July 21 
​​​​​​​Parks Minutes

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Michelle Bouch, Vice President at 7:05 PM


Michelle Bouch, Ron Betts,  Pat Betts, Melissa Miller, Brittney Miller and Brittany Hughes

Absent:  Aaron Bouch

Public Attendance:  Gwen Kovac

Approval of May regular meeting minutes.

Motion made to approve March minutes made by Brittney, 2nd by Melissa, all in favor motion passes.

Approval of treasurer report for May and June

Motion made to approve treasurer reports made by Melissa, 2nd by Brittney, all in favor motion passed.

Old Business

Update on Craft Vendors.

Pat said we have 17 craft vendors at this time and still waiting for 2 more to come in.  Melissa said Nancy Ludwig is coming. You probably don't have her application yet. 

Pat went over the names of the vendors for everyone. 

Discussion was made on Germany United Methodist Church electric usage.  Pat said they only get 2 outlets.  1 outlet for each spot.  For all the items they need electric for  they need to be aware they only get two outlets.  Their contract also states that.  Last year they used 5 outlets for 2 spots, not this year. 

Brittany asked what sites are we advertising Brick fest.  Pat said, Across Westmoreland,  Ligonier Unpolished, Across Somerset, Parks Web Site, Car show Website, in Ligonier Echo. 

Melissa discussed having a yard sale for parks.  People always are looking for ways to donate things they don't want or need.  We could make a lot of money.  We would need a location to put the stuff.

Michelle said the Lions Club said they were sending an application. 

State Farm Insurance said they wanted a spot also.  Pat asked about the Fire Dept and Auxiliary.  She hasn't gotten anything from them yet. 

Trophy's ordered for car show?

Michelle said the trophies have been ordered.  Do not have the cost yet.

Playground equipment contract signed and ordered?

Brittney said she will sign the contract.  For them to ship the company would have payment in full to order.   Melissa motioned to order the equipment 2nd by Brittney, all in favor motion passed to order. 

Pat suggested to take the remainder amount from the upper playground to cover the balance and then replace after Brick fest.   Melissa motioned to move funds in the amount of $1370, 2nd by Brittney. 

Brittney talked to an engineer to find out what to tear out and how much mulch needs to go down under the equipment.  The grass has to go. 

Melissa said she has a regulation volley ball net donated to Parks & Rec.   It is at my house.

New Business

Awards for Brick toss.

Just doing the 1st, 2nd and third awards if everyone is ok with them.  Discussion made whether to put the year on the back of the awards. 

Melissa suggested we get shirts just for the champions.  Melissa said she can get them from American Eagle in a couple days.  We would need 18 that say Champion and get small medium and large.  Pat said she also has toys left over from last year for the small kids. 

We also needs shirts for the staff.   Need price for shirts. 

Awards for the balloon run. (blowup run)

Kristin taking care of everything.  Kids need a parent with them.  Sign up 7:30 - 8:30. Race starts at 9AM from LaMantia's to 5th Street.

Corn Hole Tournament

Melissa asked who is running it.  Brittney said she could ask her dad.  We to set up at basketball court. 

Prize is 1/2 of sign ups.

Dunking Booth ordered and confirmed?

Michelle said not sure if Aaron has got a hold of Brian yet.

Car Show - street closure barrels and tape.

Need to ask John Speidel to use.  Aaron to do. 

Street closure Friday Night 9 PM until 9 PM Saturday night. 

Pat said we got approval from council during July meeting.  We are closing Friday night because of the early start of events Saturday morning. 

Food and drink during Brick fest. 

Melissa said she asked Latrobe Wal-Mart to cover all the soda and water.  She will know this Saturday

Food- Meatball subs, Haluski, and steakum's as another idea.  Do this instead of kabassa. Do we also want to do nachos and cheese.  What about pasta salad?  Also discussed buying fruit. 

Final food decision.  nachos and cheese, haluski, steakum's, and kabassa , meatball subs, ice cream sandwiches.  

Michelle asked what we are doing for drinks?   Melissa listed the different types of drinks we currently have.  Michelle suggested to also have caffeine free soda also and zero. 

Sign up list. 

everyone to review the list and get volunteers. 

Final times for events.

we have an open spot from 4 -5.  what happens then.  Discussion made on some of the events which will run during that time.  Corn hole, basket giveaway.   Brittney suggested to ask Brad Foust to perform for a little bit.  We also could have Chris Yeager who wrote the Bolivar Song. 

Set up time on Friday for benches and tents and tables and marking out vendor areas.

Most everyone could get there by 5 pm until 9 pm for set up.   Pat, Ron and Everett will be there starting at noon to mark vendor spots.    Brittney Hughes and hubby can help also.

Moving of the benches. 

Melissa was approached by  Dusty's band and said we should move the benches closer to the stand.  It seems the people are too far away. 

Art Sisitki has taken over handling of the garden next to the stage.  He only asks for free reign to do it. 

