July 5, 2018



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Present: Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Beth Thompson,

Jeffery Miller- Solicitor, Mayor Tom Pickup, Council President Aaron Bouch
Absent – no one

Gen Public - Dan Short Jr, Ligonier Echo Representative- Alexander Ashcroft, Melissa Miller, Amy & Lori Lichtenfelt, Officer Salley, Officer Chilcote, Kathie Bernabo, Ron Robson

Meeting called to order 7PM by Aaron Bouch
Approval of June minutes was presented. Motion was made to approve June minutes made by Clark, 2nd by Beth. All agree, motion carried.
Treasurer Report- Motion to approve made by Aaron 2nd by Sue. All agree motion carried.

Police Report for June was given by Officer Salley.
Total Incidents 4
Total Arrests 0
Total Accidents 0
Total Parking Tickets 1
Total Non-Traffic Citations 0
Total Traffic Citations 0
Total Written Warnings 5
Total Traffic Stops 4
St Clair TWP. 0
Seward Boro 0
Fire Dept 1
Ligonier TWP 0

Ligonier Boro 0
Sheriff Dept. 0
Total Assists 2
Beginning 14361 Ending 14702 Total 341
Fuel 37 gallons Hours 72
Officer Salley stated they were unable to get gas from Quonset hut. Hand Pump does not have a nozzle on it to fit into police cruiser, and truck blocking gas tank and a garden hose inside the tank. Police has to get gas at Uni-Mart. They will get an invoice to us for payment. Ron said pump will be fixed before end of next week.

Officer Salley stated he was in contact with owners of property at 841 McKinley St. The grass is under contract now to be mowed. Also the vehicle located at Stumble Inn has been removed. Aaron question if the police was able to get in touch with the other property owners. Officer Salley stated he needs addresses to take care of other locations. Various council members described the properties. Pat to give officers the address and owners of both properties. Aaron asked if any other issues for the police. None was given.

Solicitor Report: Jeffery stated none at this time.

Public Comment: No one in public had any issues to discuss. Mr. Robson spoke up and said he was there for the storage garage questions. He was asked to come down and wanted to know if we are ready to start the process for the garage again. Sue explained about the phone conversation with USDA. They wanted to know about a possible 3 % increase. Mr. Robson said he already has a contingency amount built into the cost of the project. He not sure how many contractors we will get because of our track record on this project. As far as our part he will keep track of time involved. The new pricing for the AIA portion is $20.00. The project amount is still $75.00 to submit. Any changes that were made from the last time is still in place. No other changes have been made. We may only have to file for an extension because of the permit requirement to start within 6 months. Council is still going through USDA for total amount rather than searching bank to bank. Mr. Robson said this is really not a good time to bid because of other projects. If we get a good crew the building will be up within 3 weeks. Look more toward the fall for the building project to start. We will go through approximately 7 different inspections because they are the state inspectors and not local inspectors.

Update on boat dock grant. Pat said she got extra $25,000 so now have a total of $40,000 for the boat launch project. She and Ron met with Mr. Crouneour and an engineer he brought last week. The engineer is drawing up the final plans for the project for review and let us know when they could be able to start.

Update on Gas Company for street repairs. Ron said they backed out of the deal. Jeffery was supposed to write them. Jeffery said he did not do a letter yet. He did read the Ordinance that was sent to him. His thoughts on this: after reading the Ordinance he said the surface must be the same as before. They did do this, however their patch work looks terrible. Clark wanted to know if someone has to sign off on the project when they are completed to say we are satisfied with the job. Ron was told the company they use will charge $37,000 to do curb to curb, or hire our own company and have the job done. Jeffery to still write a letter to see what they will be willing to do. Ron said when he worked out the agreement for curb to curb the gentleman was in a Peoples Gas truck and thought he was representative of Peoples Gas. They now have different people in charge so the people who were here are no longer with Peoples. Jeffery said he could possibly do a revision of the Ordinance for future reference. It's nice to have new pipes but we cannot afford to have the roads put back again the way they were.
Jeffery to check with Fairfield's Ordinance. They require a full overlay pavement.

National Night out Documents. Pat received additional documents and a report form that is required after we have our Night out Project completed. Pat suggested to get several people walk around town and also have all towns’ people to have their porch lights on to complete the project.

Next: PSAB WEB Plaque award. Our Borough won 3rd place for under 2500 people in PSAB contest. Pat received the award and passed around council.

Next: Clean Up Day Report. Pat said what was turned in was $124.55 and a receipt for $10.45 for food purchased that day. Also we received $73.20 for scrap metal.

Pat asked to back up- we have the police report file from last month that needs to be reviewed and approved to pay. Sue wanted council to agree not to put Police Report information in the minutes but just to state if anyone wants to see the report it is available upon request. She also wants Pat to put in Treasurer Report the total hours each month that goes with the payment invoice.
Amy wanted to know why we would want to remove the information from police report. That is a part of the purpose of the minutes. Beth and Aaron agree it is a valid point. It was then agreed to leave the information in the minutes. Public wants in we leave in.
Police invoice was approved to pay 1st by Aaron 2nd by Clark. All in favor motion carried.

New Business. Next meeting August 2, 2018 7 PM.
High Ridge Water authority requirement. Received a notice Borough is to upgrade their water valve to meet state regulation. Deadline is August 1, 2018. Pat is to get several telephone bids and let council know results. Aaron motion Ron 2nd to get process started.

Sewage Report next: Ron said meeting coming up next week.
Mayor Report: Tom said he has nothing.
Street Commissioner Report. Ron said zero turn and push mower used 41.3 gallon gas and 24.5 hours. 11 gallons diesel fuel for skid steer.
Gas pump motor burned out- cost to replace motor is $481 plus change. This is a re-buildable motor this time coming from Bolger Brothers who are certified to work on service pumps and tanks. The pump was tried to be fixed by using parts from the other motor but it also is burnt out. Pat said every couple years we are buying a motor from Tractor supply with only 1 year warranty at a cost of $349.00 Motor from Tractor Supply are not re-buildable.

We had to replace the 50 foot extension cord that burned out. Greg worked on repairing alleys and pot holes in streets. Cut grass in parks and sprayed weed killer on curbs.
Fan for Quonset hut - is also burn out and need a replacement to circulate the air. Jeffery to donate a large fan he has. Sue motion to pay up to $500 for new motor Aaron 2nd. All in favor motion carried.

Ron said Lenore is checking for us to possibly have 2 workers. 1 person 16 to 18 years old and other 18-to 24 years old. Greg got is background check and fingerprinting, awaiting the results. This is required through PIC program. Younger can work up to 29 hours and older can work double the hours.
Mayor asked about the Boro worker that was hired last month. It was explained the person stated they needed to get their ID renewed first before they could go for physical because of the requirement for ID for the testing. The person has never returned to have this done.

Parks & Rec. Report: Beth said we have a concert coming up Sunday July 8 5-7 pm. Corn-hole Contest July 28, and Brick Fest August 11. The mass mailing is completed and sent off to Post Office. Signs are done and ready to go up for each event.
Aaron asked if anyone else had any comments. No one answered. Motion to adjourn was approved. 8:15 PM

Patricia Betts