January 16, 2020




This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting called to order 7:00 PM
Present Pat Betts, Ron Betts, Aaron Bouch, Beth Thompson, Joe StClair
Absent: Melissa Miller, PamStClair, Michelle Bouch

Motion to approve minutes from November was made by Beth, 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.
Motion to approve minutes from December was made by Aaron, 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.
Motion made to approve November Treasurer report made by Beth, 2nd by Aaron, all in favor motion passed.
Motion made to approve Dec treasurer report made by Beth, 2nd byAaron, all in favor motion passed.

Old Business:
Upgrade of electric at both parks. Pat gave update for estimate for lower park from Beaufort Services in Ligonier. Total cost for security camera's and lighting for park is $9400. Pat also had Beaufort's do a separate estimate for upper park. Total cost there will be $9300. Pat said she applied for a grant through Westmoreland County. Talked to Phil from Pittsburgh Foundation and he submitted the grant through the Wagner Foundation. The foundation is willing to go half of the cost for the lower park. if we can come up with the other half. Pat said she to ask the council in February if they would help by putting up the other half which equals to $4700.

The lower park lighting and security is for them basically. We have had many people come to the Borough meetings complaining of the drug issues down there and how we need security camera's there.

Upper Park - Ron asked if anyone knew of a ditch witch for us to dig the trench ourselves to save a lot of money. Aaron to talk to Matt Milskosky . He has one, possible he will lend to us. Pat asked if he does electrical work also. Aaron said yes he does. He to check and get back to us. We will purchase the supplies if we had the help to install ourselves.

Update letters to sponsors. Pat said Melissa sent out letters to potential sponsors for this year. Haven't heard back from anyone on her list. Aaron also said he will get us a copy of sponsors from the fire dept to add to our list for sponsors.

Update on Hometown Hero's Banner Program. Pat spoke to banner company and they are willing to do banners if family has more than one military person whose photos are together they will do on banner if both sides are the same. Also if they have no photo of the person for banner they will use the military insignia in its place. Joe asked when the cutoff date is. Pat said the first of April in order to get the banners made and back before Memorial Day.

Final pizza sale coupons have all been paid for through Pizza Post January 5th. Pat still needs everyone to turn in their money and expired pizza coupons so she can close out the fundraiser for 2019.

New Business:
Next meeting is scheduled for February 20th, at 7 PM

Schedule of events set up for 2020.

Saturday May 16, Parks clean up day starting at 10 AM
Sunday May 31 - 3 of Hearts Band 5 - 7 PM Burkey Park
Sunday June 14 - Part time Cowboys concert 5 - 7 PM (classical and traditional music)
June 20 - Bolivar Yard Sale Day
June 27, Bolivar Clean Up Day
Wed-Sat July 8 thru - 11 Firemen's Carnival
July 9 Firemen's Parade
July 11th Fireworks 11:15 Pm after carnival ends
Saturday August 8 - 7th Annual Brick Fest - Burkey Park
          Car Cruise
          Elvis Impersonator
          Dragon Fly Balloon Company
          Long Road Home Concert
          Basket Give away Party
          Bouncy Houses - Dunking Booth
          Craft Vendors
          Virtual Reality Expo
Saturday September 12 Movie night 7 PM
Saturday October 17 / Oct 24 Halloween Fun Day
Pumpkin carving starting at 3 PM
Hay Rides / Movie night

Sunday Oct 25 Halloween Parade starting at 2 PM - Burkey Park
Trick & Treat 4 - 6 pm
Saturday Dec 19th Santa Visit - Burkey Park
          Sleigh Rides
          Hot Chocolate
          Santa Letters - at Mail Box
          Santa Photo's

Beth asked if any other business to discuss. Motion made to adjourn at 7:45 by Aaron and 2nd by Ron.


Patricia Betts