This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Mark Scribe and Solicitor Jeff Miller.

Absent- Mayor, Tom Pickup.

Public Attendance - Ligonier Echo - Alexander Ashcroft, Dan Short, JR, Pam St Clair, Matt Leskoski (641 Washington St), Melissa Miller, and Office Chad Salley (New Florence Police Dept)

Meeting called to order at 7 PM by Amy.

May 4 Regular Meeting Minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve was made by Ron and 2nd by Sue. All approved.

Treasurer report was reviewed. Clark motions to accept, Sue 2nd. All approved.

Solicitor Report - Jeffery stated will address items as we go through the Agenda.

Public comment. - Mr. Leskoski came to get permission to have dumpster setting partially on the road in front of his house at 641 Washington St, however the dumpster came early. He just wanted to let council know it was there to put old materials from his house in while renovating the property.

Dan Short, JR - Dan said he was getting, chicken, pigs and goats. He wanted to know if council checked the trunk of the police car for Ordinance on chickens. Amy said there was a book in there. She was not going to route through the cruiser. Didn't feel it was any of her business to do this. Dan said until we find the Ordinance he was going to have the animals on his property. Mark said if you keep them inside no one can do anything about it.

Pam - next person for comments. On the grass cutting issue. Have a standard note put on the homes saying see Borough Building for a list of people willing to cut your grass. Some people are old some are lazy. If we had a list of people willing to cut other's property they will have it.

She also received a certified, registered letter from Dept. of Transportation saying the bridge on Market Street project, and they have a right to go onto our property and they will let us know when it will start. Pam wanted to know if we know anything about it. Ron spoke up and said he knew because of PA one call. They said they would be excavating and fixing the bridge. They just did not know when. It just said summer of 2017 when they would be starting. The PA one call did say from Lear Street over across the bridge.

Amy said we are skipping to # 5 on the agenda so Officer Salley can get back to New Florence.

Council met for a work shop last night. Council came up with a list of questions.

1. Would someone be around patrolling for the carnival?

Ans: Officer Salley said just to let them know how many hours and they would work something out.

2. Would you be expected to work the same number of hours in the winter as in the summer?

Ans: Officer Salley said they could work something out.

3. Why did St. Clair TWP back out of the agreement?

Ans: That was done before my time, so I am not sure.

4. Would all the money generated from fines come back to the Borough?

Ans. I really can't answer that, not sure.

5. What about the police files? Will it be staying in the Borough or go to New Florence?

Ans. The ones you currently have now? Clark and the ones you generate for the Borough?

Anything that generates from here on out will be kept at our station since that is where everything will be done at. He would have to go through the files to see what needs to be kept and what needs destroyed. Ron said the files are chained and locked up so no one could get into it and we were going to transport it up to your place and let you go through it. Everything in it is classified. Jeffery spoke up and said if you go through it the file cabinet needs to stay here in the Borough. There is nothing to say if something needs to be thrown out then it can be done but the files needs to stay in the Borough if generated from here. Ron said, ok thank you, I was not aware of that.

6. How many officer's does New Florence have?

Ans: Three at the present on the roster and only two of us working. We are in process of hiring a fourth. How much experience does the other officers have? Officer Chilco has 7 yrs. experience, I have 10 years, and the 3rd officer has 6 or 7 years. The new officer currently looking at will be coming out of the academy. Sue questioned why only two officers are working when they have three already. The other officer is in Somerset County, and gets mandated to work football games, soccer games and so forth and gets paid time and half, so he goes where he gets more money.

7. Will the cruiser will be kept in New Florence and if so why?

Ans: It will be easier to start our shift up there and stop our shift up there.

8. Would someone be clocking in down here or up there?

Ans: Everything will be done up there.

Jeffery questioned the officer contract amount. Paying $16.90 per hour, 16 hours a week. They pay the worker's comp.

9. Will our Mayor be notified what your schedule will be when you work?

Ans: I'm not sure what he wants. Well if someone calls the Mayor with a complaint then he would know whether the officer will be working or not, he could then inform that person whether to call the State Police or not. Once the State Police find out we are down here working then they would put the call out to us.

10. What happens if the officer on duty is approx two hours into his shift and he get called out for back up and ends up being on the backup call for 6 hours. Why should we be paying for that extra time? We had an issue with this before and it is a big concern of ours. How would we technically know that unless we call 911 to find out who pays or not.

Ans: I really don't know how to answer that because that unfortunately is how it is around here in the small communities not having 24 hour coverage. I'm sure it can resolved through both council's. Jeffery says the 911 dispatcher will know how to handle the situation. The unfortunate situation with State Police is they use us a primary, rather than us be there for backup.

11. Will you be getting gas down here for the car or up there in New Florence?

Ans: I'm assuming we would be getting gas down here since it is your car and using down here.

12. If we somehow came into some extra funding, and we would hire an officer for down here as well as your guys, would you be willing to train the officer we hire?

