This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Clark Baird, Mayor at 6:30 PM.

Present:  Lewis McLaughlin, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Keith St.Clair, Gladine McMaster, Ron Betts, Sue Bartow

Absent:  none

Public Attendance:  Melissa Miller

Clark stated that we do not have to re-organize this year and asked if everyone wanted to stay in the same positions.  Clark asked if council wants to keep as is or vote on each position.  Sue motions to vote for each position, Gladine said she will 2nd to keep things the way it is.  When Glaldine found out it was to re vote each position she rescinded her vote.  Lou then 2nd motion, all in favor  motion passed.

Clark asked  for nomination for the following positions.

Council President - Gladine motions to elect Lou as, 2nd by Sue, Lou abstains, Keith yes, Ron yes, motion passed.

Vice President - Gladine motions to elect Keith 2nd by Sue, all in favor motion passed.

Street Commissioner - Sue motions to elect Lou for street commissioner since he has been doing all the work lately. Sue asked if the person nominated can 2nd the motion?  Lou stated no. Motion failed.

Clark asked again for nomination for Street Commissioner.  Gladine nominated Ron, 2nd by Keith, all in favor , Sue opposes , motion passed.

Assistant Street commissioner - Sue nominated Lou to be Asst Street Commissioner. Gladine asked Lou if he wanted to be Asst.. He said he did not have a problem with this if it was ok to be both President and Asst Street Commissioner.  Motion 2nd by Gladine, all in favor, Lou abstains, motion passed.

Solicitor: Sue motions to elect Jeffery 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed

Secretary/Treasurer - Sue motions to elect Pat, 2nd by Lou, all in favor, Ron abstains, motion passed

Sewage Committee Representatives - Sue nominates Myers Miller.  Clark said no seat is available.  Sue said yes there is. We have 1 position ended 12/31/2022.  Sue said according to Cindy we have a position open.  Our positions are not open until end of this year.  Sue contacted Cindy and ask if we had any positions open and Cindy said Zach's was open.  We did not get a resignation letter and we have end of 2023 for his position.  Sue said Bolivar and Fairfield position open this year. 

Sue ask Jeff if she makes a motion to vote Myers onto the board can he vouch for Myers.  Jeffery said he did not hear  the jest of the total conversation  but what he heard was if Zach did not want the position then he would take it .  Sue said she just called Cindy.  Clark asked if she kept her records at home. Sue said at one of the meetings, Cindy said we had a position open.  Jeffery asked if we kept a record.  Pat said yes.  Jeffery said to put back on the agenda for next month until we find out for sure.

Jeffery said under the Municipalities Act that anyone who's term is expired, they sit in that set until a replacement is appointed.  So in reality we can still conduct business next week if he shows  up.  Maybe he doesn't want to be there, we don't know until we hear from him.  Clark said ok we will leave as is until next month.

Bank:  Remains S &T Bank - Sue motions to stay with them 2nd by Keith all in favor motion passed.

Signatures on bank Account: Sue motions to keep the same 2nd by Keith, all in favor, motion passed

Auditor:   Singer accounting cost this year is $4000. Pat said we have a 3 year contract with them.

Insurance Carrier:  Motion to keep FWF Ins made by Sue, 2nd by Gladine all in favor motion passed.

Chairman of Vacancy Board:  Lou motion to keep Jeffery, 2nd by Gladine all in favor motion passed.

Engineer:  Sue motions to use GAI Consultants, 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed.

EMC/EMS - B.J. Brett - Lou motioned to keep BJ 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed. 

Tax Collecting Committee Rep - Clark asked who it is currently.  Pat said it is Sheri Burtop.  Sue commented that Pat could not be backup tax collector.  Pat said again, it is not a backup tax collector . 

Lou asked Jeffery what is for?  Jeffery said all municipalities have a tax collector committee.  They meet very in frequently, maybe once a quarter.   Normally they approve the contracts for Berkheimer and the county.  Sue commented that she cannot do that because of her position.  Jeffery said she does not collect taxes.  Sue again wanted to quote the code book and said Pat could not do this in her current position of Secretary/Treasurer.  Gladine asked if that is all the committee person does. If so then I can do that.  Lou nominated Gladine, 2nd by Sue all in favor motion passed. 

Clark adjourned re-organization meeting until 7 pm regular meeting.

Regular Meeting January 2, 2023

Meeting opened by Lou McLaughlin, President at 7 pm.

Old Business:

Approval of December 1 minutes

Motion made by Keith, 2nd by Ron, Sue abstains,  motion passed.

Approval of Dec 8 minutes

Sue wants Gladine's comment put into the minutes concerning the contractors running free.  There was more said to that and she feels that should be put into the minutes.  Lou said he talked to Ed and he is ok with it.   Gladine said she retracted right after and should not go into the minutes.

