July 18 2019

Regular Parks 


This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present Pat Betts, Melissa Miller, Aaron and Michelle Bouch, Beth Thompson

Absent: Ron Betts, Pam and Joe St.Clair

Public attending: Dink Lupacchini, and several others

Meeting came to order 6:00 PM by Pat Betts

Motion to approve minutes from June was made by Aaron, 2nd by Beth. Minutes approved.

Treasurer Report for May and June. Motion to approve made by Melissa, 2nd by Aaron. Treasurer Report approved.

Update on Ligonier Endowment grant. Melissa confirmed the grant was dropped off by Joe June 28th. They sent us a letter back and said they were meeting Aug 1, and deciding then.

Update on Beer Tent for Brickfest. Melissa talked to John today. Aaron won’t be there because of his family reunion. Discussion was made on the beer trailer. Are we still getting it or not. Pat said at the Legion meeting he was taking care of everything. Not really sure who was paying for what. Beth said she would talk to John about who was doing what at the beer tent and what was needed. Melissa wanted to know what price we are going to charge. Decision was made to charge $20. This would include some food to go along with drinks. Put bags of chips and hot dogs down there. We could have food possibly delivered by Melissa’s kids by way of a quad. Wrist bands need to be ordered also for those who are drinking. Pat said she is also going to order the wrist bands for the bouncy houses.

Update on Car Show – Pat said she has not been able to get ahold of Luck to see how things are going. She has been getting Car Show applications in. Luck said last time she spoke to him that he did order the plaques. Pat did ask the Borough at the last council meeting about closing 3rd Street from Lincoln down to Market so the cars could park there. This would tie the two events together. Council approved the closure and if we needed more space the cars could park along Lincoln Street from 3rd to 5th.

Update on Vendor’s for Brickfest. Pat said she has 9 vendors confirmed. Beth said she needs to complete a Vendor application for the cheerleaders. They to do funnel cakes.

Melissa spoke to the carnival people while they were in town. There is a guy named “Jungle Terry”. He charges $150.00 for all day. Also a man called “Dragon Man.” He goes around making animal balloons all day. Charges $100.00 Might be able to get for the Brickfest. Beth suggested to contact him to see if available for this year.
There is also another person called “Jack Shadow”. He does Halloween. It was suggested to have him for fun day at the lower park.

We need to find volunteers for dunking booth. Melissa said Jeffery will do booth again.

Update on Baskets for Brickfest: Pat has a list of people who said they would do baskets. The response from her Face Book post also got volunteers to help at Brick Fest.   Melissa suggested we should come up with a signup sheet for volunteers.

Update on Brick toss awards. Pat asked about awards for the games. Melissa said last year they gave tickets and drinks to the kids who won. They were excited just to be able to put their own tickets into the basket drawing.

Aaron took care of his commitment for the movie and pizzas.

Update on pie sales. Melissa contacted the pie shop. They are going to sell Melissa stuff at wholesale. We can make a list of what we want and we will pick up from them and sell up at the event.

Memorial Benches - Pat has another person wanting a memorial bench from Johnstown. Between the cost of the lumber and the concrete sides it will be more than $125.00. Aaron asked where we got the sides made. Pat said we he got from White’s Concrete. Aaron to check on whether Mr. White still does the sides or not.

New Business:

Next meeting is August 15, 2019

Sponsorship recognition - Pat informed everyone that the sponsorship signs are up at the concession stand.

Agenda for Brickfest. Pat did a time and listing for events for everyone to review. Several simple changes were made and Pat to complete the final schedule and get out to everyone.

Have the beer tent go for 5 hours, start the corn hole an hour earlier. Start the dunking booth 1 hour earlier. And start the brick toss registration at 11, and start at noon. Combine all the games as Old Fashion Games starting 10 – 12.
Melissa said she was going to ask Brad Foust and grandson to play during the day. Beth also said she would ask Uncle Chris also.

Advertising for Brickfest. Pat said she has on order year signs for the Brickfest. She showed sample of what the signs will look like. They are to be in by Wednesday next week.

Additional Porta Johns. Pat to order 1 extra for Burkey Park and 1 for the Legion.

Pirates game in September. Melissa said she heard back from the Pirates. We have another opportunity to go to another ball game. Sept 29th game starts at 3:30 PM. Melissa put in for it. She put in for 50 tickets.

Food for Brick Fest -
Hot Dogs, Sauerkraut, Sloppy Joes, Nachos (50) and Cheese, Salsa, Haluski - Perigees, Korean Pot Stickers, Korean chicken a stick. Root Beer Floats and Orange Floats to also sell. Melissa to order all food this time. She to use Sam’s Club and Gordons.

Set up time for Brick fest. Decision was made to set up Friday night starting at 6 PM. All tents, tables, get dunking booths, bouncy houses also.

Melissa put on Facebook asking who would be interested in buying the Sesquicentennial book. She said she has 12 people and Pam has some people. Now would be the time to do it for Christmas gifts. Agreement was not put any money toward it, but if they prepay and we have a certain amount pre-ordered and the cost is not too expensive. Melissa to check again on the price.

No other business, motion to adjourn made by Aaron, 2nd by Melissa at 7:10 PM

Patricia Betts