July 22, 2019

Special Meeting

Bid Opening 


Proposed Municipal 


This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Clark Baird President at 7 PM

Present: Clark Baird, Ron Betts, Sue Bartow, Lewis McLaughlin, Calin Gropp, Ron Robson, Architect, Solicitor Jeff Miller

Absent- Mayor Tom Pickup

Public Attendance – no one

Bid Opening Results:
1st bid was from Vince Construction, $108,000.00. Items in Bid package, (liability INS, RD400- 6, AIA- A305 form, Bid form and Bid Bond). Missing is Workers Comp, and page 2 of RD 400-6

2nd bid was from Don Huey Custom Building and Remodeling, $86,016.00. Items in bid package, (RD 400-6, AIA A305, also included is lawsuit papers currently involved in.) Missing items Liability and Workers Comp INS, Bid form and Bid Bond.)

Both parties are non- compliant. Discussion was made whether to contact both parties for the additional documents or to reject both parties. Jeffery reviewed AD notice to ensure all items required was posted in local paper.

Again council asked for advice from Jeffery. Jeffery stated we need to reject both bids as non-compliant.

Mr. Robson suggested we talk to USDA to see if we could notify both parties and ask for additional documents since both are non-compliant. It was decided Council, and Architect does not want to go through this again since this is the 3rd time for bidding.

The official award date is pending on USDA approval of bids. No action is needed this evening. Again discussion was made whether to contact both parties or not contact. Final decision was to notify USDA first and what- ever they say then we go from there.

Pat to notify USDA in the morning and CC Mr. Robson, Jeffery and Clark on the subject matter. Mr. Robson asked again if council wanted him to contact the bidders and get the additional documents. It was decided to go ahead and contact them. Pat to still contact USDA in the morning and get their advice.

Next item: Ron spoke up about the CDBG grant. He said we need to get an engineer to get the plans done. Jeffery reviewed the e-mail from McCormick Taylor where they said part of the 
project they could not do. Jeffery said if there would really not be a need to hire two engineers for one project. Jeffery said McCormick Taylor does not do inspections.  Discussion again was made on what to do for an inspector for the project. Between Lou, Ron,
and Greg overseeing the project then we should be ok. Jeffery also mentioned Bill Hughes to stop by and check up on the project when he comes through.

Clark asked about the road opening on Shaffer Street. Several sites have been cut open already. Ron said he spoke to Highridge and they are replacing the copper piping to the homes.  Until they are done and know how much they had to dig on the roads then they would submit the funds for the road repairs. Ron said he spoke to them and told them they had to apply for
the permit regardless whether they know how much to dig or not. The permit fee is $50.00

Peoples Gas has completed their portion at 414 Shaffer. Their part involved digging up on an unimproved portion of the road, (not asphalted part) Peoples Gas sent us the money for their portion. The permit just needs signed and faxed back to them.

Engineer Firms in the area to send request of services for storm water and repaving.

EADS – out of Johnstown, they also have inspection services.
CME – out of Latrobe
HF Lanz – out of Johnstown and Altoona
Markausky – out of Ligonier
Gibson Thomas – out of Latrobe.
Look to spend around 12, to 15 Thousand for engineer costs. Make sure we also budget for next year too.

Pat said she also got a letter from CDBG for next year cycle. Do we want to apply for next year? 
We have until Sept 30 to apply again.

Code Enforcement OFFICER ISSUE.
Lou said he screwed up on the meeting date. He told him to come to meeting in August. He forgot about this meeting date.

Nothing else to discuss, Ron motions to adjourn, Sue 2nd. All in favor, motion passed.
Meeting closed 7:35 PM.

Patricia Betts