This Meeting was Recorded for Accuracy


Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Ron Betts, Art Sisitki, Dan Short, JR, Sue Bartow, Mayor Tom Pickup, Solicitor Jeffrey Miller. No public individuals were present for meeting.

Tom Pickup called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

Pledge of Allegiance was recited to start meeting. Sue Bartow and Ron Betts were sworn in as new Council Members. Oath of office and affidavit of residence given to both parties to complete. Ethic's documents were given to all council persons to complete.

Appointed positions are as follows:

President- Amy Lickenfelt

Vice President - Ron Betts

Street Commissioner- Art Sisitki,

1st Assistant street commissioner - Charlie Boring

2nd Asst Street Commissioner - Dan Short, JR

Solicitor, Jeffrey Miller

Secretary/ Treasurer appointed - Patricia Betts

Bank - S & T Bank- Blairsville Resort Plaza

Auditors were discussed : Tim Rennie & Associates - $2500.to $3000. can do before the 15th of January or not until May when other corporations are completed.

Wessel & Company $3800.00 can do between Jan 18 & 20th.

3rd auditor Gustovich Associates $3800.00 can do any time during January.

Auditor assigned - Tim Rennie and Associates 1st - if not able to complete within time frame then Wessel & Company will be 2nd choice.

Insurance Company - FWF Insurance

Engineer - as needed basis - no one in particular assigned

Vacancy Board Chairperson- Arch Dodson

Sewage Committee Representatives - Ron Betts, Greg Hughes, Tom Pickup

EMC-EMS: B.J. Brett

Tax Collection Committee: Wanda Clawson, Asst representative: Patricia Betts

All positions were unanimous

Bank signers: Amy Lickenfelt, Patricia Betts, Sue Bartow - Arch Dodson to be removed as signer.

Notification form completed for DOT for new Secretary appointment.

Bldg key assignment completed by council members.

Regular monthly meetings will be held the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM

Re-opening of budget was declined.

Re-organization Meeting adjourned 7:04 PM by Mayor, Tom Pickup

Respectfully Submitted,

Patricia Betts

Secretary / Treasurer