Gladine motions to accept the minutes, 2nd by Lou all in favor, Ron yes, Keith abstains, Sue opposes.  motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report

Sue asked if we have much garbage to put into hopper.  Ron said yes, and Gladine said Paul has been cleaning house.

Motion to accept made by Keith 2nd by Lou all in favor, Sue abstains, motion passed.

Solicitor Report:

Code Enforcement Officer Ordinance.  Jeffery asked if council wanted to make motion to sign.

Motion made by Ron, 2nd by Lou, Sue abstains, Keith abstains. motion passed.

The easement for Cunningham property is the other item. 

Jeffery explained his understanding is,  the easement is changed straight down the street and empties into Tub Mill Creek.  Our old easement had the storm pipe turn before going to  the creek.  He prepared the document  and the only problem is that Bill Cunningham is in New Jersey and his two other sister are also on the deed.  One is in Washington and other is in Germany. 

Lou said he spoke to Bill and said no problem to go the other way.  Lou and Pat to get the easement document signed.  Jeffery sent Melissa to the house to get the deed for clarification.  Once the document is signed he will take care of the filing with the court house.  Lou asked if Bill has power of attorney papers to sign for sisters what do we do then?  Jeffery said we must have the original to file with court house.   A copy will not work.

Public Comment.  

Melissa  had none.

Old Business

Approval of final budget for 2023

Pat gave everyone a copy of the final budget.  Keith motions to accept, Gladine 2nd, Sue abstains. 

Update on Skid steer issue.

Pat said she talked to PENNDOT. They have no record of the skid-steer being registered in our name.  I talked to Cambria Tractor who was bought out by Groff Tractor.  Pat ended up talking to the VP of Groff Tractor, Mike Lester.  It boils down to, as far as the equipment goes if it never gets registered with the state then we should have the MFG certificate of origin.  If at one time the equipment was sent to PENNDOT to be titled so it can be used on the highway with a plate then we would need a title. to sell.

Mr. Lester was checking the old records from Cambria Tractor to see if they have a MCO or a title for it., otherwise you just use a bill of sale to sell the skid-steer. They to get back to me after research. 

Lou said to ask Municibid if they would require a title to sell on the site.

Update on 5th Street between Lincoln & McKinley.

Lou talked to Bill Hughes. He applied for an extension on the PA 1 Call because of the weather.  He is allowed to restart on Friday. 

No other old business

New Business:

Extra Weight- Balance box for Kubota

Pat talked to Randy Fryock from Pristows. He said the tires we currently have are the commercial tires and we cannot add weights to them.  They have balance boxes that holds up to 600 pounds for $615.00. They keep in stock.  The problem we are having is when the bucket is loaded the back end of the kubota lifts up. 

Lou said he talked to Paul and had trouble with the stone when he tried to lift with the full bucket .  He figured to lift the anti-skid he would mix first before putting into bucket.  The Quonset hut builds up condensation inside and drips water all the time.  He now hits the anti-skid with the bucket a few times before picking up.  Keith suggested we wait for another month or two to see if Paul has any more problems, then make a decision. 

Transfer of funds for payroll $15,000

Pay said she has 4th quarter taxes to pay which takes the payroll account down to less than $1000.  the funds will last until at least May.  Sue motions to approve the transfer and Lou 2nd, all in favor , motion passed.

Transfer of funds for the parks of $2500 per Ordinance

Sue motions to approve transfer, 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed.

Vacuum cleaner no longer works.

Jeffery brought in another vacuum to replace the one that no longer works.  Jeffery said he would fix it. 

January 26th - auditing of the books to be done.

Pat is just letting everyone know they are coming to audit books.

Lou asked if any other business- nothing

Mayor report:

Clark said he has nothing

Lou motions to pay the Code Enforcement Officer $50 per month, 2nd by Ron all in favor, Keith no, motion passed.

Sewage Report

Sue said meeting next week. 

Street Commissioner Report

Ron said we put 184 miles on truck, currently has 1663 miles on it. Used 31.26 gallons diesel

Paul cleaning out catch basins, spreading antiskid.  He needs to speed up the spreader so it spread more evenly.

Filled in the hole at crabapple Lane 2nd & alley between McKinley & Walnut.

We got 22 tons of anti-skid delivered

Fixed garage door again.  The motor is too big for the door.  The bar hits the top of the door and knocks the bar loose.  Not sure if we will get a bill or not.

Parks & Rec

Melissa said we have nothing.  Lou asked who won the ticket.  Melissa said her mother.  Vonda Silk won and the lady that bought BJ Brett's house won. 

Sue told Lou that Cindy sent the paper showing Zach expiration date.

Jeffery said if we do not appoint anyone into the position then Zach will continue to be in that position until we decide next month. 

Motion to adjourn made by Sue 2nd by Keith at 7:40 PM.   


Patricia Betts