July 7 2022

 Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Lou McLaughlin 7 PM


 Keith St.Clair, Ron Betts, Lou McLaughlin, Sue Bartow, Jeffery Miller, Gladine McMaster, Clark Baird, Mayor

Absent:  none

Public - Ed Evans - Curry & Kepple, Zach & Cassie Burtop, Greg and Bill Hughes, Melissa Miller

Approval of Minutes from June 2, 2022.

Sue stated she wanted the minutes corrected to reflect that Scott Mears did not want to play at the park but he wanted Melissa's number because he had a friend who would like to play at the park.  She did not know if we were already booked up for the summer of not.

Clark asked who the council person was that was on the list for not cutting the grass.  Sue and Lou said it was Keith but he took care of it. 

 Motion to approve June minutes made by Gladine, 2nd by Keith, all in favor, no nays, and motion passed.

Treasurer Report

Sue said she had an additional $20 for cleanup day that was given to her afterwards.  Sue would like information about giving money to Bo to be taken from treasurer report comment. She said she gave Bo money but not from Borough funds.  You have got to understand who you are dealing with, with Mr. Bo when he tells anyone something.  Sue said Bo told her the (Boss Man) who he calls Greg used to give him money when he worked down there but that was between those two.  So my business has nothing to do with the borough funds so she feels the comment needs to come off the treasurer report.   

(Greg) commented that he took that money out of his own pocket.  Sue said so did she. 

Lou asked if the moving of funds from the logging fund to the general fund is for engineers only.  Pat said yes.

Sue asked about the funds from FWF.  Why wasn't the money issued to anyone yet?  Pat said the insurance claim was not completed yet.  The office repairs have not been done.

Motion to accept Treasurer report made by Keith, 2nd by Sue, all in favor, motion passed.

Public Comment: Zach & Cassie nothing, Bill Hughes nothing, Greg just wanted to answer the response to Sue's question about his payroll.  Greg said, his friend who was in Ebensburg wanted to see him.  We had a starter that was to be picked up.  Greg took his own truck and was questioned about his spending mileage to go to Blairsville instead of taking the borough truck.

Greg said he also went to Blairsville to replace the fuel for the blower so he could get the skid steer started, and then also went to Ebensburg to pickup starter and then to visit his friend in a personal care home.  He only charged for mileage to Blairsville.  The street commissioner and secretary knew about it in advance.     Sue just wanted to know why you did not take the truck. 

Greg said he saved the Borough money.  It seems you are always worried about spending the town’s funds when he actually saved money. 

Greg asked if this was all put in the minutes.  Lou said it was addressed at the last meeting. 

Old business:

Update on the 2020 CDBG addendum to the contract

Pat asked Jeffery if after his review was the contract ok to sign.  Jeffery asked about the additional funding.  Pat said it went from $108,258.00 to $110,711.00.  The Borough will not have to pay any additional funds.  Jeffery said everything is ok to sign.  Pat said she also talked to Amanda with the county and she had no problem with the addendum.  Jeffery said to initial each hand written date that is put into the contract.  August 19, 2022 is the extended date for the project. 

Ed Evans from Curry and Kepple also signed the contract.  All parties were given a copy of the contract.

Keith motioned to accept the addendum to the contract 2nd by Lou, all in favor motion passed. 

Update on water damage claim for office. 

Pat said when she got the check there was nothing to explain the funds.  She contacted the insurance company for explanation.  Pat also spoke to the restoration company to find out when they were going to start.  Mr.  Black gave a state time of 2 weeks from this evening.  I was also asked to check what the difference in cost would be going from the carpeting to the lock in lock vinyl flooring.  The difference would be $1,828.  which would have to come out of Borough pocket.  Council decided to not to go with the vinyl flooring and just put carpeting back in.  Lou motions to not go with the flooring, 2nd by Sue.  All in favor motion carried. 

Clean Up day results. 

Pat said Sue gave us money for $227.00 and Gladine gave an additional $10 for someone else putting in trash afterwards.  We received $128.40 for 2140 pounds of tin @ $6.  per hundred from Hemmingers

We still have not received the bill for the dumpster as of to date.  Keith said he did not keep track of mileage used on the trips to scrap yard. 

Sue said also on clean up day Jeffery decided to get the lawn mower out and cut around the hedges.

Boro worker position. 

Executive meeting called at 7:25 PM personnel matter.

Return from meeting 7:33 PM

Lou asked Zach if he was still interest in the position. 

Lou motions to hire Zach to work 35 hours per week at $13 per hour pending passing of physical, drug, and alcohol test and driving record results.  After 3 months will revisit pay. 2nd by Sue all in favor motion passed.   Pat to schedule for all tests in the morning. 

5th street deadline for phase 1 is Feb 12, 2023 and phase 2 is July 27, 2023.  HUD require county to meet expenditure deadlines.

Bid notice for 5th Street project. 

If council approves the ad can go into the newspaper on July 11 and again on July 15.  Pre-construction meeting to take place July 18.  Bids to be opened at August council meeting. 

Jeffery asked why phase one wasn't done already.

Lou commented Apex changing hands and the county wanted both phase 1 and phase 2 to be bid together. 

Ron's motions to post, 2nd by Keith all in favor motion passed.

Pat also mentioned to Katie the 3rd grant (LSA Grant) we have in covering the main lines in town.  Katie contacted Greg Welker with DCED CFA Program Div.  He said they received over 1900 applications for the grant.  The analyst who reviewed the project is Steven Schelande.  We were told the application was sent for final review and they did not need any additional information.  The CFA Board will be making award announcements at their November meeting.  Apex is also reaching out to Senator Ward's office to see if she can advocate for the project. 