Ans: That is something I would have to check with our council on. I really can't answer that question. My guess is you either have an agreement with us or an agreement on your own, I don’t think you could have both.

13. Sue question was," If you are training someone the agreement is paying for one officer and not two. Would you be training that officer down here?"

Ans: An officer in training would be done in New Florence and not down here.

Now if you have a special event like the carnival and you want two officers down here then yes, you would pay for two officers then during the event.

14. Would you be willing to go with a 6 month contract rather than a full year?

Ans: That was something they were discussing during the meeting, I don't know if they would do a 6 month or not. You would have to ask them. Clark commented on the fact of 6 months to see if it would work out. Officer Salley, stated that would be approx six months left to the end of the year anyway.

Amy then asked Clark if he was done with all his questions. He responded with a yes.

Amy then told Officer Salley that Ron will be in touch with you. Ron wants to set up a work shop with both councils before the next meeting. Ron also asked for Officer Salley's contact phone number and Ron gave Officer Salley his contact information. Amy also said that the two solicitors should be at the meeting in case of legal questions.

Jeffery questioned the officer contract amount. Paying $16.90 per hour, 16 hours a week. They pay the worker's comp, and we pay for the maintenance on the cruiser. Also our insurance will ask for driving records from their officers and our insurance company has no problem with them storing our cruiser at their location. Our insurance will ask for a one time additional fee of $50.00 to add their officers to our policy.

Next agenda: Update on storage garage. A filing fee for a lien against the Borough Building that was discovered in the amount of $78.50 to Westmoreland County Recorder of Deeds. Sue motioned to retro-active payment and Clark 2nd. Jeffery also said he contacted Raffle construction on the award of the bid for the storage garage and let them know the bid was un-awarded at this time from USDA due to the pending lawsuit with MJ Construction. Clark asked if we could possibly have a second lawsuit, and Jeffery responded with a Yes remark.

Drain line flushing on 5th street, Sue was asked if it has it been completed? Sue's response was yes.

Update on drain at Fire Department. Pat stated it was complete and awaiting Bill Hughes ok to notify state inspector to finalize the project so he can get paid.

Ron brought up the drain on 5th street, again. He checked the drain during the last rain storm and the water is bubbling up the drain, so that tells him the blockage is between Lincoln and McKinley Street. He wants authorization for Bill Hughes to give an estimate on fixing the problem. Amy asked the question, if this has been going on for approx 20 years then why don't we just fix it again like we have been by patching? Ron stated, then why don't we fix it right so it can be a permanent fix? Sue commented that we don't know what is wrong with it until it is dug up. Cold patch fixing only redirects the water and does not fix the problem. Clark made motion to have Bill Hughes look at it and fix if possible. Mark 2nd. Approved.

Next yard sale days posters are up as well as clean up days.

Next, Welcome packets for new residents update. Pam St Clair stated she apologized for not being able to help Pat get them updated. Pat said she has delivered 6 packets. Pat also commented on the hard work that Pam had put into the packets. She does now have them on flash drive so they can be reprinted as needed. Coupons were also given to put into the packets by Pizza Post for free pizzas.

Sue requesting reimbursement for street broom purchased at tractor supply for Borough worker in the amount of $42.39. Ron made motion to pay Sue for the cost of the broom, Clark 2nd. Sue Abstains.

Ron requests approval for purchase of electric supplies for outside lights on building and for the flag in the amount of $141.05. He also stated that cost of electric supplies for the outside lights that was approved by council two years ago is not in the minutes and therefore he needs re-approval to do this. Sue motions to approve $141.05 payment of supplies, Clark 2nds. Ron abstains.

Next item. Porta-johns at lower ball park. Dan JR, spoke up and said that Parks is paying for both porta-johns for the next three months.

Letters for high grass from mayor report. Mayor had 18 properties listed and 9 were cited when Sue and Pat verified the property addresses.

Sue also brought up additional properties that were not on the list along with photos. Sue proceeded to read of the property addresses and to show the photos. Amy spoke up and said that last year she did not want anyone to go around and look for trouble. If someone comes and complains about their neighbor then we have a problem, but for you to go walking around because the Mayor said to, Amy wanted to know what changed. Sue said that Pat and she were asked to go around and verify the mayor’s findings. Amy said she asked us not to. Pat spoke up and said it was in the minutes that Sue was asked to go around with Pat to verify the property addresses from the Mayor report. Pat said we just came across the additional properties when they were verifying the other properties. Clark spoke up and said if people want to complain then they need to come to the meeting and complain, otherwise we do nothing.

Pat also had a complaint from J R Clawson. Pat started to read the complaint and Amy said if it's his neighbor then ok but if not his neighbor then she doesn't want to hear about it.

New business:

Next meeting will be held on Thursday July 6, at 7 PM.

Signup sheet for cleanup day’s lower ball field. Pat passed around sheet.

YMCA Ligonier is a go. The school sent papers home and said it was free to the kids. Sue spoke up and said 3 days a weeks, Mon-Wed & Fri for 6 weeks.

