCED - stating approval for $40,000 grant.

High grass issue - the old Ellis House on McKinley Street, the property by Art Sisitki house on Washington St and 738 Lincoln St. Mayor wants the council to have Jeffery send out warning letters and start to put liens on properties and have Borough worker cut grass for them. At this time he considers them a safety risk. Pat said she gave Tom the new owner's name who purchased the old Ellis House. Jeffery said Resolution gives 10 days. Amy wanted to know who sends letters. Jeffery said sometimes the Secretary does and sometimes the Mayor does. Pat said Tom stated he was going to notify the owner. Jeffery said he has a new Ordinance on the high grass he will look into it. Amy asked council if they were all in agreement then, that the Secretary was to send letters out for certain Ordinances. Sue, Dan, and Ron said yes.

Also Mayor wanted Council to take care of the curfew issue because he was awakened at 2 AM by intoxicated teenagers having an argument at Berkey Park. Clark mentioned, Tom was the Mayor and should have taken care of it. Amy said the Mayor should be the person to enforce the Ordinances. Clark wanted to know if he just wants the title. Amy said Pat can't be writing a letter to someone who they think is out there. She just can't do that. Mayor is supposed to enforce it.

Mayor wants Council to contact St Clair Township and have a short term contract with them for some services. He wants Council to stop procrastinating and make the call since he cannot negotiate contracts. Council has been waiting on the Mayor. No Council member is interested in notifying St Clair Township. Tom only has notified Hospital Security and no-one wants to come to Bolivar. Jeffery said if we hire someone who is going to manage them? He was told "you people are crazy, you should have never hired me". Is the Council hiring a Chief or what?

How much was budgeted for Police Dept? We had approximately $16,000 budgeted at beginning of year for police dept.

Amy wanted to know if we could hire someone just for Ordinances. Amy wants on the agenda for next month, contracting for a code enforcement officer.

Also a DCED auditor needs to be appointed. Amy wanted to know why we could not use our current auditor. Jeffery said there was no reason why we could not use our current auditor and asked Amy if Tom told her this. Jeffery said he would feel more comfortable if someone from DCED told her rather than the Mayor.

Mayor also said he would not be a tie breaker for a vote on the garage until all paperwork is submitted to him for review, and also includes signed loan approvals from the banks. He will not vote on anything handwritten or a quote done by phone.

Let's get back to Special Meeting. Tom is to be working until 4 P.M. next Thursday. Jeffery said its Tom's obligation to vote and to show up to the meeting.

Mail Tom letter to let him know of the Special Meeting.

Jeffery also stated Council is not obligated to meet Tom's schedule.

Any other new business. Sue spoke up on Melissa’s upcoming events. Already approved was the Open Mic and Karaoke Street Party on August 6 - 6 PM until - The Street Party June 18 from 6-8 PM and the Car Cruise is now scheduled for July 17 - 1 PM until .

Sue also said she was approached about Parks and Recreation and wanted to know since Art quit the Borough did he also quit Parks and Rec. Dan said he did not. Jeffery said Parks and Recreation as they currently exist are separate and not under the Borough, there is not a Resolution or Ordinance, they did not report to us or anything. Pat said they use our Tax exemption and federal ID number. Jeffery said he did not know they used our numbers. They operate independently and if that is the case they cannot use our exemptions.

If they want to use our numbers and exemption then we would have to adopt an Ordinance for that purpose. He said he just went through this exact situation with another Municipality. Under the Ordinance a board needs to be appointed and they must report to us. If they want to remain an independent entity which Jeffery suspects they do then some kind of agreement must be done for them to use our tax exemption.

Arch said they came to Council and asked about using our tax exemption and Id number when they were contacted by IRS concerning their ID Number.

Amy suggested to contact Carol and invite her to meeting to discuss where they are at, and what they would like to do and reach an agreement.

Sue mentioned another person who has money invested in a bench from Parks and Rec that has not been done yet and wanted to know what was going on. There was also money given to them by the Legion for play equipment and also gave additional funds recently and wanted to know why it was not brought up at a Borough meeting.

Arch wanted to know who those people were. Sue declined to say who they were.

Amy said we are going to contact Carol and asked her to come to next regular council meeting to bring Council up to date on where they are at.

Sewage Committee - Ron said board proposed a dye test to be put into storm drains to see where water is going.

Parks and Rec. Dan said movie night coming up June 4th. Arch also said Parks & Rec. are surviving by selling tickets for fund raisers.

Street Commissioner Report - Borough worker only needs to do 3 more streets then he will do blacktop to fix holes. Also on rainy days is it possible for Borough Worker to paint inside the building and paint the walls, all in very bad shape. Sue wanted to know what color they are going to be painted.

Ron asked how much it would cost. Ron made motion to approve to get 2 tons asphalt.

Funds come out of liquid fuels.

Ron says Borough Worker can paint after the walls are built. Sue wanted to know what walls? Amy said that was if we had a police officer which we don't so no walls are going to be built.

Pat said we currently have a gallon cream color and a quart of white paint.

Sue wanted to know if it was cheaper to buy 5 gallon of paint. Council approved to get 5 gallon paint, rollers, brushes, tape and whatever needed to complete project and top of at $200.00 Amy motioned to get items, Ron 2nd. All in favor.

Amy wanted to know if any other business. Motion to adjourn. Approximately 9:10 PM.


Patricia Betts