Jeffery was asked if he review the original contract with Apex concerning Keith's leaving the company and going with another company, if we could use him or have to wait for 1 year.  Some engineering agreements have restrictions in them for leaving a company.  CME (Apex) does not.    CME (APEX) would need to give their approval for Keith to use the plans what they already have done if we decide to go with another company.   If we ask for the CAD documents and they give to us, this is giving their consent also.   We will stick with current engineer for this project.  

Anything else under old business.

Sue wants to amend last month's meeting to approve for Legion to close the street from 3rd and Market to 3rd and Lincoln for their Watermelon Crawl event they had. 

John asked Sue, Lou, and Keith if they could close the street. 

Clark wanted to know why it wasn't brought up at last meeting.  Lou said they never brought it up.

Clark wanted to know who does close the streets in town, the Mayor or Council. 

Lou said council. 

Lou said they did hear they were going to do another event (Blue Grass Festival).  Lou said to make sure they come up a month before hand to get approval.

New Business:

New front tires for zero turn mower. 

Lou said they were pretty bald.  Greg said they really don't have anything to do with the operation of the machine.   If the cords are showing then get new tires, if not then do not get tires.  We need a cost.

Ron said the tires don't have anything to do with the steering but they do to stay on a hill. 

Street closure for Brick fest - requesting from 3rd and Lincoln thru 5th & Lincoln and from 5th & Lincoln to 5th & McKinley and from 5th & McKinley and down to 3rd & Lincoln.  Starting from Friday Night Aug 12 9 PM thru 9 PM Saturday Aug 13th.

Keith motions to close, 2nd by Lou, all in favor motion passed. 

New CD Rates

Pat said fed's raised the interest rate.  When this happened I got a call from S & T Bank has an 18 month penalty free CD for 1.25%    I also contacted Somerset Trust and they have not raised their rates. They are still sitting at 0.25%. 

Need council approval to close the CD from Somerset Trust and Close the S & T Bank CD and combine both into a new one for 18 month penalty free for 1.25%. 

Lou motions to move the CD's 2nd by Sue. All in favor motion passed. 

Any other business:   none

Mayor Report

Clark to send 10 day notice letter for high grass.  645 Washington St - no one lives there and new owner just move in.   Clark wants to know what he is to do.  Jeffery said he to send letters out each year to notify of high grass issues.   In the past Pat had to do because our Mayor was not around.  Pat to give Mayor a sample letter for Mayor to send out.

Clark asked about 757 and 755 Lincoln Street- who owns property.  Santos owns property

Paul Bair, Clark will see on Saturday

The Quonset hut on Lincoln Street IS owned by people from Pittsburgh - need name and address

Val Krause property, no one answers at house.

Clark wants to know if this is the only Ordinance we are going to enforce.

We have dumpsters blocking streets, sidewalks, chickens running loose, people building onto properties.  Where are the permits?  We no longer have permits for building.  We have a non-compliant form for the people to use and go by the county and state requirements. 

The chicken Ordinance cannot be found so we had to pass another Ordinance pertaining to farm animals.  The current owners of chickens are grandfathered in. 

Clark wanted to know what the borough is going to do with all the 4 wheelers on the streets without a license.  Lou commented "that's a good question"

Clark wanted to know what the borough was going to do with all the tire marks on the street in front of the Legion.  None of this has been brought up at the meetings.  Why?   Noone even address this stuff.

Gladine commented that if PSP is called no one shows up.  So what would you like us to do?

Clark said how about notifying the Legion to quit over serving the people, then maybe they will quit doing it.  Clark said they stand there and watch the people do it. 

Jeffery said that someone should video it.  Stand down there video it and then report to PSP.  He said he is not asking Clark to do it but anyone can do it.  We will then have proof.  Police do not have to have a witness to take action. 

Zach mentioned to contact liquor control board.  They can do something about it. 

Ron said the issue is brought up every meeting.  They have cracked down on the bartenders.

Jeffery said PLCB is a good suggestion. 

Lou said for Ron to bring up to Legion board again about the concerns.  Clark said you can also use his name at the meeting if you like.

Sewage Report: 

Meeting next week.  Nothing else.

Street Commissioner Report  

Put 6.77 gallons gas in zero turn mower

6 gallons in lawn mower and weed eater

No fuel for truck

5th & Lincoln St- pothole was redone by High ridge.  Road had caved in where they dug across the road to fix Archie's water leak.  Sue said they put gravel in this time and dumped asphalt in and compacted.

Ron said he talked to Archie and Archie to let him know if it starts to cave in again.

Lou commented that Archie saved the day by calling Highridge and talked to the secretary about the hole.  Lou said we had already contacted Calvin at Highridge.  Arch then said we talked to the wrong people. The secretary is the one to talk to. 

He also put tacks in the cones to hold the caution tape. He said it wasn't properly attached, so he took care of that too.  Lou thanked him for that also. 

Parks & Rec-  

Melissa said we had a very successful month.  Got a $10,725 grant for upper park electric upgrades, a $10,000 grant for lower park for playground equipment.  Had a successful 2 week concert event and having another concert this upcoming weekend.  Looking for basket donations for Brick fest.   Sold tickets for extra funds for equipment.   If you don't know how to make a basket then we can make one for you with a donation. 

Lou asked if we approved for the fireworks for the carnival.  Pat said I didn't get a copy of the insurance yet.  Pat said Jeffery usually issues the permit for fireworks. 

Sue contacted John and said that he doesn't get the insurance in until the week of the carnival. He will get to Jeffery. 

Nothing else to discuss.   

Motion to adjourn made by Lou, 2nd by Keith at 8:26 PM.   


Patricia Betts