Gwen said if he wanted to come to Legion and do their flower garden in from of the memorial.  Connie D took out the flowers and will no longer do it because John put a stone border around it.  She doesn't like the stone.  Melissa said she would ask Art. 

Aaron wanted Michelle to bring up= instead of moving the benches, get  100 chairs and stand for them and store them in concession stand.  We can get everything for $2,000. Can use them when we have events and also rent them out for parties.    Pat said we don't any room to store them.  Where would we put them.  Michelle said it would save the benches from breaking when moved.  They cannot be replaced.   Melissa said if the ground is soft the chairs will sink in the ground. 

Let's table for now. 

Trash pickup during Brick fest.

Pat said Jim Harris will do again this year.

In need of large coolers for soda and water (possible purchase from Sam Club)

Pat said we cannot get Andy's this year. He already promised to someone else.  Pat checked on prices. 

Sams club - 60 qt for $49.98  Wal-Mart - 70 qtr For $74   Wal-Mart - 120 qt for $80    

buy 4 at Wal-Mart 120 qt.

In need of tables (possible purchase from Sams' Club)

get 6 / 6ft tables from Sam's club if cheaper than Wal-Mart. 

In need of more tents (possible purchase from Sam's Club)

Wal-Mart  has 10 x 10 for   $39.98 each   get 6

Melissa motions to get tables, tents, coolers .  2nd by Michelle motion passed.

Movie night Sept 17 - movie selection suggestion

Melissa said minion's.  Pat said they haven't been released yet from Swank Motion pictures. 

Pat gave a list that we can get.

Jungle Cruise


The Big Hero

How to Train your Dragon

Lilo & Stitch

Over  the Hedge


Dragon Girl

Despicable me 3

Paw Patrol

Everyone decided to get Jungle Cruise.  Pat to order  movie rights. 

Sept 11- concert - food to serve

Melissa said will do patriotic food. 

Gwen said Jason Miller asked to do the photography for Brick fest.  He will not charge. 

Any other Business

Aaron questions. 

1. The playground equipment should be stored at upper playground  where more people are around instead of lower playground because of the issues we had with dealers.

Melissa spoke up and said, that area is under camera at the hut area.

2.  It has come to his attention by members  of the cemetery board they were unaware they were sponsoring a ticket for parks & rec.  He wants to make sure that any ticket they sponsor is brought to the attention of all board members that a majority of approval would have to be printed on the ticket for sponsorship by the Westview Cemetery. 

Pat said that was all approved and everyone knew about it, Greg Hughes, Bill, Hughes, Darlene Gregorich knew about it, Ron knew about it. They all even sold tickets.  Aaron talked to Bill about it today and he is ok with it as long as he is made aware that they are coming out before they come out.  That was just Bill.  Aaron did not talk to anyone else. 

Pat said when we came up with the small games of chance license issue everyone was in agreement to get it and everyone sold tickets.  Pat said Bill probably doesn't remember because we only have a meeting once a year.  Bill had no issue to begin with when we came up with the small games of chance.    

We also have to make sure that we get the money that we need for the cemetery because we only have enough money to cover for the next two months for perpetual care and that is it.  I wasn't aware that you (Melissa) decided that we were doing another ticket for parks and I was going to do a big one for the cemetery.  You said you already talked to Aaron about it.  I did not talk to him because I was a bit upset that you told Aaron to order another ticket without finding out what I was doing and if it was ok again. 

Melissa said she did not mind selling tickets for anyone but she was not selling tickets for anyone who says you have to sell.  She said she has no problem with selling tickets for the cemetery but the cemetery people needs to also sell tickets.  Pat said no one has told you that you have to sell tickets for us.  Our board members are selling tickets, maybe not as many as you or other businesses but they are selling them.  Melissa said if board members are complaining about selling tickets then they need to get off the board.  She is assuming that the comment came from Boone.  Aaron doesn't say who but Michelle knows it was more than one person from the board.  Well then maybe the board needs to come to one of our meetings so we can work this out.  I (Melissa) told you( Pat) that we don't need 2 tickets going off at the same time, meaning one for parks and one for cemetery.  Melissa said that was very hard when this happened in the Spring.  People from her store asked why they were both going off at the same time even though one said sponsored by  for Parks and one was for cemetery.   Melissa said if you have one going off then we would like to have one before yours so they won't go off at the same time.

Michelle said she would have to agree with that.  Pat said she wanted to do a big one starting in August to go off in October and then you come up with we want to do one and go off Labor Day.  Never bothering asking beforehand.  Melissa said then you do it and she will go to John and ask the Legion to sponsor a big one for us.    Melissa asked Gwen if she would ask John for the Legion to sponsor one for parks.  Gwen said for Melissa to come to the next meeting to ask. 

Melissa suggested to have Bill, Greg, and Darlene to come to the September meeting.  Pat said they personally did not have an issue when she asked each person before she got the license.  Melissa said that Boone is very good at starting roomers and issues just to get people upset. 

Any other business. 

Melissa motion to adjourn  at 8:55 PM, 2nd by Michelle.


Patricia Betts