Resolution # 4 of 2017. Destruction of records. Records listed was Publication notices over 10 year’s retention period. Destroyed were publications from 2000, 2001, and 2004.

Faxes holding 5 year retention 2006

Regular Correspondence 1 year retention years 1993-1994-1995 & 2000-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006-2007. A complete listing can be viewed on our Website www.BolivarBorough.com under Resolutions:

Sue motioned to approve the Resolution on Destruction of records # 4 for 2017. Clark 2nd all approved.

Waste Management Truck issue. Pat sent a letter November 9 of 2016 asking Waste Management to use their smaller vehicle on the streets in town for trash collection. The letter informed them of Bolivar’s weight restriction on the streets and the only street designed to handle heavy vehicles was Market Street which is HWY 259 running through the town. The letter did state that Waste Management was not to use the truck on our Borough Streets.

On May 10, 2017 Waste Management was photographed with their large truck on Walnut St and McKinley St. Sue mentioned she was contacted by them and they said to her they only had one person on Walnut St, Cindy Howe and they would walk up there and get hers.

Amy said she was under the impression that Walnut Street was the only street they were told about. Amy said we can’t expect them to just stay on 259 for all their customers. Pat stated they can use their smaller truck in town like they do in Derry and Latrobe. Amy and Sue just assumed they were to stay off Walnut Street. Sue questioned Jeffery on this. Jeffery said he does not have an answer on this. Mark also commented on the signs. The sign says except for local delivery. Jeffery says he thinks there is an exclusion on this Ordinance. The other localities have a contract and they probably have negotiated on this.

Amy requested to see the minutes on this at next meeting.

Next item. – Requesting approval for duplicate title for Borough truck. Amy asked why we needed a duplicate title for boro truck. Pat said she cannot find it even after all the files research. We cannot sell the vehicle without a title if council decides to sell the Borough truck. PENNDOT said a title was issued on the vehicle. Dan Short said it used to be in glove box on the truck. Cost of a duplicate is $55.00. Pat sent a request for information to see 1. If title was ever issued. 2. What the cost would be for a government agency. Amy said to hold off to see if I can still find the title.

Flag Ceremony for Borough on Wednesday June 14th. Amy wanted to know if Legion is doing it. Ron stated Legion is helping. Time was decided at 6PM. Sue asked if the flag will be up all the time. Ron said yes as soon as he gets the electric up.

Amy asked for any other new business. Clark wanted to know why the Borough worker was cutting up the tree on Shaffer Street the other day. Sue said what happened was: Amy interrupted and said to call an executive meeting to discuss the matter. Time 8:08 PM

Executive meeting resumed 8:18 PM no action taken.

Letters: Bolivar Parks & Rec sent letter to Council: It states:

"The Parks Committee is writing to let the Council know that as of June 15, 2017 the present committee will no longer be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of Burkey Park and Kelly Field and the members listed below are resigning from the committee effective that date. We would like to take this time to thank Amy, Clark, Ron, and Mark for their support and help with our activities. We have ordered and paid for a Port-a-john for Burkey Park and Kelly Field for June thru August. We have done upkeep on the benches and playground equipment for this year. We have enjoyed serving the community over the years with our various activities however with current circumstances it is time for us to move on.

Signed by, Carol, Art, and John Sisitki, Joel and Kelly Lupacchini, Darlene and Bayden Gregorich, Dan Short JR, Scott Lichtefelt."

Amy said to Dan she was sorry to hear they have decided to do this. Clark said now it is up to the Boro Worker to do the upkeep.

Amy said we then need to advertise for a new committee. Dan said on the 15th everything will be turned over to Amy. Sue questioned what will happen to any remaining funds will they turn the funds over to the new committee. Jeffery said that is their funds to do as needed to wind up all their expenses and close the accounts. Dan also said the electric is off.

Sewage committee: No report.

Mayor report: Pat said the Mayor told her to tell everyone he is sorry for the dog that was picked up by animal control had passed away and that Diane Gropp was getting an estimate on her foundation to have it filled sometime within the next week.

Street commissioner report: Drains were flushed and streets were swept. Boro worker, Pat and I went down to the Conrail contractor in reference to Joe Robinson drain backing up. They put a larger drain pipe in but put it upstream so the water was running into drain instead of going down. They had mentioned they would put a camera in to see what was going on. They are to remove the larger pipe when they are done. Clark wanted to know how much longer they are going to be down there. No-one knew. Amy said hopefully soon.

Ron had mention he had another issue to discuss. The drain at the Bolivar Cemetery at Pete Allen old house has developed a large hole. Ron was getting Bill Hughes to check it out and if need be estimate what it would cost to fix it. Pat did inform everyone that we have to watch how much we use Bill Hughes for work. If after several projects and his total cost of all projects goes over the $10,000 mark then the Borough would have to bid out any additional projects for the fiscal year.

Clark motions to adjourn, Ron 2nds. Meeting closed.


Patricia Betts

Patricia Betts